Thursday 4 September 2014

Thursday 4th Sept: "Pack Mentality" in The Sunday Times Style

A year of running and a year of banging on about how it has changed my life via the space on this blog seems to have rippled out further into the running community and consciousness. Earlier in the summer I was approached by The Sunday Times to take part in their "Fit Not Thin" campaign as a face for the feature on women who run.  Here I am in snaps from the shoot day with fellow feisty females Emily Deyn, Claire Chanelle Bedford, Flossie Saunders and Elle Hankinson.  A few of us are coincidentally part of RunDemCrew and cast alongside fitness blogger Chouquette and SStyle journalist Flossie - all demonstrating in unison that its possible to fit time into our schedules for fitness.  Both Elle and Emily travel alot with their work but tie in running whilst away to discover cities and train for upcoming races, such as Elle's epic Ultra Marathon.  I'm currently abroad myself ( on holiday however) in Croatia so I haven't had a chance to read the report yet, but you can find the full article here, and Chouquette's Blog here.  I will refrain from repeating myself on the virtues of the urban sport as it's all in previous posts and I want to keep content fresh and fun, rather than slipping into potential preacher mode of this movement!........... but really, I can't recommend it enough!!!!!  LOVE IT!!!!

For the shoot I styled myself in my dream techno-colour combination of leggings by Primavera Fitness, Stripey top by Auria and shoes, windsheeter and sportsbra by NIKE