Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sat 11th June: Kate Moross in Twitpics

Leading on from the last Lazy Oaf post.......... to a profile of an artist who sports their imitable burger beanie hat.......... Kate Moross. Kate has kindly given me permission to share her Twitpics, from which I have pulled together a selection of my favourites - including a blue pavlova made in a blue blender. It seems that Twitter has taken over as an immediate online archive of instant and spontaneous insight into an artist's aesthetic - Kate's is a great example. All the way from studio snaps to recording moments of setting up shows (Pick Me Up seen here) to what socks she is sporting on any particular day! Brilliant and so much fun to see pop up in your timeline - a much appreciated dose of colour in the newsfeed ............................................................................. follow the prolific image posts here.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Friday 10th June: Fred Butler x Lazy Oaf Launch - Report by Emily Beard

Lazy Oaf are what you might call connesiurs of all that is kawaii and quirky. With Fred's intricate and vibrant aesthetic, it is a wonder it took the two so long to combine forces. The result? A Fred Butler and Lazy Oaf collaboration collection, which touched down yesterday at Lazy Oaf HQ.

Visitors at the event came thick and fast, intrigued by the menagerie of (paper) birdlife in the windows and the rosie cheeks provided by Kopparberg. Pomp De Franc provided the munchies in the form of multicoloured cakes, though they were almost too good looking to eat! As an added bonus everyone was invited to get (temporarily) inked up with designs by both Fred and Lazy Oaf through Inkwear.

The items hark back to Fred's previous 'Dodecahedron Collision' collection from 09, and sees her pieces transformed into layered perspex. This will be the first time that items by Fred are available at an accessible price point, meaning everyone can get a slice of the rainbow coloured cake.
The collection is available now, both through the Lazy Oaf shop and online.

Lazy Oaf
19 Fouberts Place
London W1F 7QE

Photographs by Rebecca Hawkes

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Thurs 9th June: All Walks Beyond The Catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week

Unfortunately Ive been holed up in my studio and not able to check out any of Graduate Fashion Week this year - meaning I have missed the highlights. But from a distance I know that I would have loved to visit Caryn Franklin and Debra Bourne at their "All Walks Beyond The Catwalk" stand. Having heard their manifesto at the W Project earlier in the year I am totally signed up to the cause and eager to see the message spread wide and far.
By visiting colleges to give presentations on the ethos of the campaign, the group are tapping into the next generation to expand their perspectives and plant the seed of a revolution. Congratulations to the team for battling through to bring change in encouraging and celebrating a more diverse range of models in the fashion industry, specifically imagery. Along the wall of the GFW stand are photos from the latest campaign, "SNAPPED" shot by Rankin at London Fashion Week last September, exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery. From left to right, Kirsty wearing Alice Temperley; Natasha wearing Matthew Williamson; and 67 year old Valerie wearing Antonio Berardi. These are just a few examples of relevant representations of the female of the species, currently deemed alternative by mass market fashion industry standards. In demonstrating the ease of transferring design ideas to non-conformist templates, All Walks can inspire a new graduate talent to have great freedom in experimentation...............
To find out more about the work of All Walks head over to their site and blog.......... and be sure to see alot more of these campaigners at fashion week this season.........

(Thanks to Emily Beard for the snaps from GFW and the W Project for the portrait from the Futures Forum)

Weds 8th June: Havaianas for Ascot Ladies Day

Havaianas contacted me a while ago about making some hats for their team to wear to Ascot Ladies Day. Ive had great fun slicing up thongs and dissecting the multi layer colour flip flops to create some fresh summery headwear. As the rubber sandals are quite heavy I have made the main structure from light weight cane woven together with strips of their cardboard packaging. You can watch Naomi's film from a studio visit for Grazia to see my design process of conjuring up hibiscus flowers to decorate the final piece. Who knew such dainty intricate flora could be achieved from the sturdy block footwear............. I have lacerated fingers from scalpel injuries to testify that its no easy thing!!!! Here are my sketches and snaps of very early experiments, so check back next week to see the final finished sculptural hats and how we get on with bets! I'll also report on what everyone else will be wearing on the big day!!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Mon 6th June: Grace Ladoja

I spent today with the lovely Grace Ladoja shooting a project that we have been prepping for a few months ............ details are still classified but soon to be announced........
It's been so nice to meet and work with a fellow W Project artist. Since the exhibition in March where we both held presentations, Teo and Loren's initiative has found funding from an exciting backer with imminent event planning already under way.......... keep up to date with news as it unfolds at their Twitter and Tumblr.

Mon 6th June: Makeup by Martina Luisetti

Thanks to Martina for stopping off en route to work with Kim to do the makeup for my shoot today! If only I could start every morning this way ........ a total make over and convo comparing notes on festivals and gigs with a fellow music fanatic.......

Mon 6th June: Lazy Oaf vs. Fred Butler

Its the final countdown to the launch of my capsule collection of jewellery in collaboration with Lazy Oaf - right on time for London Jewellery Week. Here are a few highlights from the shoot with photographer Ellis Scott and our beautiful model Rory. The official first viewing will be at the Lazy Oaf flagship store on Thursday evening with lots and lots of party fun................ including handmade cakes inspired by the collection thanks to Pomp De Franc and drinks from Kopparberg. We've also teamed up with Inkwear on a selection of Lazy Oaf + Fred Butler transfer tattoos!
This is the first time that I have made accessories at an accessible price point so I'm pretty hyped at the prospect of sharing the colour with everyone.............. check here for details.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sun 5th June: Kim Howells Style

Every day I come to the studio, I cant wait to see what Kim will be wearing! Here is a good example ........ Piers Atkinson vs. NOKI cap, Denim Jacket embroidered by Laura Lees with Lion pin badge gifted to her by Judy Blame. I'll be repeating this feature in due course to share more of the stylist's self styling.......... in the meantime, keep up to date with her projects on her own blog.....

Sun 5th June: Jaguar Shoes 5-4-5

What's next?

Jaguar Shoes interview technique - ask for answers in pictures as "no one reads". Very valid point! Head over to their site to see my interview and Chrissie Abbott's who was the second in this new series.