Saturday 2 May 2009

Sat 2nd May: All Yesterday's Parties Part II

For some inexplicable reason all these people chose to go and see the new NOKI film instead of learn how to make paper accessories at my workshop?! No, still can't get my head round it either...........but luckily Kim Howells who styled the project has sent over snaps of the event.
NOKI teamed up with Mark Lebon to make a film of his new collection which launched at LCF last Friday evening at a champagne fuelled showdown with a troop of regular and new NHS supporters. Here you can see Welshy Miss Howells and Scotty JJ celebrating thier success of the stellar screening and also NOKI's first ever lookbook featuring beautiful photography by Morgan White. To see the images, film and interview between Kim & JJ, head to:

Sat 2nd May: All Yesterday's Parties

Bella has started a blog of her photography and here are her snaps from our smoking huddle outside WorkIt's 1st birtday at Visions. That'll be both Becca and Amy lookin HOT HOT HOT with this season's statement jewellry ..........Amy's disco ball gold earrings are a good link to Bella's blog name............ come to think of it, her own I detect a theme here?

Friday 1 May 2009

Friday 1st May: Stone Cold Sober

Not a reference to my state of mind but the title of Paloma Faith's upcoming single release on June 15th. The creative team responsible for my graphic delights have been in cahoots with Miss Faith to cement her new ident since signing her deal. I asked one half of the duo "No Days OFf" Patrick Duffy how it came about and where the collaboration is twisting and turning since taking off:

"Epic called me almost a year ago to ask if I could meet up with Paloma and start talking about artwork. We both agreed almost immediately that we wanted to work with photographer Finlay Mackay, and were very pleased that he ended up shooting the campaign. The results really are epic, but I can't let them out of the bag just yet...

Andy MacGregor did some beautiful illustrations of decorated lettering and doves as a starting point for the identity. Though we've yet to use the decorated lettering, we were keen to keep the doves, so one of them ended up being incorporated into Paloma's logo ('paloma' is Spanish for 'dove').

We're currently working on the artwork for the first single, Stone Cold Sober, and the album will follow shortly after that."

I checked out Paloma's new video but unfortunately cannot work out how to embed it so go here to view:
I don't have the vital statistics on the credits for this one yet but I can identify the silver panel dress that is by Petra Stores...... seen here in my snap from when Paloma debuted the incredible creation in Feb 2008 at Sketch.
Go and have a look at the video and listen to the track, its a real treat. Can't wait to see the album artwork as soon as the cat is able to jump out of the bag....................

(Recent portrait from Alistair Allan's coverage of the New Look 40th birthday party on Weds night where Paloma performed)

Thursday 30 April 2009

Thurs 30th April: Some People Think Im Bonkers

For the 1st time I don't have any answers, only questions

1) Who has made this? (All credits please.........)
2) Who wants to join me on the dance floor?

Thankyou to Alex Cunningham for alerting me to this.

Wednesday 29 April 2009

Thurs 30th April: Here Come The Kings

Since I last wrote about Colin Henderson's joint direction with Daniel Brereton on the Golden Silvers video for "True Romance", he has been tinkering on the group's 2D identity. The album was released on Monday on XL Recordings so I have seen a glimmer of the shimmering illustration on promotional advertisements. But now we can finally see the complete package of which Colin has sent over images of the CD, booklet and album cover printed in 6 colours (CMYK, gold and silver). To continue the collaboration, Colin has taken typography drawn by Gwilym (the lead singer) to integrate in his visuals and both talents joined forces on the art direction.

To see what else Colin has been conjuring up, check out his ace blog and discover artwork for the recent music festival "Land of Kings".................

Weds 29 April: Pantone 109

You may have noticed London Buses becoming like dazzle ships with graphic yellow Selfridges banner adverts. It has all been part of the preparations to launch the centenary which has just unveiled instore. Throughout May, Selfridges will celebrate its 100th Birthday with a festival of music, fashion and frolics!

There is a retrospective of displays from the windows, all the way through the store as seen here in my snaps. Each window is a homage to the original schemes initiated by Harry Gordon Selfridge using the signature Selfridges Pantone 109 yellow.

Now to the entertainment to be found in the yellow cafe............
On Friday Patrick Wolf performs in the evening after an afternoon of Jonny Woo hosting Gay Bingo! Then on Saturday Giles Deacon will be putting on a fashion show followed by CHECK THIS Boogloo Stu's cabaret on Sunday! AAGH! That will bring back many a memory from my "Dynamite Boogaloo" boogeywoogey-ing from yesteryear Brighton days..........
That is just the 1st week, the following weeks will see music from Ebony Bones, VVBrown and dj slot/fashion shows from Henry Holland, Nova Dando and PPQ.

Tuesday 28 April 2009

Tues 28th April: SOFT FURNISHINGS Part II

My blog buddies over at SHOW have sent some more goodies .........a few shots of Mariacarla in a YSL bodysuit as styled by Fran who you can see here with Christian Wood fixing the hair........and their muscle-man David O'Donnell! To catch intermittent highlights there is a twitter feed straight from the source with the latest news that Alex Fury will be filming a short interview with Nick Knight which will be posted on the site later today. ..............


Alex Fury of SHOWstudio has sent over this collage to introduce their new project unveiling today. Peter Saville has been asked to guest host the July issue of Wallpaper* and one of the features will be a shoot with his long term collaborator Nick Knight. The duo have also rallied up set designer Gideon Ponte, stylist Francesca Burns and model Mariacarla Boscono to help conjure up an "Erotic House". The objective of the venture is to scrutinize the sexuality of fashion and furniture by fusing the two together. The shoot is happening over the next couple of days with a live video stream from set, straight onto SHOW starting at midday. This is the fantastic USP of SHOW ............ that pages of editorial can be captured whilst in motion at the exact raw moment of spontaneous spells unfolding.
If you happen to miss the action as it happens there will be edited highlights and interviews available to view at the end of each day..........

Tues 28th April: Another MAN / Christian Schoeler

Thanks to David St.John-James for the invitation to the opening of Schuebbe Projects exhibition of Christian Schoeler paintings. Here are a couple of oil works (Dominik) which were particularly beautiful with inexplicable detail within the soft wash of gestural strokes. Other water colours were equally delicate and deftly executed with a soft palette that was echoed by the stunning rainbow that happened to appear in the sky! Magic!
After the show we crossed Vyner Street to Bistroteque to see Pam Hogg's curated cabaret with not only her own renditions but a stellar line up: Bishi, Matthew Stone (impromptu cover of Elton Johns "Your Song") and Mike Figgis (yes, film director!) who guided us through a jazz repertoire on guitar and trumpet!
These are images from Mandi Lennard's blog which is a new edition to the blogger's delight of fashion insiders snappings............

Monday 27 April 2009

Mon 27th April: Bishi & Nathaniel

.........................after a day of soaking in some sculpture at the Tate Britain, Bishi took me to M.Goldsteins to acquire her own ..........a cute taxidermy Barn Owl, who for now we have affectionately named "Barny".........

If you haven't yet ventured to this enclave of treats, then head east this weekend to check out the choice collection of curios comprising of antiques, records and exquisite vintage clothing & accessories selected by the discerning hand of Pippa Brookes..........

M. Goldstein
67 Hackney Rd
London E2 9ED

Sunday 26 April 2009

Sun 26th April: Eureka ..........ka......ka.......ka.......ka.....ka!

Here are a couple of Amy Gwatkin's photos from the Fashion Innovation evening at the Design Museum on Friday night hosted by Let Them Eat Cake Magazine. There was an open discussion with some of the designers on show including Cooperative Designs, Katie Eary, Gemma Slack, Maria Francesca Pepe, Piers Attkinson etc........chaired by BFC scout Andrew Tucker . I missed the debate on London creativity as I was busy being creative upstairs holding an accessories workshop. Rosy Nicholas and I showed participants how to make mini paper sculpture brooches and hair pins with an unexpected highlight being a particularly delightful 9 year old who was surprisingly one of the most articulate people we conversed with the whole night! By the way, the lettering above my head was not infact an indication of my particular skill but the title of the current exhibition in the space! I hadn't even noticed until Amy pointed it out which made me crack up. Here is the shoe-box of our own "Designs of the year" which we prepped at the studio to take with us..............

Sun 26th April: Profile Weekender - James Copeman - Part 4

Last but not least my personal favourite is "Young Love" by the Mystery Jets with split screens, primary colours galore, a crochet spilt cup of tea, and the band having fun dancing together whilst lying down on individual dollies.
Thanks to James for his Polaroids ............if you want to see his latest offering look up "Heartbreak" by The Magistrates..............

Sun 26th April: Profile Weekender - James Copeman - Part 3 to the donkey which has a starring role in one of Copeman's most recent projects for French artist Emma Daumas. Here are some of Jame's Polaroids from the shoot in October and my top quality hard-hitting journalistically sound questions which he has answered with a healthy pinch of salt for an enlighteningly honest insight to his particular approach:

How did you first get involved with videos crossing over from motion graphics?-

i got bored stuck indoors, behind a computer animating stuff at mtv. so i approached some bands i was listening to and as soon as one said yes i nicked a load of mtv equipment and shot it.

How much do you get involved with the hands-on you make any props/sets/costumes?-

im pretty hands on, i made/bought all the props and costumes in the early vids (with help) but as the budgets allow i try and get more help. still work pretty close with prop/sets costumes designers to make sure i get as close to what i imagine as possible.

Are your ideas subconscious or do they come from identifiable inspirations?

i think they are subconsciously identifiable (vague enough answer?)

Your first promos have a charming naive quality. Is that a distinct look, special to your style that will remain when working with bigger budgets or do you think your aesthetic will evolve?-

i think the aesthetic will evolve slightly as with every promo i learn somin new and refine my style, but i will constantly try to keep some aspect of ME in them.

Looking back, are there any activities you enjoyed doing when you were growing up that are actually related to what you do now?-

i watched ALOT of tv, instead of making friends.

Is there a stand out music video you loved as kid? (Mine was Jackie Wilson - Reat Petite!)

def! DEVO - whip it, such a great song and weird video, i'd just discovered masturbating and that video always got me goin.

What is your most treasured possession and why?

my penis - we just like hangin out together

Do you have a dream client / project?

id love to travel back in time and do a video for david bowie, we would then become best buddies and share an apartment in newyork together.