Saturday 12 September 2015

Saturday Sept 12th: Vogue Fashion Night Out, London = Lizzie King at NIKE vs. Liberty

The best event of London's Vogue's Fashion Night Out was Nike at Liberty with Lizzie King in store for a tie-dye shoelace workshop.  Alexandra Schulman was in amongst the shoppers for the event which was open to all members of the public out for the night.  Flutes of champagne, pop ice lollies and Eliza Doolittle on the decks.  
Head to the newly refurbished concession designed by Rosie Lee and see mannequins styled by Vogue's Lucinda Chambers.

Saturday 12th Sept: Vogue Fashion Nights Out - London

Teo at Lazy Oaf on Newburgh Street, the interior of the new MAC store on Carnaby Street, and fitness / fashion instore events at Uniqlo on Regent Street.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Weds 9th Sept: Free art in Covent Garden

French artist Charles P├ętillon 's first public art installation "HeartBeat" is 100,000 giant white balloons filling the length of the ceiling in the 19th Century Covent Garden Market Building.  Light inside the structure pulsates glowing bright and dull replicating the beat of a heart but a massive cloud cluster of balloons.  Its free to view until the end of month which I doubled up with a visit to see the "Deloitte Ignite 15" light show projection on the Royal Opera House in the main square.  Rainbows and clouds in one night - my dream.

Monday 7 September 2015

Monday 7th Sept: Anna Lomax "Luxury Goods" at KKOutlet

For the Fashion Week and Design Week month of September, Anna Lomax has a solo show at KKOutlet which opened to coincide with "First Thursday" last week.  Entitled "Luxury Goods" it's a combination of all of her favourite influences and collections from pound shops, kitsch conspicuous consumption and the love of her hometown London.  The narrative that ties the mixed media work is a visual commentary on the meaning of "Luxury" and genuine fakes which carries thru to the Sportsbanger merch in her curated gift shop. The pieces comprise of sculpture, neon light, lenticular hologram, screen print, photography, embroidered textiles and jewellery with her classic £1 coin sovereign ring.  Even the drinks at the party were a work of art in themselves as each vessel was a carved mini water-melon.  I didn't know that such a cute fruit existed so with the addition of a novelty hand-carved emblem, it was the best cocktail I've ever held............ and couldn't put down.............. grasping onto the last taste of Carnival
Check out Anna's show on at KKOutlet, Hoxton Square til 26th September and pick up one of her beautiful prints.  
Follow her fantastic Instagram here.
(All photos by me except bottom pic by KKOutlet)