Saturday 1 December 2007

Friday 30 November Dinner at Zandra Rhodes

I am so grateful to Bishi for taking me as her special guest to a dinner at Zandra Rhodes penthouse in Bermondsey. Not only was it a privilege to meet Zandra and Andrew Logan but also to witness the spectrum space which is dripping with both of their artwork. Zandra prepared the meal herself and served it on a selection of her own trademark crockery. I was very restrained and didn't slip the beautiful screen print napkin into my hand bag! The theme was to wear red which of course was a dream for me and made such a nice dinning experience set against the backdrop of the primary painted walls.

Friday 30 November The Loose Salute

Holly and I have been at Street studios doing the 'art department' for a shoot with the lovely photographer Tara Darby. We were taking press shots for a band called The Loose Salute who have a rainbow illustration on their album cover...............nice to know that my rainbow infatuation is now actually bringing me such specific work! From starting the day painting rainbows I finished the day sitting in a room painted as a spectrum..............bizarre but satisfyingly coincidental turn of events..............

Friday 30 November 2007

Thursday 29th Nov CDG Fragrance Launch

By the evening I was becoming anguished that I didn't have anything to blog for the day...............until my studio mate Andy Mcgregor sidled in after a day's moonlighting in one of his secret string of dalliances with the modelling world..............he had spent the day dressed as a lab technician in Michael Howells installation at the press launch for 8 88. Here is the new scent packaging and the gold goggles that were made for his outfit...............

Thursday 29 November 2007

Wednesday 28 November CDG Festivities

After delivering pieces to Vogue house, Alex Hannah and I nipped round the corner to Dover Street to see the new Comme window display. Gary card has made his version of a santas grotto out of gaffa tape with intricate layers of strange beasties and and comic characters. It appears as one sculpture from the outside but on closer inspection of the cavenous artwork is another narrative of creatures inside the walls.
We tucked into our first mulled wine and mince pies of the season before wandering the floors to ogle over the incredible collections housed under this one roof. Thankyou CDG for the open house event, it was lovely!

Tuesday 27 November 2007

Tuesday 27th November NOV27

Nova Dando invited me to her knitwear show at the Hoxton Boutique this evening. The shop has been transformed
and turned over to a great showcase of different fresh talents. The
flashing light cage dress here is Nova's and the pom pom ribbon dress
is that of Craig Lawrence. So exciting to see the new generation of
designers and their innovative raw talent. They have even made a
website especially for the event..........although I have to confess
that in mydyslexic mind I thought it was referencing her name when in fact of course it is the date!

Monday 26 November 2007

Monday 26th Hannahs Dress

Hannah Wood has come in today in this dazzling vintage print dress from Snoopers Paradise in Brighton...............rather fitting after the previous entry...........

Sunday 25th Fashion East Sample Sale

I have been coveting this Emma Cook print in Liberty's for a whole season.................