Friday 21 May 2010

Friday the 21st: Goodone sale today!


4pm till 9pm
at the goodone studio
Big discounts on all stock, prices from £10

...and we are offering
a custom made service where you can choose your own combinations from the new winter range as well as big discounts on our spring summer designs,
So come on down and grab yourself some mid season bargains
(transparent beverages will be supplied )

Studio 1 B
2-4 Southgate Road
London, N1 3JJ

The studio is based at the bottom of Southgate Road, a 5 min bus ride from Old Street station. Leave Old Street at exit No 5 and jump on the 141, 21 or 76. When you see the canal you will be on Baring Street and the Briggs Brothers Building will be in sight.
A good landmark is the 2&4 cafe which is at the front of the building. There will be signs directing you through to the studio when you arrive. If you get lost just give us
a bell and we'll direct you.
Our studio number is 0207 249 01 99

Thursday 20 May 2010

Thurs 20th May: Designer's Dining Al Desko

Whilst Im over at FASHION156 as guest blogger this week I wanted to write an article "Dining Al Desko".  This idea of originally came from an annoying dating advert on Spotify but has become a bit of an in-joke amongst local east-end creatives.  With overlapping last minute deadlines, we are all too busy to put down the paintbrush and stop for a proper meal.  It’s all about jamming up your keyboard by dropping donut jam down the keys whilst you hastily try to type out correspondence in-between paint drying. SO with this in mind, I got in contact with my fellow prop makers to see whats on the menu of this week’s “dining al desko”.
Ironically, as it goes, a few of the people I asked were too busy to submit pictures...........or too late.  Here is Alex Cunningham's late entry as she was actually out on a shoot of the day I collected up the contributions.  To see the whole story click here or check out Alun Davies blog for a more personal account of his input.

"Lunch was a late affair today......smorgasbord....well its kinda Swedish!! The mice are back, so its a race to eat bread based products before the mice help themselves to smorgasbord of their own!! Andy Mac lost the insides of a whole granary loaf over night!!"

**************************CHECK OUT ALEX'S NEWLY UPDATED WEBSITE HERE********************************

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Weds 19th May: Verity Keefe, Colour Wheel Self Portrait

To read the whole story behind this film and "Leeds Rainbow" screenprint, click over to my profile feature on Verity at the Fashion156 blog.

Tues 18th May: Raise The Roof via. Jason Evans

Attention all Londoners, here is something to put in your diary for Thursday.  Jason Evans original photograph from the Fourtet "There Is Love In You" album artwork will be a lot in an auction "Raise The Roof".  The art sale has been organised by Jason's nephew's school (Columbia Primary) to raise money for one of their exceptional teachers who has very sadly suffered a stroke.  The money raised will help convert her house into a comfortable usable space hence title "Raise the Roof".   I asked Jason to fill us in with a few details on his donation:

"it's an artwork print from when we were making the cover for the four tet album THERE IS LOVE IN YOU. Every circle is out of a hole-punched negative, it took 2 and a half days hole punching for that alone and then another 3 hours to arrange them all on a glass print so it could all be printed in one go... Even if we wanted to, we could never make it again"...

As a CKMY obsessive, news of this piece going on sale is mega exciting.  But there is Cilla Black would say, there are a lorra lorra lots..........including work from Bella Freud, Vivienne Westwood, Rob Ryan, Gavin Turk, Matthew Williamson, The Chapman Brothers  .........for full list or contact to find out about donating click here.


Monday 17 May 2010

Monday 17th May: Mackness Monday

Something is shifting in my monochromatic dressing.  I don't know why, perhaps 12 years has been enough?!  Ive started to notice that Im *DARE I SAY IT* mixing up colours *SHOCK HORROR*.  In this new direction of looking like a walking rainbow I also look like a complete nutter so please do not judge me the next time you see me looking like Shirley Temple caught in the middle of a Shamen video.  But here we have today's cheeky knees care of Laura Mackness for Weekday.  
The best person in the world at giving *FU@CKING FUNNY* daily sartorial anecdotes is Amy Gwatkin who Ive featured in my guest post over on the Selfridges blog.  Follow her here - it is essential material to improve your daily existence.

Monday 17th May: Chriss Ofili at The Tate

Luckily I just made it to The Tate in time to catch the Chris Ofili show.  I remember falling in love with the vivid hue, glitter gorgeousness of the epic large canvases when I first went to art school to do my GNVQ (going nowhere very quickly a.k.a generally not very qualified).  This exhibition was a such a nice indulgent collection to re-visit the works that look like Ofili had so much fun making.  The multi faceted textures and patterns oooze satisfaction in the paint strokes, prehistoric type dots and collages of faces in stars.  But, HELLO! Ive never seen his pencil drawings from the same period before?!  They look like embossed 3D reliefs but on closer inspection are actually hundreds of tiny drawn spiral Afro faces...........this brings a new spin to Pointillism!  It was also a delight to get up close to his watercolours with the rainbow bleeds and crisp curves of negative space.   For anyone who may have missed the show, you can get a little insight via this documentary.  It felt very empowering being in the Tate Britain looking at a retrospective of an artist who is only 42.............................check out another inspiring documentary on Matisse who worked right up to his last masterpiece of The Snail aged 84!  (watch here).  

(Thank you to Anna for illegally snapping these pics under my instruction.  Having a 7 month pregnant best friend means you can push them to do naughty stuff for you as they are less likely to get told off .............)

Monday 17th May: Guest Bloggers on Fashion 156

For one week and one week only, Craig Lawrence and are are the guest editors over on the FASHION156 blog. Ive started off today giving them my top 10 fave things for their regular LOVES list feature. Here is a movie which I chose for the hit list as it CRACKS ME UP! Thanks to Angela of ThreeAsFOUR for sending me the link to this clip...........and thanks to ThreeAsFOUR who introduced me to Marcelo 9 years ago when I got to know and become fond of this ridiculous sense of humour. Its a Brazillian thing! Crank up Ricky Martin, get your best trollies on, get your blender ready and get juicing your way into the summer..........