Friday 12 September 2008

Friday 12th September: Palace Knit

The London Design Festival starts tomorrow and last night was the preview of "Inverted" around Carnaby Street curated by 'i-am' and 'Beyond The Valley'. We went along to see the new knitwear collaboration for BTV by Colin Henderson. Henderson is an illustrator who has previously designed prints for T-shirts and recently integrated his trademark pixilated patterns into textiles. Here is a scan of a sketch book page where the black & white jumpers started out life. Similar drawn characters have featured in publications such as Nylon, The Illustrated Ape, Amelias Magazine, If You Could. These ideas have jumped off the page in his art direction in conjunction with director Daniel Brereton and the duo have produced music videos for These New Puritans, Late of The Pier & Metronomy. So sooner or later you may well notice a brand appearing with cubic colour formations creeping into more disciplines................ Here is the face behind the name in a balaclava self portrait.

Thanks to Colin for sending the pics. Perhaps my camera breaking is not necessarily such a drawback as it has given rise to a new chapter in my blog identity with all these great submissions in recent weeks...........

Thursday 11 September 2008

Thurs 11th Sept: They come in three

A write up in the new Dazed & Confused, i-D (written by Lucie Greene) and a piece used by Nicola Formichetti in the 1st issue of Vogue Homme Japan............if you look closely there is my multicolour craziness sparkling through.............

The portrait for Dazed was taken at my studio by Fumi Nagasaka and styled by Kim Howells who had the idea of seeing how much of the collection she could fit onto one person!

Thurs 11th Sept: Quote of the Week

"Jewellery is like a friend - I don't feel alone when I wear it. And it looks nice when you make gestures"

and another

"It's very important to maintain your childish spirit in life. Your feel more free, that everything is possible"

both from Victoire De Castellane - Designer of Dior Fine Jewellery
"I am what I am" Sunday Times Style Sept 7th

(Photo of one of my archive pieces where you literally do have friends wearing it, lol)

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Weds 10th Sept: Worked It Out!

Finally have it! The only post I have ever put here without images was to declare my addiction to listening to Esser. It was the only thing that got me through the dark times of Radio 6 insisting on playing Coldplay on relentless rotation...........

So I got totally over excited and screamed down the phone when Kim Howells told me that she was styling an album shoot and it was a guy called Ben Esser! .Kim has previously shot in Berlin with photographer Elisha Leverock-Smith and the two collaborated on this new project in London. So predictably I asked (ie. harassesed) Kim for some snaps from the day and fortuneatly the record company have been extremely obliging in giving her the go ahead to share these 2 images..................
Esser is on tour for the whole of October in the UK to promote his tunes, so check out his myspace for listings..........

Here is the video for his latest single which is directed also by Elisha:

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Tues 9th September: NYC Fashion Week

As I have a serious case of Big Apple Withdrawal Syndrome, I contacted a few people working at Bryant Park to get some behind the scenes news. Here is Lyndell Mansfield, hair stylist/beauty editor based in London but collaborates with Erin Fetherston on her show at New York Fashion Week. She sent me these backstage pics and there will be a film appearing on She has returned to London already to start preparation for next weeks busy schedule:

Sunday....Charles Anastase and Potock and Walsh
Tuesday....... Afshin feiz
Wednesday .....Natasha Stoll
Friday .....Osman Yousefzada

I can't wait to see Natasha Stolle's show at Fashion East. After the ceramic alligator skin and goggly eyes from her M.A collection, I bet its going to be a highlight of the week. Not only for Lyndell's hair, that is!

(I have also attached a pic of the lady herself as her distinctive fun, flamboyant style is another talent integral to her persona. In this picture she is wearing a hair pin that I gave her last year..............another instance of job satisfaction from pieces being enjoyed)

Tues 9th September: Nights Out

Here are Metronomy playing at Hiro, NYC snapped this summer by Kim Howells who styled their most recent video "Heartbreaker" (directed by Daniel Brereton for Warp Films). I have covered videos that the trio have produced for this album because they are always great fun, just like their live performance. For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure, it involves flashing lights on their chests and a choreographed dance troop. This unswerving idiosyncratic flair has propelled Metronomy from the die-hard underground circuit to a greater global fanbase and well earned anticipation for this 2nd album.
In 2006, I remember Helen practising dance moves at our studio and going home to make a Badger mask for the video of "Trick or Treatz" and wondering what the hell she was up to . I love that they have stuck to their guns in a very particular sense of humour and always put 110% energy and detail into every side of their profile and projects.

Metronomy are Joseph Mount joined by Gabriel Stebbing and Oscar Cash...........from right to left in the bottom picture.

They are playing live to launch the album this Friday 12th at Rough Trade on Dray Walk, Brick Lane at 7pm.

Monday 8 September 2008

Mon 8th Sept: Miss V

The new British Vogue is worth every penny of the £3.80 jam packed with time consuming fashion and features. On a personal note its particularly high on set design in this issue with a splendid Mark Rothko shoot by Hillman studio, shot by Emma Summerton.
But a nice surprise popped up on the pages of the Conde Nast party-goer "Miss V" which has a picture of Patrick wearing a rose I gave him last year. So nice to see that my pieces get worn and have a life beyond the archive box. One of my main objectives in designing is that the pieces give the wearer an opportunity to enhance fun through clothing. So hopefully its working. Patrick was snapped at Stefano Piilati's launch of his Edition 24 line at Dover Street Market.