Saturday 4 November 2017

Saturday 4th November: Hattie Stewart at KKOutlet

KKOutlet opened it's doors for "First Thursday's" this month with illustrator Hattie Stewart to coincide with the launch of her sticker book Doodlebomb.  Free stickers and posters were plentiful to pick up in addition to her books in the shop including her other title "Living With: Hattie Stewart".  The solo show presents new material alongside the lenticular and hologram artworks which I featured from her previous show "Dollhouse" and her residency at Firstsite.  See archive posts here and here.

Thursday 2 November 2017

Thursday 2nd November: White Cube, Bermondsey

As I'm interested in colour and light in art I visited the Bermondsey White Cube to see the current exhibition of Ann Veronica Janssens, which is her first solo show in the UK.  With this tri-colour lamp “Reggae Colour” from “Dichoric Projection” she exposes how different coloured lights can create charged atmospheres, specific perceptual effects or psychological moods.  In the same room are equally cosmic works including a floor of scattered iridescent glitter and two large holographic coated, shattered panes of glass.  In addition to this are a gold leaf venetian blind and Aquarium with an optical illusion of a floating layer of blue pigment.  
I've also snuck in a few other images to give insight to other artists on show in the adjacent rooms including Cerith Wyn Evans 9X9X9 neon sculpture and Dami├ín Ortega's "Coliseum: Diagram of Time" concrete blocks.

Wednesday 1 November 2017


Danish artist's collective Superflex have filled the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern with swings made of seats for 3 people.  Kitty, Fatima and I went down to have a go and of course see the spectrum flooring which covers the great expanse of the the old power station.  It's not evident that the carpet has any seams so it appears all one piece.  Incredible!  Turns out that it perfectly matches our current hair colours with pink and violet............... serendipity...........

See "One Two Three Swing!"  until 2nd April

Tuesday 31 October 2017

Tuesday 31st October: Jyll Bradley's "Dutch / Light" at Turner Conemporary

Luckily it was a beaming beautiful sunny day for visiting Margate last week to capture Jyll Bradley's "Dutch / Light" at the Turner Contemporary Gallery. The installation is inspired by early Dutch growers pioneering glasshouse technology of leaning glass frames against a south-facing wall. The horticultural revolution 'Dutch Light' was used by a Dutch art collector to be the first person to ripen a pineapple in Europe for whom the piece is dedicated to (Agneta Block). It's like a cosmic conservatory casting geometric strips on the exterior of the seafront gallery. It's hard to tell that I took these photos at the end of October! Colour-therapy can be found anywhere, any time of the year if you search hard enough!

Monday 30 October 2017

Monday 30th October: Nathalie Du Pasquier "Other Rooms" at Camden Arts Centre

Nathalie Du Pasquier "Other Rooms" at Camden Arts Centre is another excellent refreshing show since Duro Olowu's "Making & Unmaking" last year.  With a link of similar aesthetic appreciation, this latest show is from a founding member of the Italian design collective Memphis.  It's very exciting to have the chance to see the world from the perspective of someone originally involved in the movement that has inspired so much in the present day.  
For this one-off show Nathalie has taken her graphic shapes from still life, away from the canvas and blown up to large scale covering the walls of the gallery.  The patterns are reminiscent of building blocks which she has used to subvert architectural forms within the interior space.  It's an immersive landscape of shape, line, optical trickery and block colour with a sprinkling of sculpture and illustration.  The ceramic totems here are seven new works, one for each day of the week.  The new series of drawings were also made daily throughout the summer, displayed against the backdrop of this excellent wallpaper!

Sunday 29 October 2017

Sunday 29th October: The Art Of Ping Pong 2017

For the 2017 edition of The Art Of Ping Pong, 27 artists have come together to create a one-off piece of art from a ping-pong bat to a table, such as this live action shot of Mr.Doodle.  The group exhibition is on show this weekend at Protein Studios with a merch shop of t-shirts, totes and prints to compliment the bats.  
Here is my entry which is a cosmic combination of stitched patchwork pieces which I was very chuffed to see included in the multi-media line up of artists.  The items will go to auction on November 30th in aid of Trekstock charity ( young adult cancer support ) and can all be viewed online here.

(Top to bottom:  Me, Mr. Doodle, John Booth, Sam Taylor, Marina Esmeraldo, Gemma Shiel, Kev Munday, Alison Carmichael, Emily Forgot, Saskia Pomeroy.  Portrait of me and Camille Walala by Tara Darby)

See archive post from last year's show here