Friday 22 August 2008

Friday 22nd August: From Gig To Runway

From Gig To Runway is a feature in this week's Grazia about the latest breed of young Brit rock chick . Missing from thier list is Thecocknbullkid who is the "one word no apostrophes, please" name for the singer/songwriter Anita Blay who will be playing at the JCDC after show party at Paris Fashion Week on Oct 3rd.
Her latest single release "On My Own" was produced by Metronomy (as previously featured here in gig review and video prop info). This video was directed by Ollie Evans who made his name with the Klaxons "Atlantis to Interzone" and is now signed to Partizan.
To get more tunes to stick in your head and block out The Coldplay Coldwar go to her myspace :

Thursday 21 August 2008

Thurs 21st Aug: Presents From Maddy

Madeliene brought back a heap of treats for me from India and Nepal. A beautiful hand stitched parasol with even the handle covered in fabric. Some packets of Bindi's that are a wondrous spectrum palette. A recycled bag to illustrate how all bags are newly made from old ones - in this case popcorn. And the cheeky piece de resistance - a carton of my favorite smokes......... legendary prezzies

Thurs 21st Aug: Horticultural Hilarity

In tradition of cultural excursions with Maki, we dressed in theme when we went to Kew Gardens last Friday for research. Since our last outing to the Science Museum dressed as scientists,,,,,,,,,,,for this garden trip we donned our hats in a fusion of Ascot/Chelsea Flower Show. Thank God the Sun also put his hat on. The only blue sky to have graced London for what seems like the whole of August.............

Photos courtesy of Maki Lou Lou
My camera is still dead : (

Wednesday 20 August 2008

Weds 20th August: VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN

Nicola Formichetti's new project will be out on Sept 10th and then published bi-annually from Conde Nast Japan. The cover image is a black and white portrait of Ash Stymest (Models 1) by Hedi Slimane but I have put this Oliverio Toscani pic here because I like a bit of colour! And I love this fish hat hiding in the flowers! I look forward to seeing this new magazine and seeing who is behind all the fun inside........

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Tues 19th August: Current Hillman Studio Editorial

The 1st of two Beauty shoots with Miles Aldridge and Cathy Kasterine. This saturated day-glo story from Italian Vogue and contrasting "Kiss of Death" dark-side story in Vogue Nippon. We have inherited the strawberry glasses and pink straws from this shoot which I enjoy on a daily basis. However we sadly didn't get to keep the puppet orangutan which for while entertained me - sitting it at Alex's computer when she left the room.............

Tues 19th August: Neels World

The latest costumes and adventure to come from "Neels World" was Gay Pride in Iceland on August 9th. Neel lives his life from one dress-up occasion to the next and co-ercing friends and making new friends along the way. Earlier this year he went to Egypt and got everyone to wrap themselves up as mummies for portraits infront of the pyramids. Who knows where the next destination will take him and what outfits it will inspire...............a true magician of costume and carnage.

The next organised event on Reykjavik's gay calender is "Bears On Ice"11-14 September.

Monday 18 August 2008

Monday 18th August: Work It The Next Installment

From the club night behind one of my favourite blogs "" comes the latest edition falling on carnival weekend. If you can't make it down, just check out the blog for the best in observational untainted street style from East London to L.A. Quite often with a dash of humour . Such posts have picked up on the "bow tie" trend and comments such as "you cant swing a cat in hackney without seeing someone in a high waist!!!".
. ( The writer is also a contributor to and racked up 44 comments in unamused outcry to this post:

Ive been known to throw on a checked shirt from time to time, lets be honest it just works.

But the question is HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH OF PLAID*?

*including flannels, gingham, checks and tartan).

Surely someone had to say it?!

Photographs from a Work It attendee:

Sunday 17 August 2008

Sunday 17th August: Pomme Frites

ASi also sent me a link to this technicolour fun music video "Ce Jeu" by French Artist Yelle. Not only is the video very up my spectrum street but I recognised the costumes from this year's winner of the Hyeres festival Jean Paul Lespagnard. The accessories in his outrageously resplendent collection were inspired by his native Belgium "Pomme Frites"! I love the way his clothes have become something new, taken off the catwalk and used to full effect in the whole look of this music artist's clip.