Saturday 18 September 2010

Sat 18th Sept: Cooperative Designs Presentation

Cooperative Designs take over the Groucho Club for a 1920's champagne cocktail soiree

Sat 18th Sept: Yang du - New Gen exhibition

I finally met Yang Du who I gave her very first press to! (Check it out, I mention MVDH before he's even graduated!)
I want EVERYTHING from her new collection, including the woolly anima hats knitted to look like exact replicas of Mexican finger puppets.


Rowdy and I having fun trying out Carri's digital photo booth

Sat 18th Sept: Craig Lawrence Presentation

So proud.
My boy done good!

Friday 17 September 2010

Friday 17th Sept: Hannah Marshall bringing sexy back

Hannah Marshall is bringing sexy back - literally - with a sheer panel cut through the back of a blazer. The front was equally revealed with transparent shirts and figure hugging mesh dresses as if answering "LOVE" magazine's ode to the beauty of boobs. Staggered stiff suede fins jutted out from ivory, beige, grey and mint seperates and fluid organza frills billowed behind structured straps. Its distinctively empowering Marshall encasing tailoring but bending slightly to a softer feminine side. The secret was unlocked in an opening sequence by Rankin film with breasts laid bare, all but for a swathe of silk blowing across the muse's body.

(top to bottom: Miss Marshall, detail of blouse, runway, film, team Marshall in Marshall, supporters Judy Blame and NOKI rocking a Fear&Loathing look, front row honeys Paloma Faith Gemma Cairney Shingai Shinowa)

Friday 17th Sept: KM3D-1 for AnOther

Here it is - fashion's first 3D film. Dammit Elisha wanted to do it but the £45, 000 figure budget required for a 1min short posed us a slight obstacle! So when I found out that AnOther Magazgine had commissioned Baillie Walsh to capture Kate Moss in 3D (leading on from their ground breaking holographic Alexander McQueen A/W 2006 show) I was desperate to check it out! Last night was the official preview of the experience at The Haunch of Venison on a triptych of screens. I grabbed the necessary specs and dashed in like a contestant on the Crystal Maze, frenzied with anticipation of the unknown. What unveiled before me were crystals and diamonds floating in inertia, flung from out of the screen by a screaming possessed goddess Kate Moss. It is incredible. The gems appear to be literally floating around, as if you could touch the facets of the very surface if you reached into the middle distance. All of a sudden a white-noise sound breaks and a giant spinning gem shatters and explodes in a sonic boom. Moss's wild and flowing hair is mimicked in a shower of splintered crystal rain. Its bloody brilliant. I was transported to the childish wonder and fun of the scene where Charlie is floating around the bubble room in the Chocolate Factory.
Now for the technical bit - it was captured at 1,000 frames per second with state -of-the-art Phantom cameras, specially built for the project to create slow motion formations in 3D. To enjoy the experience for yourself buy an issue of AnOther to get the red & blue lens glasses and log onto AnOther from 14:00 hrs today.
Congrats to Ballie for this hypnotic revelation.......
..... lets look back at some of his others..........Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony (styled by Leigh Bowery) ............ Kylie Minogue - Slow.............. and Will Young - Leave Right Now, and his feature film "Flashbacks of a Fool" with costumes by Stevie Stewart.

Boy George - Generations Of Love (which features Leigh Bowery and Les Child).

Thursday 16 September 2010

Thurs 16th Sept: Bestival with The Cocknbullkid & ROWDY SUPERST*R

Thanks to ROWDY SUPERST*R for sending images from Bestival to conclude my coverage of this year's summer of festivals. Here he is with our fave girrrrrl The Cocknbullkid who performed and gave an interview for T4 which will air this Sunday. Look out for presenter Gemma Cairney who borrowed some of my accessories to wear when presenting the show and read her report at Company mag.

ROWDY is going to be performing at Matthew Herbert's album launch next week, watch the trailer here ft. props on stage by Rosy Nicholas.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Thurs 16th Sept: "Cherry On The Cake" - Paper @ The V&A

I don't know about you, but one of my favourite parts about a museum visit is ending up in the gift shop! The Science Museum's collection of gizmos, gadgets and 3D specs is worth a visit without seeing the rest of the galleries! Meanwhile, over the road, the V&A gift shop is like a luxury accessories boutique, with the best books any birthday money can buy! So when the team approached me to design something for the 3rd edition of the ‘Cherry on the Cake’ designer collection, I was over the moon! I'm really enjoying having opportunities to tick off life-long dreams, and this is one of them! I'm ecstatic to think that excitable young creatives can pick up an accessories kit in the gift shop - as I would have been when I was younger.

The"Paper" collection focuses on the medium bringing together 12 artists working in traditional printmaking, paper engineering, typography and paper-cut techniques. My personal favourites are Charlotte Mann, Tom Martin, Rob Ryan and Chisato Tamabayashi.
Check out the whole range on display in the V&A Shop and online at

My piece is entitled "Cut Out & Keepsakes" - its a cardboard kit to make your own accessories which I designed based on a research trip to The Museum of Childhood. That was a chore - NOT! Here is the kit made up and displayed in a case of the gift shop and a photo of a detail of the type of paper cuts I make for gift cards which I also wanted to echo. (This is the 2nd product that I have had produced without the sticker sheet I'm still desperate to get made................ any sticker companies listening out there............please give me a ring!)

Watch the La Roux - Bulletproof video featuring my dodecahedron shapes that Ive reinterpreted for the range - here.

Weds 15th Sept: Good One x Topshop - Report by Emily Beard

(Photos of Nin working on the new S/S collection at the Good One studio)

Goodone, a label famous for making knitwear items using reclaimed fabrics and 'Upcycling', has sold its collection for the Autumn/Winter 2010 season to high street giant Topshop.
Following a BFC sponsorship (where they were handpicked by Yasmin Sewell), and 3 fashion week exhibitions with Esthetica, the collection was bought outright by Topshop. The line will debut next week to coincide with London Fashion Week. The clothes (retailing between £70-£225) include body-hugging dresses with quilted hips and shaping side panels, a bomber in chunky Aran knit, and cropped hoodies. In addition to being sold online, the collection will be sold through Topshop's flagship Oxford Circus shop (see Top Shop blog). Separately from Topshop, the collection will also be sold on

The brand also announced it has joined forces with supermarket chain Tesco. This will culminate in an online diffusion line being sold by the retailer in October. This collection includes panelled and wrap dresses, leggings and skirts. In true Good One style, the line will be constructed entirely from ends of rolls and factory waste from a green factory in Sri Lanka.

(Crochet Body available at Top Shop from next week............)

(Preview of 2 looks from new S/S 2011 collection which will be exhibited as part of Esthetica)

Tues 14th Sept: "Smoke And Mirrors" by James Copeman

According to Wikepedia and general knowledge, Paloma Faith was once a Magician's Assistant. The previous incarnation which has conveniently contributed to her unique charismatic stage performance is now written into the narrative of her new video. Director James Copeman's kitsch, sharp witted idiosyncratic style has captured Faith's intrinsic British sassy & saucy sensibility for Smoke & Mirrors.

"she wanted to show a miserable and repetitive life of a magicians assistant. I thought of setting it in a very English b&b and that she should murder him at the end :)
He is actually the magician that she used to work with"

Here are some of James trademark Polaroids from the shoot of Paloma in the incredible outfits which she donnes as the Magician's assistant. I love the way the giant sequin plumed headdress knocks the grannies round the head in the b&b as she serves them tea. I also love that this aesthetic is totally true to her Burlesque roots and that she has always held on to her own look without surrendering to record company criteria. I will never forget the first time I saw Paloma perform in an Easter Island tropical theme club in South London wearing a cute little Sailor's outfit.

To see more of Jame's Polaroids and read the 3 part interview I did with him in 2009, click here.