Saturday 9 August 2008

Saturday 9th August: Who are Mishkin?

Mishkin are a fashion photography outfit who operate from an East London studio which they co-habit with a giant knitted Manatee.

Here are some self-portraits.

Of who, you ask?
Laurel and Hardy, who'd dya bleedin well think!?
(That is one of my mum's favourite jokes. I apologise for the questionable humour content, justified only by my own nostalgia.)

Saturday 9th August: Tinkerbell Gladwell

I have recently done 3 different portrait shoots with the lovely "Mishkin" ladies. Here is a picture from the 1st when we visited a Lido last month in search of blue water to set off my bluebell outfit. Despite the English Summer doing its best to rain off the proceedings, driven inside we discovered this fantastic rainbow changing room. Perhaps it was just meant to be!

Friday 8 August 2008

Fri 8th August: Greetings from Norway

Another treat in my mail box from Mari Stolan at home for the summer in Norway............

Lets hope there is going to be an email backlash and more hand written and decorated messsages...........and envelopes..........and bizarre international stamps..........hooray

Thursday 7 August 2008

Thurs 7th August: Pigeon or Peacock

I am so lucky to be sent new magazines that editors think I may appreciate. Even better to get an envelope with a jazzy felt-tip address and accompanying blue letter with neon orange stickers that gave me quite an optical trippy read.

So thanks to editor of "Pigeons & Peacocks" John William, I have a fab new periodical to add to this quarter's collection. It is published by London College of Fashion and is a collaboration of students and industry establishment. This 1st issue features interviews with Giles Deacon, Tatty Devine and a great insight into the musings of Gary Card. My 2 favorite fashion stories are seen here, but I cant write about why yet because my copy has already journeyed into other hands. I brought it into my studio to show the others, and it swiftly departed onto another graphic design studio on recommendation.

To get your own copy:

Photos courtesy (nicked) from blog:

Wednesday 6 August 2008

WEds 6th August: Long Time, No See Part 3

I also missed the opening of the new exhibition Fashion Vs. Sport at the V&A but here are some snaps I asked a friend to take for my blog. Here is a recognisable look by Casette Playa and another by NOKI. This weekend Noki is running a pop up shop at the V&A called "Cut The Brand" It is a work shop installation so you can go along and create your own shredded T-Shirt and contribute to the yarn pool for his next collection. 1-5 Exhibition Road, 9-10 August, 12:00 - 18:00.

WEds 6th August: Long Time, No See Part 2

I sadly missed the opening of the new exhibition at the Jerwood Gallery featuring the collaboration of artist Michael Pybus and Dazed & Confused. Kim Howells styled my accessories in the shoot and here is one of her snaps from the shoot and a couple of the final images. (I took these pictures from the report on dazed digital - see link for details)

Weds 6th August: Long Time, No See

I have been away for a week hence the absence of posts...............

But whilst I was out of the country, here is a snap of what was happening with the Hillman Studio in the Countryside. Alex Cunningham sent me this pic of thier mobile workshop in Suffolk. They have been rustling up another Tim Walker extravaganza for British Vogue. Here Hannah Wood is putting the tailgate to good use as a sewing table and if you look closely you can spot Andy Macgregor in amongst the cargo. Its English Summer Af Fresco prop making................