Saturday 18 December 2010

Sat 17th Dec: Bompas and Parr at The Architectural Association

The Architectural Association decided to deck out their Christmas party in the theme of "The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover". The original art department from the 1989 film by Michael Howells was re-interpreted by new kids on the block Bompass & Parr.. Renowned for their specialist jelly making and in particular dabbling with architectural moulds it was the perfect pairing (remember that gingerbread Gherkin?). In 2008 Bompass and Parr actually invited architects to design a jelly as part of the London Festival of Architecture. Last night's spectacle however was a move on from another project - the Scratch 'n' Sniff cinema event they held where viewers watched "The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover" whilst sniffing synthesised odours of rotting meat! Just a touch of hanging meat was used again to decorate this punch bar. The warm cocktail was a deadly concoction of gin with chunks of pineapple and a whole heap of festive tasting spices, served in a tea cup. The jellys followed suit in the boozy Christmas vein with Absinthe and Lime or Champagne and Violet with suspended blueberries.
After the feast it was time to work off the trifle with a dance on the checkerboard floor............ which is where I stepped in being the dj for the night..........along with Anna Murray who I asked to join me to literally "Pump Up The Jam" (here she is at the very end of the night when we were packing up and the red lights were dismantled)

Friday 17 December 2010

Friday 17th: The launch of Jez Tozer's Alchemy Series

Photographer Jez Tozer has undertaken a project of putting together his own periodical "The Alchemy Series" which launched last evening at a candle lit exhibition of the prints. It looks like an incredible line up with contributors ranging from Francesca Gavin, Karen Binns, Boo Saville, Kim Howells, Millie Brown.... I'm especially excited about the silver emulsion prints by Walter Hugo. To accompany each issue of the series will be a fashion film with the first "Raven" premiering on SHOWStudio later today.........

(Portraits of Keko Hainswheeler and Kim Howells)

Friday 17th: Christmas Card - Behind The Scenes

For the third year running I have worked with photographers Anna Leader and Amy Gwatkin to create a special Christmas Card............. with regular contributor Megumi Matsuno on makeup......... and a new addition to the mix - Seema Chopra on wig styling. The first year we focused the concept on eyelashes, the 2nd year on a manicure with WAH! and this year its all about the hair! Final image to be hitting your inboxes is this year's model Nur Hellmann @ FM

Friday 17th: Sample Sale

Our studios came together last evening for a sample sale and invited a few local friends to join the fun too. Here are a few snaps ............ Noel Stewart's hats ....... Hermione De Paula modelling one of Noel's creations............. Hermione's dog Barbara modelling a Pier Atkinson number........ bikes from Fixed Wheel ........ and a few of my stocking filler treats as demonstrated by Patrycja Grimm...........

We would like to make this a regular event so stay tuned to hear more from the team........

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Weds 15th Dec: Sample Sale tomorrow........ Thurs

Sample Sale in Dalston tomorrow evening with my archive and other designers..............lots of treats to snap up......... mulled wine and mince pies...............:

Mark Fast Womenswear
Craig Lawrence Womenswear
Hermione de Paula Womenswear
......Braille Menswear
Jacey Withers Jewellery
Fred Butler Accessories
Noel Stewart Hats
Piers Atkinson Hats

Weds 15th Dec: Christmas at i-D

I popped into i-D today to find their very smart Christmas decorations with a massive plush tree complete with logo star at the top. Apparently its too big to go home with anyone for the festive period when the office break up for holidays.......... if only I had transport, Id love to give it a home at our studio!

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Tues 14th Dec: Cat Party!

You may remember I dj'd at the inaugural Cat Party Party last month........... my slot was the final half hour so I was too late to nab some of the special badges made for the special event......... so the furry fellas at Cat Party HQ have posted me some.......... when I felt the envelope I thought it was my Christmas money from my nan.......... love the way they are sellotaped down!!!!!

If you don't already follow Cat Party............ get involved! Its all anonymous but I can confirm there are many creatives kitties snapped and papped for all feline appreciation audiences.

Tues 14th Dec: Festive Message from The Future Laboratory

Future Laboratory Christmas Card 2010 from This Is It Projects on Vimeo.

Bad Things That Could Happen from This Is It on Vimeo.

Let the well wishing commence............ inboxes will soon be flooding with Christmas Cards before everyone clocks off for holidays........... here is my first from those forward thinking Future Laboratory folks who have teamed up with the collective This Is It to create this festive film. The trailer art directed by Ravi Khanna stars the studio's star pet Jasper in lead role - here he is in an exclusive backstage shot whilst chilling out in his trailer.
This Is It have taken over the walls of Jaguar Shoes with the giant cardboard props from their other recent film "Bad Things That Could Happen". If you have found yourself sitting below a massive packet of cigarettes - these are the culprits behind the exhibit.......... I particularly like the flys with big blue eyes........

(Shot of This Is It and exhibit from their site This Is It Blog)

Tues 14th Dec: New Gen Winners Announced - Craig Lawrence

Congrats to my studio mate Craig Lawrence for winning New Gen sponsership for another presentation this season! LOVE YOU!

New Gen Winners