Friday 8 April 2016

Friday 8th April: Secret7" at Sonos Studio

Snaps from this year's Secret7" exhibition now on display at Sonos Studio including secret submissions from artists such as Sir Anish Kapoor to Jordy van den Nieuwendijk to Thierry Noir.  Looking at these examples, see if you can guess the tracks that make up the seven sounds on sale to raise funds for Amnesty International (hint, John Lennon).  Check out the complete collection now on public display till the 2nd May when they fly out the door on a first come, first serve basis.  

Thursday 7 April 2016

Thursday 7th April: Survival Techniques by Naomi Edmondson

Naomi Edmondson's latest mural for "Survival Techniques" can be found in Camden Town as part of Global Street Art's Walls Project initiative.  Here are some work-in-progress snaps of the layers to her hand-painted typography.  Each wall carries a motivational message to promote and encourage positive thinking to uplift our urban surroundings.   Naomi gathers sentiments as submissions of personal stories that have helped people over-come difficult times.  By sharing these antidotes to passers by on the streets she is planning to paint more and more colour therapy across the city.  

Follow her mission and submit here.

Thursday 7th April: Kate Magic Rainbow Birthday Cake

I was lucky enough to have not one rainbow birthday cake, but two made for me!  Here is Kate Magic's raw cake she gave me at the Eglo Bank Holiday dance.  Head over to her site to see all about her Raw Living ingredients, recipes, workshops etc.