Saturday, 3 July 2010

Saturday 3rd July: Happy Pride London

Regrettably I didn't get a photo of the new Colette edition USLU Airlines nail polish at KK on Thursday - its clear with big circular leaves of blue glitter. But here is the L'air de Colette scented metallic blue version from the last collaboration............which I have held onto, using only sparingly for special occasions. I thought today would be such a celebration to rainbow up my nails for London's Pride. Of course I would actually love to look like this every day if I had the time!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Saturday 3rd July: Kyle Bean - Report by Emily Beard

For the next 7 weeks Selfridges window viewers will be schooled in the science of Physics. But this is no browse through a dusty text book. Quite the opposite in fact.
Brighton based prop designer Kyle Bean demonstrates the law of conservation of mass, how 'matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed'.

Using a mixture of found objects and intricately crafted items, Kyle showcases the balance between the two forms of the same mass. The items seem to defy gravity, hovering mid-air, suspended by identical over sized scales.
A jumble of cogs and wheels transform into a sleek motorbike. A muddle of everyday kitchen ingredients metamorphosis's into a towering white skyscraper of a cake. A tangle of old books and their pages are crafted into a papery fairytale castle.

Kyle has taken over 5 windows altogether, one of which (the motorbike corner window) was constructed live so that the viewing (and shopping) public could become part of the experience.

(If you recognise Kyle's name its been only 1 year since he graduated and featured on this blog here and later here)

Friday 2nd July: KK vs. Colette

Im sitting writing this smelling SWEET from the shower of l'air de Colette that I doused myself with this morning.......which I was over the moon to procure last night in LONDON - yes LONDON!
London's KK Outlet have teamed up with Paris's Colette to share merchandise in a swap shop format. HOORAY! I headed to Hoxton last evening for the launch and literally wanted everything.......... USLU Airlines glitter nailvarnish, A'n'D garment tape in various different designs, Mr.A (Andre) wall transfers.............even the hand painted water colour plates from Irina Dakeva's animation. Although KK is aprox an eigth of the size of its conspirators space on Rue St. Honore, they have planned the placement of products perfectly to fit in as many covetable novelties as possible. I particularly loved the kissing animal ceramic salt'n'pepper pots used to display jewellry and these Darcel "Have a Crap Day" shopping bags hanging from the ceiling. If you can't decide which genius gadget to get as a gift for your loved one, there is the Collette "Lucky Bag" which is a surprise bundle in a blue bag..........

Shop Swap: 2 July – 28 August

Paris Dates
Private View: Monday 5 July
Shop Swap: 6- 31 July

(lovely ladies left to right: Vicky Langdon, Amy Gwatkin, Anna Murray)

Friday 2nd July: Mouse and De Lotz adorning the walls

Artwork is starting to go up on the walls of Mouse & de Lotz ............ here is a little trinket case of treats by jewellery designer Jessica de Lotz

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Thurs July 1st: Toy Story 3

Here are hotties Charlie Casely-Hayford and Callum Turner down in the basement of the Covent Garden Hotel where there is a mini cinema! Who'd of known?! The venue hosted a premiere of Toy Story 3 to a selection of Mandi Lennard's guests on behalf of Barbie who is a main character in the sequel alongside Ken. Its all in 3D so the fash pack had to take off their designer lunnettes to get the complete experience which was aided by David Waddington's Absinyth spiked champagne! The hosts Pablo Flack (Ken) and Hazel Robinson (Barbie) had also laid on a selection of toy sized nibbles including mini hamburgers and tiny fish'n'chips, rounded off with incy wincy ice-cream cones which flumaxed us a little and reminded us of Tom Hanks eating a mini corn in BIG!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Tues 29th June: Summer Solstice Catch up

Its been 6 months since I asked contributors to send me their personal viewpoint of 2009 via a picture postcard. Laura Bradley sent me a snap of her horticultural exploits and the ornamental cabbages that she had been cultivating with their endearing changing colours. Half a year down the line, I can keep you in the loop with an update!

"The bottom window boxes still have the cabbages that I sent you at NY - they've turned into tall plants with delicate yellow flowers. The longest living plants I've ever had!!"

Laura is not only an accomplished gardener but also the editor of the new i-D online ch ch check it out for the diary section to see what is on recommendation for every day of the week throughout July.............

Tues 29th June: Craig Lawrence in The Museum of London

"World City" is the new exhibition at Museum of London focusing on London life from 1950's to current times. The modern city became a youth orientated capital with revolutionary evolving multicultural lifestyles and entertainments. The collection follows design from Biba and Mary Quant through the decades to the present day with this display featuring a back issue of AnOther Magazine. The copy selected is the cover of Tilda Swinton wearing a ribbon dress from Craig Lawrence's graduate collection.............. woop woop! So there is a little positive inspiration for all of you who have just left CAN happen!

The Fabulous Russella infront of the NYC set complete with crashed taxi cab

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Paloma Faith performs an impromptu cabaret set at Vogue fabrics.

I want this cosmic planet size mobile! Disco and rainbow all in one!