Thursday 4 December 2008

Thurs 4th Dec: Its Nice That

This week graphic duo "No Days Off" have been the guest secret squirrels on the aptly titled blog "Its Nice That". The site was launched in 2007 by Will Hudson and Jez Burrows as a platform to both feature and inspire the creative industries. Under the subheading and catergory of "Its Not Us", Pat and Teo have so far written entries on Photographer Jason Evans and Musicians Sian Alice Group. Today's write up was about my work and how I regularly make things that never actually get seen. Here is a necklace I was commissoned to make for the Roald Dahl story in the summer for last months Vogue but didn't make the final cut. It now adorns my studio wall and will come in use one day I am sure. Its funny how that happens. My archive pieces sometimes get a 2nd lease of life and chance to blossom after an initial false start .
Check out for an extensive archive of ......................well............things that are nice..............

Thurs 4th Dec: Piece Of Mind

I have been able to put my patchwork penchant to perfect use with a new charity project for Shelter, UK and Bowery Mission, NY.
Graphic design mavericks Marque have requested cooperation from international creatives to come up with a square to contribute to a complete work of art. Quilts assembled from each "piece of mind" will be exhibited and then auctioned with the profits going directly to the cities respective charities tackling homelessness. What a fantastic idea, to get the creative community collaborating by hand-making an artwork. To put love into each piece and extend this positive energy by financing solving a global epidemic that we are each powerless to change on a personal level. I'm so chuffed to have been asked to get involved. Here is my square which was painstakingly sewn and painted by my latest placement student Laura Gostling who has finally finished her 9 weeks. Laura, you have been an absolute star and will be sadly missed!
(Photo by Chloe Bell)

(The exhibition will come to London in April so I will update nearer the time with details. Other contributors so far are: Giles Deacon, Luella Bartley, Hussein Chalayan, Stephen Jones, Eley Kishimoto and Alice Temperley. Check link for more details)

Wednesday 3 December 2008

Weds 3rd Dec: Happy

Photographers Mishkin pitched a Christmas card idea to me which was so genius, I jumped on board straight away. Every year I laboriously hand cut a new design and mail out to all my friends and contacts. However this year I am so snowed under with commitments, this is not going to be an option. Sorry to those of you needing a 2009 entry for your collection : (
So this year I'm going to rely on the predictable and boring email format. But to make it as fun as possible we have devised a cute image with the makeup artist Megumi Fuku and gorgeous graphic designer/model Sara El Dabi. Here we are on our extracurricular evening time shoot at Mishkin HQ.

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Tues 2nd Dec: Magic Fingers Magnay

For a few years now Sarah Magnay has been collaborating and creating Allison's "Couture" costumes. The latest frock for this final tour show was a black silk blousen number with subtle fabric contrast Harlequin panelling. Sarah is known for her precision in pattern and execution which borders on terrifying in the process but results in exquisite garments. For her own MA collection at CSM she embellished her knitwear with reams of hand tarnished studs in tessellating borders.
Sarah is also known for her wicked sense of humour and here she has sent me a video of herself doing an important test-run to check the flow of the dress .............or perhaps just having a little moment of madness after an all night stint of sewing........I leave the decision up to you on that one
Thanks for all your images girls!

Monday 1 December 2008

Monday 1st Dec: Golden Girls Part 3

So onto the dancers.................who appeared for the final song in these shinytastic black harlequin costumes which moved perfectly with the choreography. Dazzling cats eyes, bouncy big ruffles and swirling ribbons trailing from the wrists. The girls were given a starting point from Allison Goldfrapp and here you can see a snapshot from the mock up stages.

Monday 1st Dec: Golden Girls Part 2

The team also designed a one-off set for Goldfrapp's special show for the BBC's Electric Proms last month at Cecil Sharp House (home of English Fold Dance and Song Society). Here is the technical drawing, test using projection and Maki as a model!, in house prop making and a photo from the final performance.

Monday 1st Dec: Golden Girls

This weekend I was invited down to the Brixton Academy for the finale of Roisin Murphy's tour which was a stunning send-off concert . It has only been a couple of weeks since I was last there when Emma Roach and Sarah Magnay invited me along to the Goldfrapp gig to see thier beautiful costumes. Emma has sent me an incredible compilation of images to show the process of inspiration through to the final pieces so I will post a few different entries throughout the day.
Firstly here are the choir masks which were inspired by a Wicker Man/Pagen/Folk concept and made using the technique for corn dollies. Different animals were made including a dear and an owl. How clever and intricate, its great to see them up close and the detail in these pictures.