Saturday 19 September 2009

Saturday 19th September: Guest Post = CHARLIE LE MINDU @ BLOW PRESENTS

Hola a todos! Once again, I’ve been out traipsing the mean streets of London Fashion Week only to bring you, Fred’s faithful readers, the finest of the fine that the UK’s fashion capital has to offer.

Now then, Fred and I have both been admirers of Le Mindu since long before we even met each other. He truly is the Nutty Professor of Hair – what ever is happening in the outside world, be it rain, wind or global financial meltdown, ol’ Charlie won’t care, no he won’t, for he’s too busy toiling away in his laboratory cum salon crafting away on the greatest futuristic suits made of hair that money can buy.

It was no accident of fate that I was in the front row for his latest feat of hirsute mastery, and here is what I saw. . . .

On paper, Paris's imposing monument, le Tour Eiffel plus a clingfilm suit doesn't sound that great. But on the catwalk it really came together.

The main part of this outfit was a giant collar, overflowing with blondness like an inverse waterfall. Astounding.

This model's head was topped by a giant pair of Daliesque lips crafted in black hair. We like.

My personal favourite look. And possibly a true fashion first, with the London premier of hair-trouser-tights.

And the great man himself. Running away from the spotlight, as all the best designers are wont to do.

Charlie, nous t'aimons beaucoup! Au revoir for now,


Sat 22nd Sept: Guest Post = Naomi for Nova............

NOVA DANDO at LFW – A to the MAY to the ZING!

Hola, Bienvenidos et Konichiwa Butlerettes! Naomi here with a report from the Nova Dando show at swanky Covent Garden Members Club - The Hospital.

I edged myself to the front of the stage just in time to catch dance troupe House of Danger Cats vogueing their way through a routine showcasing Nova’s designs, comprising graphic print leggings and catsuits with shaggy bombers, tutus and rainbow boleros. Eye-watering fashion and shapes. The PA rumbled into life shortly after the presentation voicing everyone’s thoughts: “Ladies and Genlemen, you may have noticed that this is no ordinary fashion show . . . .

The dancers presented the message behind the collection so much more effectively than any number of glassy eyed models could, and it was a pleasure to marvel at their muscular thighs in the sexy lycra.

Fred and I have oftentimes discussed the dilemma of meeting your heroes. Is it ok to brazenly introduce yourself, even though they may have no idea who you are or why you should be talking to them? I always retort that YES you should turn every opportunity YES YES YES whereas Fabulous Fred pleads shyness and keeps herself to herself. Well, tonight I put my own theory to the test and tried my hand at a spot of celebrity hob-nobbing, on Fred’s behalf, at Nova’s presentation.

Here's Elly Jackson of La Roux, deep in the darkness of the basement club. I asked her about her relationship to Nova. “I think both me and Nova have some issues with the term ‘stylist’ but we are very close friends and we thoroughly enjoy collaborating and working together on my look.” Elly went on to bring the house down with her storming live set, in honour of the collection.

And here we have Patrick Wolf, in the lobby. Are you seeing many shows at LFW? I ventured “No. I’ve only deigned to leave my house for two shows this season. Ada Zanditon, for whom I produced the music, and Nova, tonight”. What a gentleman Patrick is, rumpled but a dandy nevertheless in his black suit and minimalist black wellies.

Emboldened by my success with Patrick and Elly I charged headlong into a conflab with fashion blogger extraordinaire, Susie Bubble. What do you love about Nova? “I really admire her work as a stylist, of course. She’s great and when it comes to accessories, there’s no one else like her” enthused La Bubble

The dancing was followed up by a live performance by La Roux and a film projection of the collection. For the record, I carried on my hob-nobbing marathon with a chat with Nick Grimshaw of Radio 1, then by smiling purposefully at Jamie from the Klaxons. (Well, even I can't talk to everyone)

All in all a very auspicious start to the 5 day thrill that we like to call . . . . . London Fashion Week.

Naomi Attwood

Sat 22nd Sept: Black 'n ' White

So it was the first day of fashion week opened by Boris Johnson who gave a hilarious speech and closed with a reception hosted by Sarah Brown at No.10 Downing Street. Here are some highlights from the day including:
a) Erin O'Connor and Stephen Jones at the "Hedonism" presentation...........a selection of 5 London miliners showcased their new collections on a rotating platform designed by Michael Howells..............all the hats including Noel Stewart and Soren Bach are now on display in the exhibition space.
b) Stylist Kim Howells on the Red Bull as she is working round the clock saving the lives of 5 different designers.......Piers Attkinson, Hannah Marshall and myself
c) Susie Bubble in a new headpiece that was a gift from a fan delivered to her hotel suite whilst she was in New York for fashion week
d) Dean Quinn showing as part of "Ones to Watch"
e) The Cooperative Designs ladies Annalisa and Dorothee filled with glee at visiting No.10

The evening was a very emotional experience for us as the room was filled with the fashion industries establishment toasting to the capital's creativity..........and we had been invited to join in! Having worked worked worked worked worked to the bone to fulfill our life long dream, this was the thumbs up that we have got there! WOW!

Sat 22nd Sept: Super Market Sarah Goes Live

Its up and live for fashion week...............snap up my archive or one-off special pieces like this cashmere tank from Timmy Andrews or Link necklace by Bethan Wood..............
Sarah has individually photographed everything and put a cute little anecdote with each piece.......

Thursday 17 September 2009

Thurs 21st Sept: Good Luck!

A good luck card that has brought a smile to my face and restored my I'm sharing it for everyone..........good luck for fashion week London Town..........Somerset House it gonna rock the world!

Thankyou Laura!

Thurs 21st Sept: What's that on Talulah's Barnet?

Thanks Namalee!!!!!!

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Weds 16th Sept: Another S/S 10 preview

Weds 16th Sept: Sorry

Apologies for lack of posting...............going mental here .........

Have been cutting lots of very tiny things only I would choose to do a few days before fashion week...........

Monday 14 September 2009

Monday 14th Sept: Supermarket Sarah Presents Fred Butler

Time to go wild in the aisles for the manager's special because Ive stepped up to guest curate the wall for Super Market Sarah during fashion week. Its a mix of my archive and special pieces from 12 of my favourite designers, here is my hand-picked selection of the ripest talent:

Rosy Nichols
Scott Ramsay Kyle
Timothy James Andrews
Work It
Lucy Aeibishcer
Colin Henderson
Bethan Wood
Maki Lou Lou
Cooperative Designs
Jim Stoten
Brie Harrison
Hannah Draper

There are also some of my own prized possessions up for grabs.........Grace Jones records, Bowie VHS & Biography, and this pair of CUTE rubix cube reminiscent shoes. The shop homepage is going to go live at the end of the week to get your trolley revving and ready to snatch the never know what the price tag is gonna be.............

Sunday 13 September 2009

Sun 13th Sept: Craft talk

This is for everyone going a little bit crazy working insane hours to get their collections finished for fahion week..............WORK THROUGH THE PAIN............FASTER FASTER FASTER

Thanks to Rosy Nichols for this incredible tip-off.............

Sun 13th Sept: EK Pop Up

As part of London's Fashion Night Out, Eley Kishimoto opened the door's to their new pop-up shop..............thanks to Victoria for these snaps when my gang nipped down to check it out and Camille picked up a pair of EK socks for £3! Apparently the basement is full of past season bargains .............