Friday, 28 November 2008

Fri 28th November: Christmas at Comme

My studio-mate set designer Andy Hillman installed this year's christmas window at Dover Street Market early yesterday morning. So last evening we headed down to celebrate the unveiling with the annual mulled wine and Rose Bakery seasonal snacks. To walk through the door and be greeted by a life size antler adorned horse was such a nice way to arrive back to London life after my trip. Now it has left the building, headed up west and collected a few CDG trinkets along the way..........a Swarovski necklace and space raider knitted twin set..................

Fri 28th November: Jim The Illustrator

I am aware that my write-ups are typically glowing and full of superlatives which in the end may dilute particular favourites. BUT I can't help sharing so many things that I love. BUT here is one special talent that I am reassuringly touched whenever I see new work by Jim Stoten. We graduated the same year at Brighton and since we have flown the Brighon Pier nest I have enjoyed finding his signature signage popping up. And 'pop up' would be an accurate description of his style. It is a peculiarly sensitive and psychedelic dreamscape that is evidently his brain directly extruded through a felt tip nib. The mix of perfectly drafted pattern and fine line come together in bizarre and hilarious constellations of characters and narratives.

Last evening was the preview for his latest work in the group exhibition "This Tiny World" at Dream Space Gallery. I have pinched this photo from his blog where he comments about apprehension of unveiling the work. " SHUT UP" I exclaim in full-on Jerry Springer slang with obligatory hand gesture. It was just fantastic and took so long to look at! I confess that usually I chatter at private views and miss the art. But not this time. I was totally sucked in by each cosmic clash of his new venture into collage and water colour. A departure that seems the best foot forward, if it was possible to progress an already deftly disgusting prolific talent. Good on you Jim, I wish so much I could buy one for my wall. A reproduction just wouldn't do justice to the gorgeous glowing neon colour schemes. However, I would love to see them turned into scratch and sniff wall paper! The toast, strawberry, banana, ice cream cone and hot dog characters are just crying out to become multi-sensory beyond the frame and glass. Also, how about light boxes? "Stoten Stain Glass"? Add that to the online store!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thurs 27th Nov: Studio Visitor

For the end of the week we are hosting Archie the Future Laboratory's Wippet. His look is a mix of Simpson's "Santas little helper" when up and about and a peacful pooch Lucien Freud painting when he is asleep.

For any prospective animal sittings we are open for bookings. Provided they sit when told and look pretty on a plaid rug.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Weds 26th November: Time for Change.........spare change

Fittingly the 444th post to be entered on my blog is about my best friends ThreeAsFOUR who I had the absolute pleasure of seeing whilst visiting their hometown of NYC. Last week they held a pop-up store to mark the time of change in the current political and financial climate.........and to also acquire some loose change! Never to pass up an opportunity to stage something progressive, they contacted performance artist Michael Portnoy. He dressed in an all-in-one black outfit and paraded the sidewalk with a sandwich board of collaged dollar prices. I unfortunately missed the event so GABi has sent me this picture to share with you. They are turning footage of the day into a mini movie clip so I'll update on details when they arise..........

Until then, if you are in NYC head to Barneys to see their beautiful peace dress as part of Simon Doonan's Christmas Window scheme.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tues 25th November: Im Back!

Since the inception of my daily(ish) blog I have never neglected entries on a scale of this enormity! I am so sorry! I have had major withdrawal symptoms. I have been totally tied up with work and also it seems that NYC is devoid of any accessible Internet points?!

Whilst touring the prop houses of Manhattan I discovered a real treasure trove to rival any counterpart in London. "Kaplan" was more of a an immense curated collection of interior treats as apposed to a regular inventory of useful items. Every piece was selected according to impeccable "taste" which actually made me question the meaning of that word?! I know mine is regularly questionable but I have a fundamental notion and this warehouse was jam-packed with the best of the best. Better than that, it was organised in colour code!!!!!

So now to the stand out item, that had me reeling in delight. My dream house (albeit doll size...........which makes me think of that Zoolander are people going to fit in?)! Look, I can't believe it! Live-edge acrylic walls set in a white frame! If I ever, ever imagine myself on "Grand Designs" this is what I would build! Thank you to Megan Offner for taking these pics for me whilst I wept into my sleeve.