Thursday 10 November 2016

Thursday 10th November: Raw Magic Pop Up Italian Dinner Party at Zandra Rhodes rainbow penthouse

As Zandra Rhodes lives inbetween San Diego and London, she likes to have dinner parties when she is back in town to catch up with her friends.  Usually she cooks a big salmon but on this occasion the kitchen was out of bounds as Kate Magic took over the tools for the night.  Kate's raw food empire was introduced to us via an Italian vegan meal which was top secret until the very end when she explained each ingredient.  To start was a heart shape noodle (kelp) Sauerkraut Carbonara, followed by Lasanyea (courgette, pesto & sun-dried tomato ragu) & Seasonal babyleaf salad (sprouts & microgreens) ending on a Chocolate Torte (almond & ginger base), with a digestif of medicinal mushroom tea and After-dinner Matcha Mint.  
Ooooooooooooof.  It was all so tasty, especially the pudding which was made with dates which is one of my favourite things - see the Z for Zandra on the top.  Check out her site to see more and keep a look out in health food shops for her products with the swirl logo.  Follow her Instagram to find out about her retreats, workshops, recipes, music .......

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Tuesday 8th November: Lazy Oaf 15th Anniversary Lazy Land Exhibition

Lazy Oaf celebrated their 15th Anniversary with their own theme park style exhibition at Protein Studios with a bespoke inflatable face over the massive warehouse shutter entrance.  It all began when illustrator Gemma Shiel started making silly t-shirts to sell online whilst studying, and has now found herself with an international superbrand.  From early on she established the fun, non-conformist label with a shop in Carnaby Street and has never looked back.  The birthday selection re-visited some classic designs with a new tshirt under the name "Lazy Land" launching with this pop-up show.  Gemma's drawings were made life-size in sculptures and props around the gallery to display the garms and accessories including this hat which will relate to all fellow followers of the Lazy Oaf lifestyle.......

Shop the collection with the Mickey Mouse cursor here

Monday 7 November 2016

Monday 7th November: The Art Of Ping Pong 2016

The Art of Ping Pong exhibition is now on at 71ALondon Gallery in Shoreditch.  It acts as the showcase to artist's one-off commissioned ping pong bats to be auctioned for the Alzheimer's Society.  Curator Algy Batten has also compiled some merchandise on the theme to increase that total donation - here is the tshirt from the collection.  Bids are open online till midnight 30th November including one from Jake & Dinos Chapman.

(Bats top to bottom:  James Joyce, Damien Poulain, Kai & Sunny, Linda Linko, Alan Kitching, Philip Colbert, Lauren Rolwing, Lakwena, Nylon Sky, Morag Myerscough, Thierry Noir, Studio Moross & Matt Blease)