Friday 9 November 2012

Friday 9th Nov: Kate Moross vs. BenZel ft. Jessie Ware

Here are stills from a new music video which is a no-brainer bringing together of great minds >>>>>>  a banging collaboration of Kate Moross 's animated hypercolour visuals for new producer outfit BenZel featuring Jessie Ware on vocals.  BenZel is Umi Takahashi (15) and Yoko Watanabe (16). Originally from Osaka; Umi and Yoko both travelled to New York through their local foreign exchange program. They met in early 2012 through an online message board about ankle socks and quickly discovered they each had a profound appreciation for 90's R&B and J. Dilla. After many failed attempts to create a hypoallergenic ankle sock, they decided to put their efforts toward other creative ventures. Following hours of soul searching; they decided to start BenZel.  I don't think I'm at liberty to divulge the identity of BenZel, but tune your ears in and it might well become evident ........ and tune in to the site and Facebook for future releases ................. 

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Tues 6th Nov: 15 Folds

I have joined in the game of Chinese Whispers via gifs over on the new project site "15 Folds" - following on from an increasing and decreasing 3D cat in answer to a theme of superstition.  Click over to the site to see the moving image, read the explanation and contribute .............. magic!

Tues 6th Nov: Gilded Birds

Check out Kerry Smith's new project "Gilded Birds" - A snapshot of contemporary ideals of beauty via contributions from varied creatives including Simon Foxton, Baillie Walsh, Christopher Shannon and Jason Evans in its first wave.  My feature has just gone live in which I discuss my Art Deco lockets ......... click here to read.

Monday 5 November 2012

Mon 5th Nov: B-Side by Wale

WalĂ© Adeyemi live on NTS Radio MORNING MARAUDERS W/ MARSHMELLO show this morning talking about his B-Side by Wale store launch this week (Weds for press, Friday for public) on Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane.  Check their blog site for more deats of the garms and mixtapes ...........