Saturday 30 October 2010

Sat 30th Oct: NYC: Olek - Knitting is for pus****

How totally awesome and cosmic is this Polish born, New York based crochet artist Agata Olek?! The exhibition has been titled "knitting is for pussies" which suggests the act of crochet is more complex than its counterpart, and probably none more so than concealing the contents of a room. Its a little bit like when Tim Walker and Andy Hillman covered an interior with knitted Aran jumpers but turned totally pshycadelic and punk. Nothing has been left bare, including the arms of the spectacles on the face of the gallery receptionist who i didn't snap as she appeared a little bit fierce - albeit dressed in a multicolour wool poncho!
The hundreds of miles of chochet spread from out of the gallery, spilling onto the streets of local NOLITA and L.E.S - such as these bicycles locked up outside. I'm totally in love with this work and think NOKI would be too as the technique, usage and recycled materials are in keeping with his signature style! The all encompassing camouflage pattern wallpaper and human covering is reminiscent of the Undercover collection I saw in the Future Beauty exhibition the other day. Despite all of these references it is completely unique and energetically inspiring - particularly photos of previous projects including a crochet costume covered reveller on the Wall of China.
To find out more, see the Christopher Henry Gallery.

Sat 30th Oct: NYC: Johnny Rozsa - Untouched

My brain is like a metal detector for all things Bowery, I seem to be able to instinctively sniff out a whiff of his legend like a wild boar on the hunt for truffles. On my first day in NYC, I was so excited to accidentally come across this exhibition of gigantic prints on my way to my favourite origami shop in Chinatown. Ive never seen a few of the images from the seasons greetings series where Leigh dressed up in thematic costumes for gift cards. In addition to the "Pakis from outer space" gigantic prints of Leigh and Trojan is another wall of a handful of other icons captured in revealing, raw and rare moments including an early Boy George. At $2000 a piece I unfortunately had to leave the gallery empty handed - a very sad state to have to abandon these massive momentous prints AND a stunning black and white shot of Grace Jones. The portraits have been taken from a new monograph of Johnny Rozsa's "Untouched" archive of Glitterati captured in pure light and left in there natural state. One such beauty is the invite image Emily Lloyd which survived a flood in Rozsa's basement which fortuitously left the negative damaged with multicoloured mottled swirls of water marks. To find out more, see here.

Sat 30th Oct: Peaches - The Opera - Incoming from Alun Davies

You may recall a photo from my Lovebox coverage of Alun Davies wheeling Peaches into backstage. When she broke her ankle, Alun saved the day by decorating her wheelchair for the performance by pimping it up with pink hair. That was the summer in London >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fast-forward to fall in Berlin and Alun has undertaken the stage design for Peaches latest venture - "Peaches Does Herself". Its the 10th Anniversary of Peaches debut album "The Teaches of Peaches" and to mark the occasion, she has written an opera that brings together her whole back catalog of songs. The musical opened on the 28th and runs for two more days, culminating on Halloween. Thanks to Alun for these fantastic photos from his process of constructing the set and here he is in the last snap, appearing out of a ........... well, cant think of the most polite word, but knowing Peaches work I think you can all work out what it is!

"I hope you are well, so the Peaches Opera opened last night in Berlin and it has gone super well so far,

Here are a few pictures and the poster - back stage images and a few images from the dress rehearsal..... I would really like it to come to London I think it is amazing!"

Lets hope it does come to London! One of my all time favourite gigs ever was Peaches at The Kentish Town Forum in around 205/2006. Now its a musical of all of her records it must be amazing..........not to mention the production! Well done Alun! Read more and see a clip from the action here. Alun's blog is here.

Friday 29 October 2010

Fri 29th Oct: "future beauty" talk at The Barbican

Yesterday evening I was joined by my muse ROWDY SUPERST*R to conduct a talk about "Fashion & Performance" as part of the evening events at The Barbican to coincide with their current exhibition "Future Beauty". I don't talk much (only thru writing) so I'm always astonished and bemused why get I offered to do lectures / talks. But I like a challenge and was so chuffed to have been asked that I put myself out of my comfort zone and went under the spot light. I'm still alive to tell the tale and thanks to ROWDY for being the perfect guest to tell the tale of designer and musical muse. I hope everyone enjoyed it and took home some colour and positive energy.

There are loads of great events in the programme so have a look here

Fri 29th Oct: My Top 40 - Fashion Heroes

"We asked Fred to name her fashion hero, but unable to narrow it down to just one she gaves us her top 40! " - Fashion156

See the whole list here

Thursday 28 October 2010

Thurs 28th Oct: Mikhail Karikis "Xenon"

This weekend I lent some gold pieces to Mikhail Karikis for his performance XENON Finale at Kings Place London and at Canterbury Festival. Thanks to Marjan Pejoski for recommending my metallic folded cosmicness to Mikhail!
Read more here

Thurs 28th Oct: Quentin Jones

Read my feature on fashion film director and animator Quentin Jones over on
Fashion 156 and see more behind the scenes pics from her latest short for Holly Fulton's S/S11.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Weds 27th Oct: Guest blogging on Fashion 156

Just to explain the slight silence on the blog over the last few is because I'm compiling content for guest blogging over on Fashion 156.
The first post of a 5 question interview features photos of my studio including the hazard tape dress that Craig made on commission for the LFW issue of ES Magazine..........which was snapped being worn out on the town last night by Charlie Le Mindu ............
Have a look at 156 for loads of different contributors this week including Fannie Schiavoni, Omar Kashoura, William Richard Green & LDN showrooms in NYC

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Wed 27th Oct: Vicky Langdon reports from Dutch Design Week + Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show


1. The star of the show was undoubtedly Rian Crabtree's "Anger Cosmetics" work, which really reminds me of Nick Knight style photographs. These are beautiful in themselves, however it turns out she actually made the objects or probs in appearing in the images as well. My photography however is pretty rubbish so had to scan her cards for the images. She graduated from Man and Identity course.

2. A smaller more rodenty star of the show was The Mouse images are by Roel De Boer who graduated from Man and Living course.
"mouse mates" man and animal can live in the same space. De Boer created an accommodation for mice that will reduce the distance between man and animal.

3. "Barbapoef" is inspired by balloons and has amazing coloured material/plastic stretched across a piece of wood. The colours and textures were so nice I wanted to bite them.
by Maarten Collignon (graduating from Man and Living)

4. Iris van Daalen showed next door to Rian, she designed a range of iconic jewellery using this material and has visualised them in Graphic Hair, a series of fashion photographs.

After seeing the graduation show we went to a part at La Bolleur which was ace - there's this video to show it off. I warn you though I had the song, stuck in my head for days even though I don't speak Dutch! See here

5. Second day I saw amazing shows at Flow my favourite piece being the "antiprinter" by Raw colour. (bias because I'm a printer!)
At Dutch Invertuals a piece by Edhv, saw pieces of wood from an ancient Eindhoven city gate, sliced up with pencils attached to them so when the wood bows and moves it draws lines on the paper below. Genius! The image is of each persons from the shows finger put through a piece of ancient wood.

" Vicky Langdon, The Future Laboratory

Monday 25 October 2010

Mon 25th Oct: Annie Collinge reports from NYC

NY-LON living Annie Collinge's blog holds bizarre sightings that tickle her fancy along the course of travels during her exploits and expeditions. Its a little humorous diary of snapshots that runs alongside her more serious and distinctive stylistic photography. I couldn't help but ROLF when I saw these WOOFs pop up on her news feed and straight away requested to blog them! Every weekend before Halloween, |NYC residents hold a dog fancy dress rally in Thompkins Square park. Annie was there to catalogue some of the looks from this years entries including a Lady Gaga meat tribute and KitKat dog biscuit ensemble! LOVE IT! Look how uncomfortable and ridiculously self conscious they evidently feel! Poor pooches!

Annie is going to be part of a group show "Small Things" coming up in London on the 4th Nov at the Hackney space belonging to Amy Gwatkin, Anna Leader and Bella Fenning. Check here for details.