Friday 27 July 2018

Friday 27th July: Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The London Mastaba at The Serpentine

Christo and Jeanne-Claude's "The London Mastaba" temporary sculpture made of coloured barrels is currently on show floating in the The Serpentine Lake.  It looks impressive in photos but it's even more incredible in real life.  For one, its massive and secondly the painted colours are the perfect contrast to the setting in the park.  I discovered it as a destination on a run but you can also enjoy it whilst swimming, boating or walking.  This is most certainly not one to be missed!  Christo has funded the entire project himself from sales of previous works and is leaving a legacy at The Serpentine Lake with ecological investment after the sculpture has gone. This includes creating new habitats for terrestrial invertebrate, waterfowl refuges, heron baskets and bird and bat boxes.  LEGEND.

Here is also a snap of the Serpentine Pavilion for this year (designed by Architect Frida Escobedo) which is outside the gallery.  

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Tuesday 24th July: Frieze Sculpture Park 2018

Returning for a second year, the success of the Frieze Sculpture Park has opened with twenty five artists curated by Clare Lilley (Yorkshire Sculpture Park).  These contemporary pieces include this selection of my faves by (top to bottom): Kimsooja's "Needle Woman & Sky", Rana Begum's "No. 814", Larry Achiampong's "Pan African Flags For the Relic Travellers' Alliance", Conrad Shawcross "Optic Labyrinth", Virgina Overton's "Untilted" and Richard Woods "Holiday Home".
Check out all the works until 7th October and use the App to navigate the plots and artists.

See last year's collection here.