Thursday 30 June 2016

Thursday 30th June: New Designers

Yesterday I had the opportunity to view the New Designers exhibition to select and award my favourite 10 emerging graduate designers on behalf of the show's sponsor Absolut.  Here are examples of those names which I chose as a cross-section of inspirations and materials.
From top to bottom:  CSM's Josephine Ortega's ingenious self-taught latch-hook rugging based on TFL upholstery, Kirstie Faulkner's multi-layer experimental surface-design fashion textiles at UCA, Gray's School of Art Ellie Turner's tactile textiles inspired by sensory stimulation affects on autism, Abi Organ's accessories from amplifiers with catches made from jack plugs at Rochester, Buck's Isabel Webb's sustainable rugs pieced together from recycled carpets,  Leeds Tamar Attia's fun painterly figurative screen-prints, a detail of CSM Harriet Sennet's hand-painted ceramic tiles,  Leeds graduate Theo Riviere's "Material Poetry" of sand-blast concrete and wood-lathe and laminate sculptures, De Montford's Charlotte Winkley's pastel'n' metallic fabrics and wallpapers,  Lily Read's brass geometric jewellery at Manchester.

29 June - 02 July 2016 at Business Design Centre, London, N1

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Tuesday 28th June: Glastonbury Festival 2016

Glastonbury 2016 = on which the site was so flooded from rain that the entrances were shut down........ one of the biggest patronised events was a political panel debate regarding the EU referendum on the day of the announcement................. followed by a double rainbow appearing in the sky above the site the next day with nature marking Gay Pride, and honouring Orlando ................. the best sunsets that I can remember ............ Prince and David Bowie tributes at every corner............... Africa Express bringing together the Syrian Orchestra and musicians from Mali to open the main stage on the first day .......... after a video compiled by Portishead for Jo Cox in which her message was immortalised for us all "“We have far more in common than which divides us.”   A very, very surreal and moving year for the memory bank of Glastonbury moments .............. 

(Images include a portrait of Kamasi Washington at the West Holts Stage,  the Guardian bags designed by Craig and Karl, a chicken avoiding the mud in the compost of the Permaculture garden, and a couple getting married in the Healing Fields which was very very cute)