Friday 20 November 2009

Fri 20th Nov: Broken Hearts, Fixed Beats

When Jez Tozer was handed the baton for the live studio at Somerset House he rallied in 
The Broken Hearts duo to spin the soundtrack to his session.  I got in touch with Amber and Nisha to send me some pics from their set at Somerset House.  In the name of research I tuned into the live feed and bopped along to their do-wop roster of tunes whilst I worked away in my own studio.  Stand out favourite tracks for me were Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gz & Hustlas, Warren G - Regulate, Jungle Book soundtrack, Harry Belafonte - Jump in the line, Dionne Warwich - San Jose, Ella Fitzgerald - Wubba Dolly........they mixed the whole schaboodle using this covetable telephone handset by Hulger.
Not only were the sounds sizzling but so were the sweethearts themselves..........check out their shoot transformation into their own Beyond The Valley label playsuits and Melissa Vivienne Westwood shoes.  Even their bangs are a beautiful heart shape (coiffed by Nina at Alfie's Antique Market I'm informed) with the finishing touch of immaculate macqulliage by Thomas K.  

So thanks to the girls for taking time to snap away and send through all these live action iphone pics.  You can see Jez at work shooting a new face from Storm and also stepping aside into the dj booth...........the warped image was taken in the reflection of the two-way mirror down at the space where the public can view the proceedings of the live shoots.  Up next week is Jason Evans...........woo hoo!

If anyone wants a playlist for the weekend here's a selection of the tracks The Broken Hearts played and recommend:

Watashi No Boyfriend: Hibari Misora
Proper Cup of Coffee: Andrews Sisters
Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop: Little Anthony and The Imperials
Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian: Shorty Long
Count Those Freaks: The Broken Hearts
Istanbul (Not Constantinople): They Might Be Giants
GZ and Hustlas: Snoop Dogg
Superfreak: Rick James
American Boy: Estelle feat. Kanye West
She's Not There: The Zombies

If anyone wants to get their manicured mitts on The Broken Hearts capsule clothing range its also available at asos and farfetch.

I got in touch with them through their twitter which is also one to add to the list..........

Thursday 19 November 2009

Fri 20th Nov: Morgan's new puppy Buddy

And now for something completely different.......

...........just because................
.............this makes me let out involuntary squeaks from cute appreciation..............
I have an exciting post from The Broken Hearts today but I'm up against time with a deadline (hence posting at 2a.m) so it will be delayed for a while............sorry ladies..........
In the meantime please join me in revelling in this bundle of bull terrier joy.........

Thurs 19th: What's Kyle Bean up to..........?

Here is an update on Kyle Bean  who I first blogged about when I discovered his incredible work at the Brighton degree show in June.  I don't know whether to be sick all over him or give him a well deserved pat on the back (obvs the latter!) as only 6 months since graduating he has already been working on commissions for Hermes and Libertys!   No shovelling shit or schlepping shite for this star.......he's been installing window displays on Sloane Street!  For Hermes Christmas windows, Kyle has covered 50 instruments in music manuscript sheets and some suitcases in ordinance survey maps.  He teamed up with in-house designer Rebbecca Cox to also make paper fans and canopies to dress the props and products.  Here are the instruments at his studio when he finished making them...........which will now be distributed across Hermes UK  stores so its not just London who gets this festive treat.............
So 2010 looks to be an exciting year for Kyle ..........rewind 6 months to see his progress and then fast forward 6 months to project potential future projects?!...........

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Weds18th Nov: Jez Tozer - Priceless

Today is Jez Tozer's turn to step up to the live shoot challenge and take on a production under the scrutiny of the observers at Somerset House and followers on the web.  Jez is taking residency in the SHOWstudio exhibition space to shoot Antony Price's special Topman collection............with Antony in charge of the actual styling!  Jez has cunningly enlisted the sounds of the BrokenHearts duo to soundtrack the event, spinning tunes to inspire the proceedings.  I contacted Jez for some inside info on the project and you can see the girls denoted d-j space with a heart in the sketch above!  How organised of him to map every detail!  But it has to be a military operation as its going to be a jam packed day with a back-to-back shoot, doubling up with capturing Kate Moss's Topshop range.  This is going to be styled by The Independent's Gemma Hayward and the final result will be a printed editorial.  But as you know by now, you can watch the whole thing live and direct ...........taking your part in adding to  the pressure by breathing down the neck of the photographer as he tries to do his job..........

Thanks to Jez for taking time to send me these images as a background to his vibe and work................

Image 1:  Studio where we sit when we're not shooting
Image 2:  Planning how to get everything into the live space hair make up set build DJ's ... And a little tiny corner somewhere for me hopefully


My dream team graphic artists No Days Off and I are collaborating for the the upcoming IYC show which will be happening early next year..........
............but if you want a piece of their pie before 2010, here is a squizz at their new limited edition A1 prints titled "Sad Sun Day" and "Happy Moon Day".  Here is one of the uncoated papers in the drying rack at the screenprinters Loligo.  If you want to improve your weekly  mood swings of Sunday-Fear (or is that just me?!) and Manic Mondayness.......head to their shop to purchase these gorgeous prints that might just double up as a bit of art therapy........or just make your home look rather bloody good!  Simple.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Tues 17th Nov: Anglomania

Apologies for these pretty useless photos.  I need to get my camera fixed and also remember to try and take more snaps to edit from in the first place.  But I just wanted to upload this post to say thanks to Linda Hewson at Selfridges for inviting me to Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania show in the car park of the store last evening.
So here is a list of the things that I was so distracted by, I forgot to record..........
Coral pink bondage trousers, rainbow plaid taffeta, chunky jewellery made from recycled cans, a top hat with decoupage magazine tears of Viv & Andreas,  large pirate hat made from a map, the Melissa collaboration winged wedges, Hilary Alexander's black facsinator,  Shingai Shoniwa's Basso & Brooke beaded breast piece,  Victoria Hesketh's new Jimmy Choos  for H&M, my own super happy making Alistair Carr organza pompom bolero (which I was instructed to take off as it obscured the rest of audience's view).............and Dame Westwood herself who was actually sitting on the front row for once and not organising behind the scenes.............
The extravaganza was laid on to launch the Selfridges exclusive Anglomania concept which holds the first batches of A/W and resort collections  ready to race off the shop floor.......

Tues 17th Nov: She's having a bubble

Here is an example of the rewards and virtues of signing up to twitter.  I sent out a "twit" about the Peter Jensen penguins being made in my studio by Hillman HQ and got a reply from StyleSalvageSteve requesting a possible donation.  Hey presto, when the Dover Street Market installation was dismantled we winged some of the waddly fellas down to Susie at Dazed.  Just in time for some winter / Christmas home decoration...........
(top 2 images from stylebubble, bottom image of our studio from lazyoaf blog)

Monday 16 November 2009

Mon 16th Nov: MUSIC

This time last week I headed down to the opening of the Destroy exhibition at Phillips De Pury...............which resulted in a double bonus as I discovered the secondary current exhibition there............MUSIC..........which is a massive collection of contemporary art, design, editions, photographs and memorabilia from the music industry.  The first piece hanging is a Warhol rainbow screen print portrait of Michael Jackson!  It gets better and better, jam packed with goodies by (in no particular order!)...........Helmut Newton, David Lachapelle, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Peter Blake, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Mick Rock, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan..................Here is a Warhol Polaroid of Grace with Keith Haring makeup (AMAZING!) and the Bernhard Willhelm couture dress for Bjork's Volta tour.......
The auction is on Saturday so get down there to view it all before it goes at the weekend........Matthew Herbert is creating a unique soundtrack for the sale which is apparently the first ever auction to be conducted with live music?!.............

(bottom two images I took, top two I nicked from the P&P website because I didn't get them)



Mon 16th Nov: Liria Pristine for Patrick Wolf

So last night was the crescendo of 2009 for Patrick Wolf who held a spectacular spectacle at London's Palladium.  A full band & string section, choir, guest vocalist Florence Welsch, guest spoken word from Gwendoling Christie, guest electronics from Alec Empire and a few outfit changes for good measure.  But the piece d'resitance was for the last track when Patrick was unveiled rotating on a mirror ball platform wearing this insanely lush shoulder/breast plate that shone and shimmered crystal strobes all across the auditorium.  Ironically I couldn't snap this magic moment as my memory card was full from previously taking this picture of the article backstage.  I think that it was shipped to Patrick by Liria from Brasil and here is also the skull piece made by Orla Savage.  Needless to say, Patrick's closet is always a bevvy of treats to dig thru.............not to mention the glitter makeup case c/o Nathalie Castro..........
Ada Zanditon and I were commissioned to customize some t-shirts for the merchandise at this concert.  I was finishing them until the last moment (as usual) so I didn't get any photos BUT when I left the venue I met one of the purchasers who looked fab wearing an Accident & Emergency kite I have asked Jake Downs to send me a photo this space.........

Sunday 15 November 2009

Sun 15th Nov: Profile Weekender - La Roux insider special with Nova Dando Part IV

So how about the outfits?  Its really very exciting that Heather Turnball's hand-tooled  leather work has made the cover of this single.  Heather came from a stint at Tatty Devine to then help me out last year with my S/S 09 collection "Dahlia Fantasia" and has since gone on to take up residency at Dando HQ.  Its a brilliant main feature of this portrait so congrats Heather!

The outfit sat in the chair is:


Other cream outfit in the video....

All extras dressed in a huge interesting collection of creme and white clothing sourced from all over london!!! 

Sun 15th Nov: Profile Weekender - La Roux insider special with Nova Dando Part III

Please could u just let me know a few details to explain your action snaps: 

The shoot was in someones house in Hertforshire- a huge tacky mansion that has one of the only indoor pools you can rent out for shoots in London.

The mansion was an incredibly amazing place with huge grounds with stone elephant fountains, marble bathrooms and completely decked out in the most amazing furniture!

We took over a huge section of the house for the shoot in which three main rooms were used including the fantastic pool area which was dressed with a collection of exotic looking plants and some very funny carved fruit props!

Mark Hampton did Ellys hair and Liz Martins does her make-up.