Saturday 1 January 2011

Sun 2nd Jan 2011 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>>> Neel Morley

i have been writing up my synopsis of 2010...

It will sound very gay but Kylie's all the lovers was my favourite song of 2010( I would sit in Internet shops watching it over and over) and the music from the Indian film called my name is kahn as everybody in India knew the words from the rick-shaw drivers to the people in rural fills me full of joy when i hear it.

My favourite outfit has to be my amazing jacket that lights up...its incredible.
Its hard to choose just one thing. I had made an orange ali baba costume to wear in the blue city and i love wearing it.
Halloween is always my favourite day of the year but the colour festival called the holi festival in India was mind blowingly good fun too.

I have learnt this year that I like challenging myself regardless of the consequences. 2010 was a year of challenging emotions......from volunteering at an orphanage/and starting from scratch all over again in a new country.
I loved this quote about about not having the best of everything but making the most of everything that you have. I totally agree. You can't look forward without looking back.

Neel Morley

Sun 2nd Jan 2011 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>>> Smokey Chapman

FB: What was your favourite song of the year and what was the defining moment hearing / dancing to it?

SC: Either...
Real Fur - Animal ( makes me dance
White Hinterland - icaus makes me smile
Beach House- Take Care makes me cry

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

SC: My favourite accessory would have to be the box of Fred Butler Gold head pieces I wore for my SHOWstudio performance. Always a good day when your adorned by FB.

Smokey Chapman

Friday 31 December 2010

Sat 1st Jan 2011: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> Scottee

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

S: "The tinsel wig! Early in 2010 I found a ebay listing for 300 tinsel wigs and I've never looked back."


Sat 1st Jan 2011: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> Alex Noble

"This year has been more of an affirmation than a new lesson learnt - to always follow your gut instinct, even over your heart and your head it's your gut that really counts! I also learnt that having a lot more hair last year in the winter months meant that this year I had to fake hair when in bed, with £5 pashmeina wrapped around my prison barnet!

I have loads of favorite songs from this year but for you I will give 'The KDMS' - 'Never Stop Believing' (munk club edit + Nicky Siano Jaguar Remix)

A picture that sums up this year is of myself and best friend Josh Caffe celebrating Halloween and a general year dedicated to fun!"

Alex Noble

Sat 1st Jan 2011: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> Lynn Cockburn, AMS

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

LC: "My key imperial overalls i bought at portobello market - i went looking for some dungarees and as luck struck i found a perfect pair in my size...the first time i wore them was to the hot rod hayride festival - it was my third year in a row going - i love the weekend - any weekend where you can play 1950's housewives, are surrounded by pre 1966 American classic cars and bikes, jive all night whilst dreaming of riding the wall of death and waking up in the morning to an Irish coffee..perfect. plus you don't need to take a bag as the bib pockets hold everything you need - beer money and a lipstick."

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This one is gonna be ace.

Lynn Cockburn, AMS

Sat 1st Jan 2011: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> Amy Gwatkin

FB: What was the best life lesson you learnt in 2010 or revelation / epiphany that has changed your outlook?

AG: "It sounds obvious but this year it really became clear that, in work at least, you have to make yourself happy. Do what you want and don't try and give everyone what you think they want, also...
I'm going to be particularly mindful of that last epiphany tonight. Happy New Year!"

Amy Gwatkin, Photography

Sat 1st Jan 2011: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> Fiona Leahy

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

FL: "I got a vintage Balenciaga red evening dress from a local store in Kensal Rise Lalli boutique. The owner Nelli told me her mother used to do her gardening in the dress. I love that sort of downbeat decadence. A glamorous dress should be visually interesting but comfortable. I love the idea of someone picking courgettes in the morning and sipping martinis in the evening ... all seamlessly in the same dress.
I have worn it to three weddings this year and on Christmas day in LA ( pictured) my most glamorous friend has a scarlet dressing room in which I found a scarlet fox ( which I put on my head) The dress was at home . Simply red"

Fiona Leahy Design

Sat 1st Jan 2011: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> Quentin Jones

FB: What was your favourite song of the year and what was the defining moment hearing / dancing to it?

QJ: My best tune for 2010 is Rihanna, Rude Boy... with no one defining moment but a blur of kitchen dancing hoping the sun won't come up. ( I am attaching a pic where I obviously think I am on FIRE. Always a lady.)


Fri 31st Dec: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>>Alexander Fury

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

AF: I think my Balmain cape was probably the garment I most enjoyed wearing - albeit far few too many times. I got it with 75% knocked off last New Year's Eve - the only way I could possibly afford it. My grandmother said the shoulders look like I've left the coat-hanger in, it never fails to elicit laughs from any group of roadside workers, and I suffered two black eyes defending its fashionability late one night. It also makes entering normal-width doors very difficult, and won't fit in any of my suitcases. I love it far far too much.

Alexander Fury, Fashion Director SHOWstudio

Fri 31st Dec: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> CARRI MUNDEN

FB: What was your favourite song of the year and what was the defining moment hearing / dancing to it?

CP: "my favourite song of the year is monster by Kanye West - E P I C track + Nikki Minaj s verse is k i l l a <3
It makes me scream
Nikki is my favourite + she loves pink + so do I <3

+ H*A*P*P*Y*N*E*W*Y*E*A*R "


Fri 31st Dec: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> Alun Davies

FB: What was the best life lesson you learnt in 2010 or revelation / epiphany that has changed your outlook?"

AD: "2010 has had many life defining moments in it for me, But what I have experienced in general is the huge ammount of strength and courage my friends and family have had. I am very greatful for all their support with my work and career, all their strength has been an inspiration and has led me through to 2011 with bright eyes."

Alun Davies, Art Director

Thursday 30 December 2010

Fri 31st Dec: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>> Ella Dror

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

ED: "My favourite accessory this year has been my hair i am so lucky as my good friend Charlie Le Mindu comes up with colours that I could only dream of and he puts them on my hair, so I have my accessory for every occasion ... amazing"

Ella Dror, Machine A

Thurs 30th Dec: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>> Andre J

FB: What was the best life lesson you learnt in 2010 or revelation / epiphany that has changed your outlook?"

AJ: "The best life lesson for me this season and seasons to come LIVE YOUR LIFE. I came home to NY for the holidays and I spoke to a family member on the phone and 6 hrs later I got a call that she was deceased. Life proves here today gone today so to the readers. Live everyday as if it were your last because it can be and who wants to end the journey unfulfilled.
Have a prosperous 2011 and BECOME YOUR DREAM then LIVE IT ALL DAY EVERYDAY!"

Andre J

(Photography: Nick Idm, Make up Thom Ticklemouse)

Watch Andre J earlier this year on SHOWstudio here

Thurs 30th Dec: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>> Kate Moross

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

KM: "By far my favorite find of 2010 was Illesteva Eyewear, the brand started in 2009, and I bought my first pair in the summer before Glastonbury (where this photo was taken by my friend Tom Beard). Three pairs later, I can't stop. They are beautifully made, classic and exactly what I look for in a pair of sunglasses. I just bought a new pair in Opening Ceremony in NYC and am wearing them in Miami as we speak. I only wish we had more sun back home in London, so I could find more glare time to wear them."

Kate Moross

Thurs 30th Dec: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>> Elgar Johnson

FB: What was your favourite song of the year and what was the defining moment hearing / dancing to it?

EJ: "My favorite song of the year came from the amazing Nicki Minaj "Kill da DJ".
I was introduced to it at the beginning of 2010 by my friend and ex i-D editor Ben Reardon when he randomly started playing it at 10am on a Monday morning in the office. I knew it was love at first sound"

Elgar Johnson, Menswear Fashion Editor, i-D Magazine

Thurs 30th Dec: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> Anna Lomax

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

AL: "My favourite garment was a yellow shirt with black polka-dots on. I got it for 50p at Wimbledon car boot sale early 2010 and lived in it throughout the summer. My most memorable time I had it on was for the Major Lazer party under the west way on Carnival Monday. If I could only have one celebration a year I would give up Christmas, my birthday and new years in exchange for carnival. Best weekend of every year without doubt."

Anna Lomax, Jiggery Pokery

Thurs 30th Dec: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>> Laura Bradley

FB: I wondered if you might have a spare moment to send me a photo for my blog for another New Year review like last year?
I guess your new feline acquisition has been a turning point in 2010!!!

LB: Yes, Florence has totally changed my life. I got her in January, she's now 6 months. Ive looked after cats for about a year and am a big fan of Cat Party - just had to get my own. The best thing I've ever done - she makes me laugh, is very well behaved and v chatty. A very good traveller, came to my parents in Leicester in her wicker basket. I would love another...

Laura Bradley, Commissioning Editor at AnOther

Wednesday 29 December 2010

Weds 29th Dec: Gary Card's Father Christmas

Here's the Santa Claus Gary illustrated for his Christmas message and here is the Christmas animation from Loewe for which Gary painstakingly designed and built these replica gift box animals and toys (here I snapped him during the process) ............ see more of the project on his own blog.

Tuesday 28 December 2010

Tues 28th Dec: Theo Adams Company in Tokyo - Photography by Yasmina Dexter

Beautiful behind the scenes images of cast and crew from the Theo Adams Company trip to Tokyo in October including Theo, Gwendoline Christie, Isamaya Ffrench, Chycca Tatsumi, David White, Matthew Josephs
All Photography by Yasmina Dexter

Tues 28th Dec: Theo Adams "Cry Out" at The ICA

All imagery by Yasmina Dextor at

When Bishi invited me to the ICA to see the Theo Adams show "Cry Out" I knew I was at the right place when I stepped across the threshold littered with a few rogue leaves of red tinsel from the previous evening. Since the days of a totally red glittered The-O catapulting himself through the crowds of clubland - the insignia has morphed with every movement of his career. His statement smudged red lipstick may have started out as a disco diva gone awry "look" but it has now become his art and the finale of his current production with the entire cast suddenly covered in the shiny stuff. Brilliant!
Bishi came dressed in a red ensemble with red swirl through her coiffed quiff as did Patrick Wolf donning a muscat red suit from shoes and socks to shirt and hair. We were ready to be entertained and we weren't alone. I spotted Jefferson Hack, Courtney Love, Simon Callow and I was automatically intrigued how Theo has orchestrated this alternative mission and attracted a heavy weight fan-base to follow the spectacle. I always joke with him about us busy bees being "productive"and his relentless drive has resulted in heading his own company travelling the world with each production. At 21, Theo has returned from Tokyo for a show in conjunction with Luis Vuitton to a sold out 2 night stint at The ICA. The enterprise is totally self funded - an amazing credit to have pulled off in creating a viable and rolling business within the current climate and time of battle for the arts.
So where did it all start? Bishi first encountered the bad-taste taste maker via myspace from discovering his reverential inspirations and asking him to take part in the Kashpoint May Parade of 2006 (see below). Theo's genuine love of tragic glamour in the form of fallen divas through to the latest Eurovision song contest is not ironic but an absolute passion which in itself is part of his charm and humour. I remember the flood of facebook invitations "The-O Adams has joined Dolly Parton and suggests you do to" - just one of his 105 favourite music pages! The legacies of these female forces from Lizza Minelli through to Beyonce Knowles have been tapped into for "Cry Out" with a dose of soundbites from the films of thier lives. Referenced scenes from "Mommie Dearest" find Theo's leading lady Gwendoline Christie wearing an awesome skyscraper shoulderpadded dressing gown brandishing a coathanger hacking into the scaffolding set. The eclectic soundtrack collages lip-sycnhed snippets from the same sources via spurts of classic Opera and Philip Glass scores, finishing on Scottee's strong rendition of The Decemberists, "I was meant for the stage".
It may seem strange for a young man to hinge his treatments on tackling themes of vulneribility in the obsolete twilight years of Hollywood's feminine fame but this is his passion. Instead of attending art school and writing an arbitrary dissertation for the sake of it, self taught Theo has just instinctively become an authority on the subject of divas and the history of the genre. (In a way, I wish it was a thesis so I had some footnotes to decode each reference but luckily I had the 2nd best thing with Bishi - a certified critic on the subject!)
Theo let each character and dancer have their own turn in the spotlight, waiting until the very end to step out of the shadows and have his final moment (his Martene McCutcheon Perfect Moment, if you will). This was the perfect crescendo with him thrashing round the stage to Sascha Fierce in a sequin bodysuit and long tasseled gloves, teasingly and intimidatingly venturing out into the auditorium. Despite the raw, ragged and in-your-face devices, Theo handles the context of his show with sincere sensitivity. A projected short film of sympathetic body morphing footage by Matthew Stone shines down in a shaft of light between the action. This is a great extension to the world on stage and addition of extra characters to the already diverse cross section of humanity represented in his cast. Every shape, creed, and gender is covered in the friends that Theo has brought on board to convey his shows - reading the credits is an exceptional assembly of emerging talent. Here we have the new generation entry to underground leftfield queer cabaret performance, dancing into the footsteps of predecessors such as Lyndsay Kemp, The Cockettes and Michael Clark. This is why its so exciting to be in the audience at each new and evolving show.
All the way from the riots of bodies fooling around the floors of disrupted fashion parties to tours funded by fashion houses - this is laying the foundations to an uninhibited fantastic future. I'm so chuffed to have been witness to some of these moments ....... here ............ here .......... here ........ not to mention his kindness at a particular Pam Hogg fashion show when everyone else left me outside until the last person in grabbed me to run in with him.......... thankyou Theo ........ its that unwavering and natural confidence in doing what he does and disregard for intimidation, that's got him this far.

Thanks also to Bishi for giving me help and information to write this review!

CRY OUT - Visuals for The Theo Adams Company (Trailer Edit) from Matthew Stone on Vimeo.

Tues 28th Dec: Happy New Year...........

Here is the latest New Year image and the previous 2 years................ all shot by Anna Leader and Amy Gwatkin with makeup by the marvellous Megumi Matsuno.
Credits for top image 2011:
Photography : Anna Leader & Amy Gwatkin
Fro comb: Fred Butler & Rosy Nicholas
Wig: Seema Chopra
Make - up: Megumi Matsuno
Model: Nur Hellmann @ FM

Monday 27 December 2010

Tues 28th Dec: Happy 2011

Here are Seema's behind-the-scenes workings from our New Year image for which she constructed a sculptural angular Afro to sit the numerical fro comb in. When I was thinking about how to incorporate "2011" this year, I found some amazing different combs in NYC and also watched the brilliant "Good Hair" documentary by Chris Rock. Both of these reminded me of work I had seen of unusual hair created for shoots by Seema Chopra so I asked her if she wanted to get involved. Seema's specialism within hairstyling is designing wigs, having initially studied graphic design and later trained as a theatre wigs dresser. She now creates bespoke wigs for fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Agent Provocateur and productions for Royal Shakespeare co and The English National Opera. All of which you can investigate further at her site and blog.

(Here is one of Seema's sketches and also one of Megumi Matsuno's makeup test sketches)

Mon 27th Dec: A Teddy for Albert-teeny-tiny-baby

Apologies for my absence from blogging.
This is a first!
When I disappear for a week in the Summer, I always have a strategy in place to keep up to date with daily posts.
However, in the last week Ive been under the spell of the flu and not in the frame of mind to be sharing my thoughts with the world. So sorry! I'll be back now........

Inbetween sniffling and feeling sorry for myself I did however rustle up a 1st birthday present for my youngest nephew Albert. The poor little sausage was born on the 23rd Dec so his birthday will always coincide with festive celebrations. This is an attempt to make him feel a bit special and not overshadowed by the birthday of baby Jesus!

You can read more about the cushion off-cut patchwork teddy over on the Christmas content at i-D online along with other contributions from Louise Gray, Hannah Marshall, Jaguar Shoes and Alexis Knox.