Saturday 19 December 2009

Sat 19th Dec: Happy 2010

After the success of our Christmas card mailer last year, we decided to lock down a couple of days to secure producing the sequel for 2010. For 2009 I made a pair of rainbow eyelashes which Megumi Matsuno applied and jazzed up with polished makeup to our model WorkIt girl Sara El Dabi. To keep the same crop and concept we decided to keep the focus on the eyes again but this time make glasses as the two zeros matched perfectly to spectacle frames. It was then that it occurred to me to pitch the idea to WAH! Nails to provide a rad manicure to spell out the "Happy" element. Whilst Anna Leader and Amy Gwatkin set up the lights at their studio, Megumi and I walked Tracy to WAH where she underwent the transformation to this stunner we captured in the final shot. What an amazing girl! GORGEOUS!

HAPPY 2010 !!

Photography : Amy Gwatkin & Anna Leader
Art Direction & Glasses: Fred Butler
Nails: WAH nails
Make-up: Megumi Matsuno
Model: Tracy Onyecachukwu @ Elite London

Friday 18 December 2009

Fri 18th Dec: Bar Boot Sale tomorrow

If anyone is looking for a bit of self indulgent retail therapy amidst the anxiety of the inevitable hysteria of Christmas Shopping tomorrow.............hop on a 38 out of the West End. Find yourself in Angel for some light relief at the Bar Boot Sale where you'll find sexy styles to snap up at *sexy prices (* sexy pricing* is an official term coined by the business mentoring scheme at the BFC......i didn't make that one up.......its how to pitch your prices at an attractive rate.........don't you know?!).
Its going to be a rummage of designer bargains..........think new Chanel or Gucci shoes for £ that does sound sexy! To set off your new purchases there will be a hair stylist to give you an optional Saturday night blow dry. For begrudging boyfriends in-tow, there is mulled wine to make the day less tortuous..............or equally ditch your lady friend upstairs and just hang out in the seasonal surroundings of The Old Queen's Head downstairs. Christmas tunes will be played out from the Sounds Familiar Sound System, The Voguettes and The Internationals................what are you waiting for............?
Ive been tipped off about this event from an insider at Vogue who co-runs the needless to say.........when they state designer garms, its going to be good..........not the type of tat you find down The Music & Goods Exchange in Notting Hill!...........I can say that as Ive worked there.........infact who hasn't?

film by Jamie Jessett

Thursday 17 December 2009

Thurs 17th Dec: "Goodone" Interview

I was very excited to see the recent announcement that Goodone have been selected as a recipient of the BFC Esthetica sponsorship and consequently mentoring from Yasmin Sewell.  Not only are their garments ethically viable and one-off pieces by the very nature of the material being salvaged, but they are unique in the way that the design is directional and desirable.  Ive got a dress so I know!  I love wearing it and I wish I could have every colour combination and style.........especially new season's looks with integrated hardware by Corrie Williamson (jeweller who also collaborates with Cooperative Designs).
I am so pleased to see Goodone taking off and gaining the acknowledgement and support that they deserve.  To be totally honest, I think its rare to find a company who combine both steadfast ethical rules and steadfast fantastic design in the current climate.  This will all change in time but only because of pioneers such as Goodone and Ada Zaniton taking up the mantle.  So to find out more about how it has been achieved, I got in touch with young entrepreneur Nin Castle at Goodone........

1.  How did you start (what was your first project under the name Goodone?) 

Well it started 3-4 years ago we were originally called goodshop but then we didn’t start a shop and turned into goodone, it was a bit of a piss take in the beginning, but it stuckOne of the first most interesting projects was with NOKI we were both based in Brighton when I first started the business; he is like the godfather to goodone.

2.  What is the signature Goodone style? 

Sexy but not slutty, fashionable but not superficial, recycled but not obvious, clothes you want to wear made in a way that you like.

3.  What is the best-seller design? 

The heart bum skirts sold well for us so have the heart jumpers and the bodice dresses....

4.  What is your favourite colour combination? 

Ooh Fred that’s mean it was definitely pink, peach, coral and orange, but I think I’m moving out of my coral faze, maybe navy blue and cream but that’s quite boring!

5.  What is your favourite thing to find amongst all the waste that you process.......... 

Cashmere jumpers make my day and we find loads often with only a tiny moth hole on them.  I found a harvey nicks cashmere jumper the other day and one of my favourite dresses was found on the floor of the rag factory where we pick our clothes from.

6.  Whats your latest design that you are most proud of?  

I’m most proud of my double top buckle dress, but I think I’ll be wearing my cropped knot t shirt the most

7.  Whats next for Goodone ?  

Well we have been quite busy recently there has been a project with Puma and I have just signed a 2 yr contract designing upcycled clothing for Tesco, on top of that we have just been awarded mentorship by the British Fashion Council, and we are organising another project with a major retailer available next year watch this space.

8.  Who would you most like to wear Goodone...........if you had to pick an ambassador/ do you have a muse? 

We did have Lauren Lavern’s stylist request a load of dresses not sure if any of them made them on to her back but she would be a good example of a goodone lady.  We have also had lots of requests from Katy Price quite an unusual girl to see wearing recycled clothing!!

9.   Have you got an insider tip of another one to watch in the sustainable fashion scene? 

There are quite a few people about at the moment but I have to say Nina Dolcetti she makes the sexiest shoes I have seen.  Her and her shoes are more lovely than chocolate, and that’s saying something.

All images from Nin, taken at her studio

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Weds 16th Dec: 100 Portraits by Nick Knight

Yesterday I had a once in the life time opportunity to have my portrait taken by Nick Knight.  Wow, that'll be one to tell the grand kids!  
It was a joint portrait with my soulmate/muse/L.O.V.E ROWDY SUPERST*R.  We were the last entry on a jam-packed day of sittings for the 100 portraits project to be printed in the 30th anniversary issue of i-D magazine.  Nick told us that he has already shot 130 subjects so far since starting at the beginning of this month.  He is continuing the onslaught of capturing a comprehensive roster of characters for another 10 days until the closing of The Fashion Revolution exhibition at Somerset House.  Here you can see Henry Holland who I snapped from the other side of the studio to illustrate how you can watch the live shoot through a 2 way mirror from within the show.  Here are fellow blondies Katie Shillingford and Karen Langley (fashion editors, Dazed Magazine) who had just come off set from their duo slot.  They assured me that it wasn't too scary! wasn't at all for my turn with Rowdy.  It was hilarious!  Nick perceptively hooked into our relationship and orchestrated me standing still whilst he had great fun directing Rowdy to jump around and pull larger than life shapes across the rest of the screen.  I wasn't very proficient or professional in maintaining my poise ...........I kept cracking up...........but I think that gave a few alternative shots for the mix.............I can't wait to see the final black and white portrait..........we looked over the series afterwards and the lighting is incredible!  
My outfit was an insanely cosmic catsuit specially made by weareallinone for the day which went down very well and prompted requests for "more snood".  I accessorized the " onsie" with a piece from my new collection and a piece from my archive..........with makeup by Thomas De Kluyver.  Rowdy wore Jaiden RVA James with customised knee pads by me and a helmet design from my S/S 2010 collection which I remade in black on his request!
(images top to bottom:  Screen grab by Alex Fury, more by Amy Gwatkin,  Thomas K at my studio for the make-over, my snaps from Somerset House).
(Happy Birthday to Alex Fury who celebrated the auspicious event with a yummy Thornton's chocolate cake!)

Tuesday 15 December 2009

Tues 15th Dec: Kate Moross

I got in touch with Kate Moross recently to ask her to contribute a portrait for my feature on "Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day".  She duly obliged which I was very chuffed about ..........and now I'm doubly chuffed as I have received my very own NEW T-Shirt within in a cute parcel shipped from KM HQ.  Yes, this plastic zip-lock envelope arrived neatly with a printed label including a smiley face infront of my name..............with a La Roux special edition T-Shirt (based on a cameo, as that is one of Elly's favourite things!) and an Apes & Androids 7" turquoise vinyl release "Golden Prize" from her own record label.   Thank you Kate........I unearthed in the post box just as I was leaving my studio at 11:30 at night, so it was a very welcome treat to cheer me up and cease my ungracious huffing and puffing!  
Just incase you ever missed's something to take a few minutes to enjoy and bop around to ......... 

Monday 14 December 2009

Mon 14th Dec: Amelia's Anthology of Illustration

Here is Andy Merritt (of Merritt studio) who is one of the artists that has decorated a wall at Concrete Hermit to launch the book "Amelia's Anthology of Illustration" that he has contributed to.  The book is a limited edition run featuring a compilation of emerging and exciting illustrators who answered an open brief on alternative technology via Amelia's website.  
"In this illustration I want to see ways that a new technology would be integrated into our future lives… so interaction with the surroundings or people will be good. This is not a technical illustration, it’s an aspirational one, but you should imagine this technology in some detail, however fantastical it may be."
To see the final selection of internationally submitted imaginative responses to this brief.........order your copy of the signed publication by Amelia herself..........who is the daughter of 2 scientists this project has been particularly close to her addition to being her first official book since the last issue of her periodical..........and her constant pursuit in encouragement for discovering, showcasing and supporting new talent.