Friday 30 July 2010

Sunday 1st August: Ben Dunbar-Brunton's Automobile

Last week I had a visit at the studio from photographer Ben Dunbar-Brunton who arrived in his 1963 Dodge Custom 880 (brought over from Fairfield near San Fransisco). The mint green exterior was replicated throughout the interior in varying shades from the dashboard to the original upholstery fabric. The chrome hubcaps were also echoed within the cabin as detail trimming along the inside of the doors and switch panel. I was lucky enough to get a spin round the block to experience the vehicle in motion and not just admire it stationary as most passers by who stop to inspect the unsuspecting sidewalk attraction.
Ben is a keen classic car enthusiast and his passion extends to collecting imagery of bygone days and the awkward shots of owners with their motors! He has trawled this collection for the i-list feature on the new online i-D online where you can see his "Top 10 Vintage Snapshots"

Friday 30th July: Peter Jensen Sample Sale

Its that time again...........Peter Jensen Sample Sale.............Yes Please!
I was actually the first customer. Bit embarrassing but worth it. Ive got a fresh jersey with applique bunny on. Yum.

31st July 10am - 6pm
1st August 12 noon - 4pm
Elastic Studios, Studio 1, Shackelwell Lane, London, E8 2EZ

Friday 30th July: Post Card Greetings from Cooperative Designs

Since blogging about Cooperative Designs earlier in the week, Craig and I have received this lovely post card from the girls..........wishing us happy holidays / good luck for fashion week!!!!

(Shot by Amy Gwatkin, styled by Elizabeth Cardwell)

Thursday 29 July 2010

Thurs 29th July: Self Styled London by Anthony Lycett

Here is the same top worn the right way round (although it is reversible!!!) using my print design collaboration with Brie Harrison and the whole shape designed with Camille Jacquemart. This photo which Ive just changed on my twitter profile was shot last year by Anthony Lycett for his project "Self Styled London".

Thurs 29th July: Lulu & The Lampshades

I have just discovered this film from VOLT magazine styled by Cynthia Lawrence John featuring an archive piece of mine worn inside was a nice surprise to stumble across this and even nicer to recognise the soundtrack from Lulu & The Lampshades............whose homemade video of "Cups You're Gonna Miss Me" is a brilliant watch I highly recommend for its genuine charm and genius. You can find out how they learnt it on their myspace and also check out tour details with Standon Calling next weekend........... or read an interview at SUP with photos by Dan Wilton.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Weds 28th July: Gemma Slack & Hermione De Paula

I first came to Dalston in 2001 when I was interning at Dazed & Confused. Fashion director Cathy Edwards took a call from Peter Jensen in desperate need of help at his studio so I jumped up and got on a bus to the uncharted territory of E8. Id never been before and little did I know how much time I would spend here in the future. Since I worked for Shona Heath in the same block during 2003/4, the lane has changed from a Fashion Factory District into a Fashion Designer's District. This week Hannah Marshall has moved in adding to......the current rosta comprising of Christopher Kane, Peter Jensen, Emma Cook, Shona Heath, Kim Howells, Mark Fast, Gemma Slack, Hermione De Paula, Craig Lawrence, Gary Card and apparently Marios Schwab is round the corner and Gareth Pugh at the junction?! Its fun guessing which work experience student works for who.........judging by their outfits mooching around at lunch time.......for example the guerrilla print t-shirt spotted yesterday was a dead giveaway!
I'm now back in the hood in my own studio with Craig which we found via Hermione De Paula who was the first to find our new space (another converted sewing factory!). Hermione has moved to a larger loft space which she shares with Gemma Slack who she met last season during Paris fashion week. Here are the girls enjoying a champagne flute of ......... popcorn...........fuelling creative juices working on their new collections for Spring / Summer. Its brilliant to locate some allies within the building for company and distraction in those crazy hours leading up to crunch time of fashion week........nocturnal sew fests........

(Top Five images of Gemma's garments, photographs, and giant metal skirt now residing in the beams, Bottom three images Hermione's shnickle shnackle including a metal key of her logo which incorporates the initials of her great great grandmother Agnes who she takes after in the family tree.........a creative force who lived till she was 104......)

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Tues 27th July: Cooperative Designs Online Store

Cooperative Designs have just started up an online store to sell their one-of-a-kind and special pieces, including those of their collaborators.......... its a cooperative after all! So check out the new function to find lots of lots up for grabs, like this devine denim triangle bra top!

(Here is their muse Amy Gwatkin who I snapped at their presentation last season of which you can read the full report I wrote for the LFW website)

Monday 26 July 2010

Mon 26th July: Production

Just finishing off pieces to deliver to KABIRI...........production at FBStyle involves alot of TLC. Folding, folding, folding, ...............

Sunday 25 July 2010

Sun 25 July: Designer's Jumble Sale

From one of Jo Corre's experimental retail experiences to another - Through The Looking Glass - a conceptual book store in collaboration with Faye Marie. Named after the Lewis Carroll classic, the shop stocks specially selected unusual new, used and antique titles alongside holding book clubs and film screenings.......all fuelled by tea served in Mad Hatter style tea sets.
Thanks to Tom Ryling for tipping me off about the Designer's Jumble Sale which opened its doors today having taken over the book shelves with wares from the closets of a handful of London's fashion collective. Industry sources have unearthed some of their personal surplus runway shoes, samples and inspirational pieces from their own wardrobess including Judy Blame, Pam Hogg, Aimee McWilliams, J.Maskrey, Ben Westwood, Johnny Blue Eyes and A Child of the Jago.
Here are snaps of Judy's jewellery, pin badges and even flip flops which are on sale with some of his t-shirts and parcel tape. Pam Hogg has dug out a few of her vintage pieces from white leather trousers to black patent leather stilettos and even Siouxie Sue records. Downstairs are a few original World End's Westwood separates including tartan bondage trousers, cheese cloth button up slacks and even a pair of Vivienne's own worn geisha platforms.
Unlike a regular jumble sale held on a weekend, this assembly of goods has been extended to a week long event returning again for London Fashion Week in Sept.

As usual tea will be served in the finest china and random film nights in the basement to be announced..........from 12 till 8pm every day until Sat 31st July.........check here for details.

Through the Looking Glass 63 Amwell Street EC1R, Angel