Friday 23 October 2009

Fri 23rd October: Rainbow GaGa, Rainbow GuGu

My first ever commission was from Kathryn Ferguson to make some paper accessories for a shoot for Tank ............when we met through SHOWstudio when Kathryn had finished interning there and I had finished with Shona Heath..............Roll on a (good) few years, and Kathryn is now directing fashion films (eg. Richard Nicoll) and curating the Birds Eye View Film Festival.  Yesterday her short for Lady GaGa was aired on Dazed Digital which she shot in June whilst GaGa was amidst rehersals for Glastonbury.  Styled by Nicola Formichetti (Anna Trevelyan) it features many yummy outfits comprising of David Koma, Charlie Le Mindu, Jaiden rVa James, NOKI.............and my archive headpiece which tops off a Pam Hogg catsuit and Petra Storres Rainbow shoulder piece.........ahh, how I would love to wear that look myself!  Its very close to my dream everyday outfit!  A real Rainbow Brite come to life!  (All behind the scenes photography by Kasia Bobula taken from Dazed Digital and portrait of me by Edmunds and Rodgers for Glamcult Magazine)  

Fri 23rd October: Check Out

Its the final day that my curated wall be live on Supermarket Sarah so if you want something fun  for the weekend .............check it out at the check down at her stall on Portabello today...........

Thursday 22 October 2009

Thurs 22 Oct: Cube Press Day

Exactly a month after London Fashion Week, its Cube PR press day are some snaps from when I finished installing my S/S 10 collection last evening............
Head down today to check it out to add some colour and shine to your day..............also on show are Cooperative Designs, Dean Quinn, Jaiden rVa James, Louise Amstrup, NOKI, Sophie Hulme, The Convenience Store ...............and Dark Room which looks like an interesting new Boutique actually on Lambs Conduit stocking Maria Francesca Pepe and Fleet Ilya..............

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Weds 21 Oct: Birds of a feather at Mandi's Basement

Yesterday was the first of 2 press days at Mandi Lennard Publicity.  With her newly trimmed and focused roster, the synergy of her clients stood out between Gareth Pugh and Roksanda Illincic who have both incorporated feathers in their latest S/S collections seen here.  How funny that the saying Birds of a feather came to my mind (not the Chingford duo!) and I looked up the meaning which really fits the subconscious comradely of Mandi's clients:

 "Birds of a feather flock together". (In old poetic English, "birds of a feather" means birds which have the same kind of feathers, so the proverb refers to the fact that birds congregate with birds of their own species.)

They also created their own special muse doll for Mandi's other client Barbie. Mandi's penchant for manicured nails is echoed in the form of an omnipresent statement furnishing in her showroom as a large Barbie doll hand left over from a DSM installation by Hillman Studio.  The enviable position of being one of London's most gifted PR's has been documented in this month's Elle as an interiors article illustrating Mandi in "My Space" surrounded by all of her favourite things (including the giant rainbow magazine tear sheet Chanel bag I gave her).

Thanks to Jessica for attending Mandi's Roller Disco to take these snaps for my blog.  Her previous work placement was at Milliner Noel Stewart where coincidentally she had a hand in making this feather hat for Roksanda.........

Tues 20th Oct: Herb-bow-tie

Here is Matthew Herbert wearing custom made bow-ties for his latest video made by Rosy Nicholas commissioned by Rowdy Superstar who is currently working with Matthew on different projects...................including currently recording his own album.   Thanks to Rowdy, Rosy and I went to see other Herbert protege's Micachu and The Invisible in concert last week...............when I gave my name "Rowdy" at the box office, the lady said "surname?" which I replied "Superstar"............never said that before!.............
Watch this space on for more info on this video with an ever increasing size bow tie and doubly the ever increasing fortune of the future for everything in Rowdy's record Wonderland..............

Video credits: 

Monday 19 October 2009

Mon 19th October: Calling all handsome chaps

Yes, you can be a model for SHOWstudio at Somerset House............either to be shot by Jason Evans or star in Simon Foxton's living installation "Sittings".  All you have to do is head down to the exhibit and find the interactive casting booth to pose for a mugshot.  In addition, you will need to state a few of your stats...........but don't make the same mistake as my friend Naomi: 

"I went into the bit where you are supposed to talk to the machine to apply to be a SHOWstudio model and the machine says “NAME” so I said “Naomi Attwood” the machine says “HIDE” so I ran away from the camera and hid in the corner. Then the machine said “CHEST” then it said “SHOE SIZE” so I realised that it didn’t say “HIDE” at all, it said “HEIGHT” in a Steven Hawking voice and you weren’t supposed to hide at all. So that’s why I’ll probably not become a famous model now. Oh well."

Here are shots from Simon's Sittings on Friday with a fresh face who I rang to speak to purely for research purposes!  I take my journalism very seriously.  Of course it helped that he was easy on the eye (as you can tune into the live feed on the site).  So I found out that his "Omar Kashoura" suit was really quite comfortable and that he was enjoying his orange socks and laces that complimented the backdrop.  His name was Alex and it was his first job from having signed to AMCK the day before!   
Thanks to Rasharn Agyemang for taking these pictures for the post to illustrate a 1st hand account of the project as he is Simon's right hand man.  Of course Rasharn is also known as one half of the menswear design duo Jaiden RVA James who just showed at Somerset House themselves during London Fashion Week.  To see both his collection and incidentally Omar Kashoura's ..........both will be on preview at Cube PR press day this mine will be too................its a family thing..........