Friday 17 March 2017

Friday 17th March: Gemma Cairney's "OPEN" Book Launch

Gemma Cairney loves to throw a party and so her official book launch was the biggest bash to date.  For the book's tour she has bought her very own 1990's double-decker bus painted yellow with the graphics from the title "Open".  This was parked up outside The University Women's Club venue for the night, which apparently caused mayhem in the streets of Mayfair to get there!  This is quite apt for the book's mission to make a big impression and cause waves in inspiring the country's next generation of readers.  It's time to avert eyes from screens and sift thru spectrum pages of self-help for teenagers.

It's a "Toolkit for how magic and messed up life can be".  Essentially its a tome from Gemma's own heart and life experience but with a 360 degree solid representation of insight from experts that she has brought on board.  During her time on the BBC radio programme "The Surgery" she realised the need for information to be readily available for young adults to find and trust.  And here it is!  The book is designed to either be a reference guide to look up particular subjects or a personalised diary to customise and make into a working manual.  It's for all genders and explains issues that effect everyone to either try for yourself or become prepared and equipped to support someone else.  The topics covered range across:  family, bullying, love & heartbreak, grief, anxiety & depression, eating disorders, OCD, self-harm, periods, sex & sexuality, racism & prejudice, politics, feminism, careers and .............. the Internet!  Although it is targeted at young adults I think it can relate to any age as it literally covers everything that the human condition encounters and offers strategies to solve.  The illustrations make it easily legible and light despite the serious issues it extends to feature.

In short, its really an essential read for any family.  Every household has a new generation to support and perhaps an older one to re-educate and re-connect.  And here-in lies one of the main subjects the book is built on = in that no family structure is the same.  Everyone has their own arrangement and this contextualises how each version is manageable.  Ive learnt alot and even alot about Gemma's own background which I didn't know already!  

What else do I need to say, you owe it to your loved ones and yourself to bring this into your life...................... find it here.

(Photos by me & Mitchell McGillvary)

Thursday 16 March 2017

Thursday 16th March: Rhys Coren, "Whistle Bump Super Strut" at Seventeen Gallery

Rhys Coren's aesthetic is immediately really pleasing to the eye, especially if you were a child of the 80's and teenager of the 90's with these patterns and tones.  The layout of line and contrasting colours also photograph really well.  But what you need to do to fully appreciate the beauty in the technique is take a close look at the composition.  These playful panels of marbled, sprayed & splash marks are actually painted marquetry.  Not only that, the slithers of each individual colour even have secondary darker inlays of silhouette running alongside for extra optical depth.  (This reminds me of the satisfaction and relief as a kid when you finally figured out how to do shadows on bubble-writing.)  Here it's intricately cut-out and spliced textures in squiggles and swirls.  It's like nothing I've ever seen before - exquisite and fun in equal measure.  These pieces are going to make the walls of their future homes very, very happy. 

 Seventeen Gallery, 270-276 Kingsland RoadLondonE8 4DG

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Tuesday March 14th: Matty Bovan for Barbie

Barbie celebrated both her birthday and International Women's Day with a new SS17 wardrobe by Matty Bovan.  The new line of miniature garms were presented with a panel discussion exploring female identity chaired by Susie Lau and premiere of Matty's film made for Barbie GIRLNESS'.  Barbie recently integrated three new body types - tall, curvy and petite and expanded the variety of skin tones and hair styles.  Head to Selfridges for the Fashion East pop-up shop to see these styles and all of Matty's merchandise surrounding the campaign including badges and t-shirts.  Here is one of the outfits with his trademark jewellery and a flower hat seemingly spontaneously borrowed from Barbie's rose & pistachio birthday cake by Lily Vanilli!

(Additional photos by Mitchell McGillvary)

Monday 13 March 2017

Monday 13th March: G-Star RAW Elwood X25

G-Star RAW Elwood X25 is the new unisex denim line from Pharrell Williams, with 25 different pattern designs.  This range covers a whole spectrum of styles from camouflage to Fleur De Lis or checkerboard to tropical palm prints.  I chose this optical Dazzle print from the selection to match my accessories from the time Patternity collaborated with the Imperial War Museum on this historic graphic.  I can put the G-Star badges on the canvas clutch!