Friday 14 July 2017

Friday 14th July: "WALALA X PLAY" at NOW Gallery

If you go down to the Greenwich Peninsula today, you're in for a big surprise!  Camille Walala has turned NOW Gallery into her own version of a funfair playground.  The installation of patterned and reflective walls take you on a journey through colour with intersections conjuring up different combinations of line and shape.  The theme for her "temple of wonder" is to play.   She's inviting the audience into a 3D world of her 2D murals so they can become lost in the twists and turns of the Memphis style maze.  
For the opening night we were given allotted times to venture into the tardis to run round and out again so that everyone could have a turn.  This added to the frenzied fun of getting lost and confusion in the mirrored surfaces merging the graphics as optical illusions.  I joked that it might be like a sportive where a sweeper truck would appear to clear us up.  Sure enough the invigilators had the impossible task of peeling people out of their selfie modes and move them on.   Im looking forward to returning for the complete submersion experience and also play on the ping pong tables she's positioned outside.  How French!  How Camille!  The perfect opening for Bastille Day! 

14 Jul - 24 Sep 2017
NOW Gallery, Peninsula Square, Greenwich Peninsula, SE10 0SQ

Thursday 13 July 2017

Thursday 13th July: Lakwena's "The Future's Gold" at KKOutlet

Thanks to Magda Kagwa for these photos from Lakwena's preview at KKOutlet for her new show "The Future's Gold". I CANNOT wait to get there myself to see the joyous work that connects the floor to the walls and the list of works displayed.
It's full circle with my book that is stocked in their shop and features the gallery, whilst the cover is shot infront of Lakwena's mural at FRAME around the corner!  Totally cosmic!!