Saturday 21 June 2008

Fri 20th June: Dance the pain away

After Grace Jones, we joined Jamie E17 and hair stylist Charlie le Mindu to see one of his clients the silent disco - the ever cooly coiffed Peaches. On entry you are passed the obligatory headset which allows you to switch channels between the sets of either dj at one time. Or you can just take them off and laugh at everyone dancing to their own beats. Her spinning technique involved squatting on the desk and jumping from deck to deck whilst swigging Verve Cliqot. She finished on a Nina Simone number and handed over to Noel Fielding........I can't tell you who was battling her as I never changed over to find out..........but apparently he played a song from Jungle Book, so perhaps he stole some audiences members for that but its really no contest when Peaches is in residence.........

Friday 20 June 2008

Thurs 19th June: Here's Grace!

The volume that wowed the Royal Festival Hall last night is only accountable by the acoustics from the vibrations bouncing back off Miss Jones bionic booty.
No more to be said.

Fri 20th June: Mao Mao

My friend Angela (of Three As FOUR) listens for little miows wherever she goes. The latest discovery is this little definition of cuteness she found in the trash!

Thursday 19 June 2008

Weds 18th June: Amelia's Magazine at Pure Groove

Amelia's Magazine launched the new issue at the record store "Pure Groove" which has recently relocated from Archway to a very snazy Smithfield's store. Here is my studio mate Andy Macgregor who had a double whammy of celebration as his work coincidentally features in the magazine and also the newsletter for Pure Groove. Go to any number of the evening events and pick one up for yourself. It is an exciting list of "goings-ons" (e.g Partizan film night or Peter Saville installation). Just a visit to see the interior design is worth a by Patrick Duffy of "No Days Off" and wall illustrations by Kate Moross.

Wednesday 18 June 2008

Weds 18th June: Heres something Im making at the moment

A few different varying commissions on at the enjoying the way my desk is looking..............

Weds 18th June: Heres something I made earlier

Anna Leader has very kindly been helping me find old picture files for a requested image. In doing so, I unearthed some treats I had forgotten about. Here is a little chap that I made as a thank you present in 2005 and snapped before I wrapped him up to put in the post.

Tuesday 17 June 2008

Mon 16th June: Im a Barbie

My friend Michael Vanderham sent me this hilarious picture he found and thought that if I were to be a Barbie, this would be it! Oh yes, I would love this jacket!

I first met Michael when he was interning for As FOUR in NYC in the summer of 2005. He returned home to Holland and decided to leave studying fashion in Antwerp and continue work placements. He moved to London and diligently undertook placements at McQueen followed by Sophia Kokosolaki. Now he has gone back to his studies on the womenswear MA at CSM. I am very excited to see what he will come up with for his final show................updates will appear here in due course..............

Monday 16 June 2008

Sat 14th June: Teo Fest

Andy Macgregor and Rich Stevens have been planning a monumental "Dirty Thirty" birthday celebration for Teo. They set up a mini festival in a field with green parrots in the willows and a yellow flowered lily pad pond inhabited with jet blue dragon flies. Here are Maki and Steve who brought spicy prawn skewers and marshmallows (not together!) to christian the BBQ. We made the most of the open air dance floor and bopped ridiculous moves under the canapy of Kate's beautiful bunting and nearly solstice stars. The nights ended trying to fall asleep against the mega decibel last act in the musical line-up............ a frog chorus of apparently randy reptiles in full mating mode.

Fri 13th June: Mishkin a la Newton

Top Shop collaborated with the Helmut Newton foundation to re-instate his " Newton Machine" in store. His invention from the 1970's was devised to create a catalyst for a photographic self-portrait. As the model, you can work out your stance in a mirror and then just "click".
I was in town with the photographer's Mishkin for a meeting, so we had a quick hit and run encounter with the equipment. Coming from a set designer background, I would prefer to have been better equipped. Sadly Top Shop staff were not in alliance with our spontaneous gathering of props from in store. So our final image involved putting our hands in each others pockets which was quite fun. Here are some previous Newton road testers ..................