Monday 7 March 2016

Monday 7th March: "Cuts, Shapes, Breaks and Scrapes" at Seventeen Gallery

A group show of paintings, curated by two painters.  
It's so nice to see thick brushstrokes, daubs of paint and experimental mark-making when the majority of colour that I absorb now is digital pixels.  The tactile pieces selected, span time from 1978 thru to the current day (potentially that very day, if the oil paint aroma was anything to go by).  When the circuit of gallery doors open on "First Thursdays" it can turn into a safari around East London hitting as many spots as possible ......... but this show is so nice, I felt nourished and content with these 19 works.  Each is given its own space hung in the midst of white expanse to allow the each one to have its own vibration / voice.  They sit together in harmony of hue, including a couple of the curators own pieces ( Rhys Coren & Gabriel Hartley ).  Its open for a clear month, til 9th April and I fully recommend searching it out at Seventeen's new home on the fringes of Shoredtich.  

(Top to bottom:  Gabriel Hartley, Rhys Coren, Mali Morris, Alfred Boman, Rhys Coren)