Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sat 7th April: Ella Dror PR Press Day

For the second season, Ella Dror PR took over the Swarovski Lounge on Great Marlborough Street for thier Press Day with Alun Davies on art direction of the space.  In addition to decking out the showroom in an Easter theme, Alun was also showing some of his accessories amongst the collections (see diamante crash helmet above).  Guests were welcomed to tea and pastel colour cake (Fifi & Lola) by host CK model Aaron Frew in character as the Easter bunny.  In the first display cabinet was Bernhard Willhelm with both womens and menswear alongside other mens designers Alex Mattsson, Astrid Andersen and newcomer Jaewan Park.   Heading up womenswear was Alex Noble, Aqua and Kitty Joseph who also majors in her perspex jewelry which has done especially well in a sunglasses collaboration with Piers Atkinson.  Piers is part of the millinery contingent of the PR house with myself, Mich Dulce and Charlie Le Mindu who displayed his latest hair hats made with partner Thomas Petherick.  Accessories is a key part of Ella's roster bringing together the talents of Void Of Course, Vivian Ying and Una Burke (see here the white leather studded piece).  The remaining designers in the "special projects" section is Dr. NOKI, Studio XO and Margot Bowman, responsible for the beautiful artwork of the invitation.   
To keep up to date with latest press and projects on all the above designers, follow!/elladrorpr 

(Thanks to Emily Beard for the photos)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Friday 5th April: Slovenia Fashion Week - Day 3 - Fashion Film Workshop with Kathryn Ferguson

After Kathryn's seminar on the history of Fashion Film, she held two days of workshops for Ljubljana's budding directors to demonstrate a fresh set of skills for them to start thier own.  A few of her class members were from the graduate's runway show, including the stripey design here which you'll recognise from my previous coverage as being the work of Angela Lukanovich.  Here are snaps Kathryn has sent over from the excersise illustrating the different aspects of the event:

"I've just finished the workshops for today and I have to say the students were brilliant. They all shot high quality work and are now going to go off and edit and finish the films. have agreed to screen the finished versions in a month online!  I'm really chuffed for them"

I'll let you know when the films go live............ but until then, follow news from Kathryn's work with The British Council travelling to different world destinations to spread the word of Fashion Film here.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thurs 5th April: Slovenia Fashion Week - Day 2 - Firma Ljubljana

My absolute favourite collection of the second day was by Firma Ljubljana.  The awesome huge "Windy Miller meets Balenciaga" hats were the initial draw but the giant wool coats oooozed classical cool and I really, really want one - especially the custard yellow.  Little polo necks peeped out of large collars on tight shirts, shrouded in thick felt tailored jackets both fitted and loose like a large cocoon finished with outsize chrome snaps.  Panelled knitwear was dissected in gradients of grey and a patchwork jersey print top was tucked into low rise pants.  See the full collection in detail here and join in our swoon all the way from Slovenia.

Thurs 5th April: Slovenia Fashion Week - Day 2 - Highlights

More atmospheric snaps of our time in the city Ljubljana ............
(Photos:  Kathryn Ferguson, except lace shop detail by me)

Thurs 5th April: Slovenia Fashion Week - Day 2 - Miro Misljen

On the second day of Slovenia Fashion Week the showspace switched over from the student presentation of the previous day to established designers, divided across two time slots.  Here is my favourite collection from the first round by Miro Misljen who had crocheted the most amazing socks.  Each pair was a different length, pattern, colour and shape - so cute!  Slovenian traditional textile is lace making, and I love this nod to his national hereditary craft used to accessorize the modern looks.  

(photos: Kathryn Ferguson)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Weds 4th April: Slovenia Fashion Week Day 2 - Kathryn Ferguson Fashion Film Seminar

The very reason for me going to Slovenia Fashion Week came about from an invitation by Kathryn Ferguson to join her as a case study in a Fashion Film program she is hosting for the British Council. During the course of the event, Kathryn is holding workshops for students to learn the basic skills to put together their own fashion film.  In turn, each will practise and learn the tools to start a voyage of creating further film work in the future.  Requirements needed are just to bring a garment or prop as a focal point to shoot and then be shown the ropes of writing a treatment, putting together a story board and then capturing it all on camera. .............. a process that can be undertaken with any available equipment and not limited by budget when experimenting.  I wish I didn't have to leave and miss out on  the fun!
But luckily I was around to attend Kathryn's seminar on the history of fashion film.  Although I am very immersed in the genre with both a fascination and first hand experience in the making.......... its evident I still have alot to catch up on!  Kathryn guided us from the earliest recorded motion of the late 1950's of Erwin Blumenfeld and Guy Bourdin thru to Bruce Webber shooting a pop promo for the Pet Shop Boys in the 80's right up to recent times of this genius Steven Meisel short for Lanvin edited to Pitbull!  We got to see examples of performance used in fashion with McQueen and Victor & Rolf shows, in addition to runways being totally eschewed in place of film by Ruth Hogben for Gareth Pugh.  Its fair to say that Kathryn is a fountain of knowledge on all things Fashion Film related, and her presence was a great asset to the list of events thanks to The British Council.  Slovenia is the third pit stop on her tour of the world, having just returned from Lagos for Nigeria Fashion Week and previously Sarejevo for workshops with Elisha Smith Leverock.  Follow "Back Of The Envelope" to find out further plans and keep up to date with the scheme............. which will be culminating in an exhibition in China later in the year...........

Weds 4th April: Slovenia Fashion Week Day 1 cont.

The very first runway show of Slovenian Fashion Week was dedicated to new emerging talent with a back-to-back selection of fresh graduates .  Kathryn and I were so impressed with the standard of design, styling and presentation.  So much thought had been put into accessories and footwear it was a real treat.  My particular favourite was  Katja Magister's necklaces made from linked circle embroidery-frames wrapped in the same fabric as the garment. Unfortunately we couldn't get great photos to fully demonstrate this, so head over to the official site to view the press shots of the looks for a better idea.  
The day began with a panel discussion of what defines the Slovenian fashion identity.  Current practitioners shared views with previous generation industry figures and The British Council had brought over Mariel Reed from "Not Just A Label" for an outsider's perspective.  Mariel identified that the tutor's penchant for the Japanese era of Rei Kawabuko and Yoji Yamamoto has had an undeniable trickle effect on the aesthetic of the Academy.  Although this has left a legacy of a mute colour palette, the pattern cutting is impeccable with exciting experimental silhouettes and construction.  It would be absolutely brilliant to see these new names get some international exposure from this second Fashion Week for the country............... keep your eyes peeled for these brands:
(Top to bottom in chronological order: 1. Peter Movrin, 2-3 Petja Zorec, 4 Dajana Ljubičič, 5-7 Anđela Lukanovič, 8 Ana Jelinič, 9 Ivan Rocco)