Saturday 15 August 2009

Sat15th August: Fate

So exactly one week after my entry about wishing that Jeffrey Hinton's footage could be seen again............hey presto..........the angels answered my prayers. Or more correctly, Diane Pernet answered my email. I thought she might be interested in the footage and I couldn't have been more bang on with intuition. She has programmed 3 of Jeffrey's films into the presentation of her next Mr.Pearl documentary as part of ASVOFF at the end of September. Jeffrey will also be there to give a little introduction to his work and answer any questions. If you go over to Diane's site you can see some stills of Leigh Bowery, Body Map and David Lachapelle.
I find it really hard to legitimise leaving my studio and stop working, but I had an inkling that packing up early last Friday and racing to the NPG was the right thing to do...................its so lucky I did go and now these fantastic images can be shared for all to see lets make another wish and hope to see some kind of Bodymap reformation.........
I can't wait to go to Paris for the preview. My best friend in Paris, Alistair Carr is also interviewed in the Mr.Pearl documentary so it is going to be a really special event (if he can leave the Balenciaga Atelier just before the eve of their S/S show?! All 10 fingers and 10 toes crossed............)

This image is a Polaroid of my bedroom in Hackney from 2003 when I had just schlepped my Nick Knight print back from SHOWstudio on the No.55. Can't believe I did that now (even though I still can't afford a cab) and I can't believe I had a gold hanger in the pink section of my rail! Massive oversight!

Sat15th August: Luke Fenech

I found these illustrations on flickr intilted with my name..............but there is no contact for the artist.............Luke Fenech who are you? Please get in touch, these pictures are so cute!

Friday 14 August 2009

Friday 14th Aug: Thomas De Kluyver

If first spotted Thomas at Nova Dando's fashion show in Feb 2008 .............across the room there was a tall blond wearing lipstick and Mickey Mouse ears ..........I took note and kept my eye out for the next sighting........ I have a weakness for men in makeup!
It was thanks to Nova's blog that I found a link to his new website as the two have been collaborating on shoots and have an exciting project lined up for September which is currently under wraps. So until then.........I wanted to find out a little bit about the background to the artist behind the makeup as he is his best own ambassador when rocking a face of fierce magical macquillage.

"The whole thing with me wearing makeup is really cool actually because when I arrived here from Australia in sept 2007 I had a portfolio of really commercial work but I wanted to do these creative things and found it really hard to get a start so I started wearing this makeup on myself and people started booking me for jobs. Also I got the chance to meet some of my idols Pat McGrath, Alex Box etc. who took notice of me because they loved the makeup I had on and gave me advice for getting a leg up in the industry."

"I also assist Georgina Graham at CLM she is fabulous and an amazing make-up artist. Some inspiration for me at the moment is Fritz Lang movies, Film Noir and David Lynch. I also get alot of my inspiration from art galleries in London such as the Serpentine, Tate and Royal Academy. "

The last time I saw Thomas was at Namalee's Reebok launch for which he had worked on the campaign shots. He has also been notching up shoots for Dazed with Anna Trevelyan that you can find on his blog ...........I'm personally loving the Dean Quinn the best, obvs!!!!! :

All images courtesy of Thomas

Thursday 13 August 2009

Thurs 13th August: Kim Howells Vs. Skin

Stylist Kim Howells has just got her own studio! She's gradually moving in and has so far managed to sprawl into the majority of the space and take over her studio-mate's rails. But luckily for her she shares with the sweet-natured, sweet-sounding songstress Skin who is happy to leave Kim to her own devices. I wouldn't mind coming into work everyday to be greated by the ray of sunshine that is Miss.Howells....... seen here atop her bicycle wearing a Craig Lawerence pompom piece she commissioned for Skin. Here are also the pieces she commissioned from me for the same album cover shoot. Kim has very persuasive powers................I NEVER work with black............but I'm pleased I gave it whirl for this as its gone down so well with the client! A whole bank holiday weekend locked in my studio was worth every minute. Kim's new website will be hitting the web shortly so more details to follow..............

Skunk Anansie are about to release their 2nd single from the new album which is on video exclusive to Kerrang this Skin wears a NOKI crochet original......FIERCE!

Tuesday 11 August 2009

Weds 12th Aug: Lazy Oaf

"Lazy Oaf" is my new favourite shop. (Well apart from "Supermarket Sarah").
Just incase you are not up to speed with the not-so-lazy oafers............they design the most colourful and fun collection of covetable treats. Burger shape knitted bobble hats, sausage dog holdalls, blamange to say most things have faces! Cute ones!
Today they launch a new bangle which I was notified about as soon as the delivery crash landed from Las Vegas. Steven Shein has designed these multicolour & glittery perspex hexagonal bracelets that FLOAT MY BOAT! Haven't been able to take mine off since I had the honour of road testing it last week. I also acquired a roll of their fluffylucious cloud gaffer tape and these cat sunnies. They fold down to be a cat and then open up to be a rad pair of sunglasses.
Team Oaf have just moved headquarters to down the road so they may find some greasy paw prints on their windows soon, from peeping-tom Fred. Click to their website or head down to their flagship store in Kingley Court to have a proper snoop for yourself. The bottom image here is from their latest photoshoot featuring bespoke headwear made by the uber talented Rosy Nicholas...........thanks to her for pointing me in the direction of all things Oaf and thanks to Jerry for taking these studio pics for me.......

Tues 11th August: Andy Macgregor for Aquascutum by Tim Walker

It has finally hit the pages of the periodicals which is so, so exciting! For regular readers, you will already know that my studio mate Andy has been moonlighting as the face for the A/W 2009 Aquascutum campaign with Malgosia Bela. The story was shot by Tim Walker who has been a patron of Andy's innate charm since putting him infront of the lens whilst actually assisting on a set a few year's ago. This discovery has given a third arm to Andy's existing burgeoning career as an illustrator and set designer. Andy is the most talented draftsmen I know and it turns out that he also has a natural aptitude for creating stunning imagery as the subject himself.
The concept for the shoot came from Aquascutum's archive images of Eartha Kitt in the fountains at Trafalgar Square from 1955. I never knew about that, how incredible!?
I love this return to form for the institution by playing on the heritage of its quirky intrinsic British identity . Why run a mile away from the genius that is at your very own doorstep? So many of this season's glossy adverts have turned into one long forgetful flick through pages with no definitive identifiable stamp. However this carefree, breath of fresh air is an intelligently understated look that jumps out at you with a bold self-assured stance on understanding their own brand. Bring it on! Respect to menswear designer Graeme Fidler and Edward Enninful for casting Mr. Macgregor!
Thanks to the lovely team at Aquascutum for sending over these images. You can tell that the company is comprised of good eggs as it is one of the only few remaining brands that manufactures in the UK. In supporting and actively patronising the British Textile industry, Aquascutum produce the majority of their wares in Corby, Northamptonshire. Win win all round!

Tues 11th August: Andy Hillman by Tim Walker

After a hectic few months of back-to-back overlapping jobs, Hillman Studio have been able to put down the kit bag and go on their annual leave.  Stacks of surreal props have been popping in and out of the studio for various and varied shoots.  I'm particularly excited about a portrait story with Tim Walker that has been an ongoing saga for quite some time.  Whilst orchestrating this mammoth and monumental feature, there was a chance for a quick set up with the actual artist behind the sets.  Here is Hillman himself in one of his regular tea-making/chilling-around-the-studio attires.  Us prop-makers have a penchant for strapping surplus pieces to our clobber to great effect. 
Andy has been another enchanting exponent in the crusade to enlighten the industry to my blog seen in this recent interview for a CDG related interview in Japan:

What are your favourite musician(s), film director(s), writer(s), creative practitioner(s)
I don’t think I have any favourites because a lot of these things depend on moods and feelings but in the last few days these people have made something I have listened too, read or watched that I have loved. Cormac McCarthy’s book the Road, Guillermo Del Toro’s creatures (am very excited to see what he does with the Hobbit), Hayao Miyazaki’s imagination and story telling, Florence and the Machine’s album, Lungs, is beautiful and haunting and is always book marked."

Thankyou Andy!  Have a fantastic break from driving those Boleyn vans and see you the other side at Somerset House!

Monday 10 August 2009

Mon 10th August: Miguel Villalobos

Since sending out pleas for people to vote for my blog over at the Dazed Digital awards, (subliminal message VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE  VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE )   
I have been getting responses that have ignited the coals in my soul, giving me heart-warming reassurance in the support network that has arisen since I began.  So here is a shout-out to everyone that has voted so far and 4 gold stars to those have re-posted the link.  
Here is an exceptionally surprising and lovely reply from Miguel Villabos, who attached these archive images which I have never seen.  They are from the Noovo festival a couple of years ago (Sanitago Del Campostela) when he had an exhibition at the event.  These portraits were taken backstage at the ThreeAsFOUR runway show when I pitched up to visit my best friends and check out Diane Pernet's part in organising the festival with her choice of participants to promote.  I learnt about who Peter Pilotto were, Roman Kremer and meet some fascinating folks Mr.Pearl, Mark Eley, ..............and super friendly Miguel!   I discovered his incredible ethereal reportage and also that he dabbles in jewellery........the silver snails that adorn Diane's mantilla were a present from Miguel!  
To see his portfolio of magnificent monochrome portraits head to:

Mon 10th August: " It's Nice That" Issue 2

I have finally tip-tapped the last letters of my feature for the 2nd issue of |"It's Nice That"  published by the prolific Hudson Bec.  I'm so excited that they asked me to be a guest writer for an article and ecstatic that I can share the subject matter with all the readers.  Here is a little hint as to the content of my contribution.............a photo I took in NYC on Halloween 2001.
Its going to be on the shelves internationally in October.  Right on time for fashion of the stockists is Colette who pop up in my story!   The first issue sold out in less than 6 weeks but you can pre-order at their website to secure your own copy ...............

Sunday 9 August 2009

Sunday 9th Sept: Supermarket Sarah

On the evening of the Simon Foxton preview I unexpectedly discovered a second source of obscene colour nourishment . I met Sarah Banger who is the mastermind behind a revolutionary and royal righteous-arse impressive shop "Supermarket Sarah". She started out on the Portabello Road and has since moved the market stall into her own home for an appointment only experience, complete with tea and cakes. As the stock changes, Sarah also catalogues the produce with a live shot on the website so when online buyers click back it will have morphed. In addition to this, she devises specific stories so that there is a flow of themes to her collection. Having previously worked for titles such as Wallpaper, World of Interiors & Living etc. it is second nature for her to design beautifully captivating still-life scenarios. Obviously I'm particularly drawn into the monochrome palettes of which red will be up next.
Not only are the pieces harvested with a discerning eye but they are also arranged in this delectably delightful unique homepage. One of her local Notting Hill contingent foot-fall browsers is in agreement ..................according to the tag line which appears on her hand printed/cereal box business cards.............

"You've got some great shit" Damon Albarn

Anything with a silly sense of humour and selection of quirky styles gets a big thumbs up from me................can't wait to see what is going to be popping up in this rad new retail experience. Click on the link or go give her a visit, I think her biscuit tin comprises of jazzy pastel coloured party-rings..................