Friday 1 July 2011

Friday 1st July: Peter Jensen Sample Sale

Peter Jensen's Sample Sale is always a date in my diary and destination on my travels......... to pick up a rabbit emblazoned garm to add to my collection. The latest selection went on sale this evening and carries on all day tomorrow at his studio on Shacklewell Lane. The rails comprise of mens and womens stock, samples, seconds and accessories available at huge discounts............ for example a few sequin embroidered wool cardigans for just £20! There are lots of gorgeous summer dresses in his trademark prints for the girls and tailored separates for the boys......... and a bunny back-pack for me! (And a photo of my namesake dry cleaners spotted in Copenhagen!)

Saturday 2nd July 10am-6pm
Peter Jensen Studio
Buzzer 4, Studio 1C 18-24 Shacklewell Lane Dalston E8 2EZ

Friday 1st July:Masters of Style at Somerset House

'Masters of Style' pays homage to the 150 year anniversary of Italy becoming a unified nation.
It celebrates this through the presentation of some of Italy's most iconic fashion houses, and the images which embody them.

Until 14 August
Daily 10.00-18.00, until 20.00 on Thursdays
Embankment Galleries, South Wing, Somerset House

Friday 1st July: House Of Organza - MUSE - opening

Our 3rd House of Organza season came together in its final presentation last night complete with Daniel Sannwald's film, a performance by our muse Roy, wall mural illustration by Rosy Nicholas and installation design by Alun Davies. It is now open to the public – Friday 1st July 12pm – 8pm and Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July 11am – 6pm at The Red Bull Studios,155-171 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2JP

Congratulations to Kim and Lyall for curating this fantastic collective!!!

House of Organza/Muse from Marlon Rueberg on Vimeo.

(photos: Ryan Pickard & Kim Howells, Rosy Nicholas, Kim Jacobson's Polaroid party pics, NOKI and Craig Lawrence pieces, my piece, JJ Hudson, Anna Trevelyan, Patternity tights, Lyall Hakaraia, Sizzle-Jeanette-JJ-Roy)

Friday 1st July: Bold Tendencies 5

After The House Of Organza private view last night I headed south to make the very end of the opening of "Bold Tendencies" - a sculpture exhibition on the roof of Peckham multi story car park. I missed the sunset view over London but did manage to get a photo of this gorgeous installation! The summertime show is free and open till Sep 30th so make sure you catch the works showcasing new art by international artists in this incredible space .............and grab a bite at Franks Cafe whilst you are there.

Peckham Multi-storey car park, London, SE15 4ST

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Thurs 30th June: threeASFOUR - Björk

björk: road to crystalline from Björk on Vimeo.

The Gameleste - a custom instrument for Björk from Andy McCreeth on Vimeo.

Björk's new single "Crystalline" came out this week with cover art shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin featuring threeASFOUR's incredible HARP BELT. Here is the image with a little viral film of Björk in Iceland wearing their quilted coat ........ check in at her site for more news on the imminent album ........ and video directed by Michel Gondry......

Weds June 29th: My Bookshelf for Its Nice That

It’s Nice That asked me to discuss my 5 most treasured books for their Bookshelf feature which you can read over on their site in full .................. and here Ive included snaps of each individual book for some indepth background to the hardbacks that have been key in my life...........

A Bit Of Rough – Julie Verhoeven

Julie is one of my favourite artists of all time for 3 reasons – her work is identifiably unique in its purity, her style cultivates and celebrates colour, she embraces humour and executes it with a nuance, which translates with a sophisticated sheen. “A bit of rough” has imagery of all her mixed media disciplines as a really neat monograph of adventures in illustration, sculpture, fashion design and film. The introduction by Francesca Gavin is a succinct and brilliant explanation of the mind behind the inexplicably prolific talent. My copy is particularly precious because I received it in the post, painted in neon coral acrylic and signed as a present - which was a very exciting surprise!

Jungle Fever – Jean Paul Goude

I discovered Jean Paul Goude’s humorous genius vision via his art direction for Grace Jones records and this book catalogues his early career showing everything that led up to this time. It’s almost like a sketchbook with scans of exquisite early naive illustration and crude cut-n-paste collage which all led to his eventual highly polished and epic photographs. My favourite section of the monograph is the subcultural photographs of 1970’s New York where he captured the vibrant and radical styles of Latin teenagers. I found this book in the public library when I lived in Harlem, and now I’ve managed to find a copy for myself! It’s my most considered and treasured investment!

Skinhead – Nick Knight

Nick Knight is an artist very important to me not only for his inspirational pioneering photography but also his altruistic approach to nurturing new creatives with his platform SHOWstudio. To see his very first publication from 1980 (the year I was born) is a fascinating insight into where he started off with his journey in producing iconic visuals. This ode to a subculture is his own subjective vision of skinheads rather than a factual historical documentation, which makes it of more significance and importance in my mind. He has an innate gift of connecting with his subjects to reveal and expose a personality, which you see perfectly in these engaging portraits of an otherwise wary, marginalised genre.

Leigh Bowery – Violette Editions

I got this book at a crucial time in my life when I was 18 and I knew instinctively what made me happy but wasn’t sure if it actually elsewhere in the world. Thankfully the legacy of Leigh Bowery answered my hopes that there were other freaks out there, and in this instance dedicated their life to bravely creating and communicating an exceptional vision. This is the ultimate collection of photography that documented his complete works, collated from his friends and collaborators personal collections. If I ever have a day of self-doubt or disillusionment this is a steadfast and reliable antidote to ignite the flame of following my dreams.

A Chequered Past – Peter Schlesinger

This is Peter Schlesinger’s visual diary of the 60’s and 70’s, which depicts his days spent with partner David Hockney and close friends Ossie Clark, Celia Birtwell, Manolo Blahnik and Paloma Picasso etc. It just so happens that he was at the epicentre of a group of soulmates who were each of outstanding creative influence. This period of proximity to intimate passages in time results in beautifully relaxed, atmospheric and honest snapshots. The vivid hues of his film literally seize the sparkling settings of the azure swimming pool waters that we know so well from Hockney’s paintings. It’s so lucky that Peter was there to conscientiously record each majical moment from Cecil Beaton at Reddish House to Robert Mapplethorpe in Paris, to Andy Warhol in Monte Carlo. The scenes and scenarios are enchanting and his particular eye for proportion in positioning the people and places makes this a captivating classic.

Weds June 29th: House of Organza - Muse - Preperation

House of Organza, now in it’s third season, is the brainchild of my studio mate / stylist Kim Howells and designer Lyall Hakaraia. Tomorrow evening will be the private view of the latest exhibition which will be the most extravagant event to date! The Yves Klein inspired Blue concept is going to be Kim's heaven on earth with a completely blue themed party, complete with blue drinks.
The exhibition is going to preview the incredible fashion film of Roy (our muse) shot by Daniel Sannwald taking the collection to a new and cosmic dimension. Here is Piers Atkinson's piece as a little taster of what to expect from Daniel's sensitive and sensual moving images ............. along with a shot of Kim's desk whilst she preps the presentation.......... and a portrait of Alun who came by for a meeting yesterday dressed in a Lu Flux blue bow-tie Tshirt for the occasion!

To find out more details about the exhibition times open to the public to see the pieces and the film - go to the Red Bull Studios website.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Tues 28th June: Shingai's NTC Challenge - studio visit

The 4th installment of Grace LaDoja's film following Shingai Shoniwa's Nike NTC challenge for which I designed a bespoke bike for her sponsored ride. Here is an excerpt when she visited my studio to check in with the progress of my collaboration with bicycle whizz kid - Super Ted ....... and a trip to his workshop on Brick Lane to see the finished article!

Tues 28th June: Havaianas Hats for Ascot - Final Footage

All the way from the raw materials of the cardboard boxes and rubber thongs to the final finished hats worn at Ascot.......... here is a little film clip recorded to document the day!