Tuesday 30 January 2018

Wednesday 31st January: 3rd Rail Print Space launch at Peckham Levels

Since my blog posts promoting the Kickstarter campaign for 3rd Rail Print Space, its been fully funded and set up within the creative hub of Peckham Levels.  The official launch invited the public in for an evening to sample London's largest open access screen printing facility.  There was a chance to pull your own print to make a Camille Walala pattern tote bag to test the new equipment and take away a cosmic keepsake.  Technicians were demonstrating printing long lengths of fabric designed by Kangan Arora which was then cut and sewn into cushions by Etemi Otubu.  Paper printing was also on show making posters for the 3rd Rail Presents shop and gallery which you can also see here with my favourite artist's editions by Mr Penfold. Head over to their site to find out more about the studio for access or renting a desk space and see the full range of merchandise in their store including Lynnie Zulu and Hattie Stewart. 

(I also had to include a pic of our dinner from Nandine upstairs because today marks the end of Veganuary and their food is the best thing I've had all month, absolutely delicious with every morsel and so many different flavours in one platter!!!!)