Friday 27 January 2017

Friday 27th January: Pantone “Outside In” Air BnB House

Time to re-think AirBnB.  It's not just a gateway to experience a city from a resident's insider location but now you can book an engineered "experience".  This comes from two angles by either staying at a home that has been decked out and decorated on a theme or signing up to a specialist course.  To fully illustrate both of these new concepts, AirBnB have partnered with Pantone on a premises in Clerkenwell totally devoted to all things green inspired by their "Colour of The Year" - Greenery.  Once thru the Pantone painted door you immediately enter an indoor forest with tree-stump stepping-stones to the next room.  Here is an indoor greenhouse dinning room, dripping with foliage and potted up with vegetables and herbs for you to pick fresh for the adjacent kitchen.  This is the ultimate fantasy for anyone still pining after Andie MacDowell's dream flat of pines and perennials from "Green Card".  The flora continues down a spiral staircase to a bedroom carpeted in lawn, complete with a tepee snug cave for children.  The en-suite bathroom doesn't just have scented candles but is an immersive wet-room recreation of a rainforest soundtracked by chirping frogs.  Its normally hard enough as it is to get out of the bath, now you'll definitely wallow for way to long in this lily-pad pool but then youv'e only got to pad over the moss bath-matt to get into bed.
You can literally explore this piece of paradise in East London for yourself as the listing is now live.  If however you can't take on the entire booking, you can have a peek inside via one of the creative courses.  I went to a wall-paper screen-printing workshop as part of a programme including tea blending, terrarium building and gin botanical brewing.  It's heaven for any green-fingered and / or green-thinking creative.  I got to take away a keep-sake of my time at the "Greenery" house to add to my very own home groaning with over-growing spider-plants.  Who knew, we're all on the same page............. and Pantone reference.   

Check out the courses on Eventbrite here.