Tuesday 28 July 2015

Tues 28th July: "Commute Nice London" at KKOutlet

In the month of the Tour De France, The London Free Cycle and my own Rapha Womens 100 challenge, KKOutlet's exhibition is called "Commute Nice London".  The group show of posters is a message for cyclists and drivers to come together to make London's roads a safer and happier place.  Each artist has turned a slogan into an illustrated print in their own distinctive style of which some have been made into stickers to decorate your bike.........or lamp posts to share the love.  Get involved, get driving and get peddling our city into a harmonious future. 

( Artists top to bottom:  Me, Saskia Pomeroy, Yoko Honda, Steven Wilson, Super Mundane, Chrissie Abbott, Dorothy, Alex May Hughes, Hattie Stewart, Paul Patemen, Anthony Burrill, Craig & Karl, Ornamental Conifer, Annu Kilpelainen,  and stickers of Luke Miller, Crispin Fin, & Steven Willson)

There is still time to sign up for guided free cycles across London this weekend here.