Friday 6 July 2012

Friday 6th July: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs vs. ADAM&YOU ʼAmerican Dream Part IIʼ

Following on from yesterday's post on Vauxhall's Ampera Season and the Super Collider light show, to another artist known for his use of lazers and neon lights who has also recently worked with Opel.  The Rüsselsheim-based automobile manufacturer collaborated with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for the launch of  their the new speedster 'ADAM' via his video for ʼAmerican Dream Part IIʼ.  TEED visited the Opel Design Center to have a preview.of the model design with the creative team who have developed multiple options for customisation. Orlando Higinbottom translated this theme of individualisation from the numerous colour combinations of the car body by implementing his signature stage antics of setting off confetti canons.  Here are behind-the-scene snaps from the studio of the nightclub set drenched in the multicolour foil and detail shots of the costumes which became covered in the glitter.  Anna Lomax created this brand new expansive carnival scale stegosaurus look which Orlando has since worn at his London headline show with Anna waiting in the wings to help with the quick change............  and a second dousing of confetti!  Team TEED are currently taking the all-encompassing live show from Europe such as Slovakia, Serbia, Spain and Sweden onto a North American tour.  Be sure to catch the epic experience by looking up the full list of destinations and dates on his site............ and enjoy the actual ʼAmerican Dream Part IIʼ video over on the official ADAM site.
Watch and read a specific interview on the concept over on the project partner VICE.
All images c/o Universal Music.

Thursday 5 July 2012

Thursday 5th July: King's Cross Filling Station cont.


Full length looks:  Aaron Frew, Duggie Fields & Bishi, Ella Dror & Margot Bowman, Holly Fulton

Thursday 5th July: King's Cross Filling Station

Yesterday Mandi Lennard orchestrated one of those rare special summer soirees where London's extended fashion family come together under one roof for one night only........... and last night the roof was the canopy of  King's Cross Filling Station.  Pablo Flack and David Waddington  welcomed us to their latest dining destination "Shrimpy Loves" to share the new forecourt feature of fresh stone baked pizzas and frozen Margartias.  KXFS filled up with designers, stylists, editors, academia and artists to feast on the alfresco treats and a laser fusion light show by super/collider at the fall of dusk.  I spent the evening enjoying the inspiring garms on the guests by snooping around to collate a few details for you here.......... emitting the best outfit of the night on Holly Fulton because there was actually too much to start dissecting it!  Also props to David Kappo on a superior denim boilersuit!

Top to bottom: Anna Trevelyan's pink Ashish leopard sequin situation, Duggie Fields boob print silk tie, Bishi's embroidered blouse, Margot Bowman's camo chic, Kim Howells Kitty Joseph printed neoprene bomber, Stephanie's freindship braclets, Ella Dror's fruit salad pink'n'orange corordination, Aaron Frew's knuckle duster phone case, Henry Holland's Hillier paperclip H charm, George McPherson's blue Saunders knit, Louise Gray's layers of textures,  Roksanda Illincic's neon red heels,  Todd Lynn's studded sneakers

The occasion was a reception to mark the launch of the Vauxhall Ampera Season, a series of cultural commissions at King's Cross Filling Station, for which you can find out full details of events here.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Weds 4th July: Radio One Hackney Academy vs. "Work It" Workshops

Here are snaps from part 2 of my workshops hosted by Work It at the BBC Hackney Academy in the lead up to the Hackney Weekend Festival.  BBC Learning set up a month's programme of industry experts to share their skills and knowledge with aspiring creatives via free educational events and Q&A sessions.  I took part in the fashion stream showing how to make festival accessories out of paper to coincide with my network of collaborators  holding T-Shirt artwork classes which I profiled last week.  Congratulations to Loren and Sara for their hard work and dedication in undertaking this mammoth task to pull together the entire package from inviting and scheduling the artists to being their in person every day to manage each masking tape moment!!  Go girls!!  

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Tues 3rd July: 'In it to win it' exhibition by Andy Macgregor

Here are some work-in-progress studio shots from Andy Macgregor's latest project 'In It To Win It' - an exhibition of paper sculptures inspired by and taking place during the Olympics. Using vintage posters as reference, Andy is constructing an installation to transform the ground floor area of The Book Club in Shoreditch.   Therefore its the (un)official East End retreat for those attending the games and an alternative sport theme hang-out for those not.  Immerse yourself in a hyper-real world of oversize paper props and light boxes depicting the athletes, medals, trophies and athletic paraphernalia.  The opening is taking place next Thursday 12th, and you can tap into the final preparations via daily posts on Andy Macgregor's tumblr or check updates on his Twitter @andymacgregor

The Book Club
13 July – 9 September
100 Leonard Street

Monday 2 July 2012

Mon July 2nd: Whaam! at SHOWstudio

Here are a couple of screen-grabs that I took whilst watching the live stream of Nick Knight's shoot "WHAAM" on SHOWstudio last weekend.  Its incredible to have a fly-on-the-wall perspective of masters at work such as Sam McKnight on hair, Marian Newman on nails and Katy England on styling. SHOWstudio pioneered the online fashion magazine format and is still leading the way with a mix of both quality and quantity in superb content.  The final story will appear in Garage magazine and here is the table of accessories called in for the superhero / pop art theme including a few pieces from Piers Atkinson, Kitty Joseph, Mich Dulce and myself!  

Sunday 1 July 2012

Sunday 1st July: Bold Tendencies - The Opening

One of my favourite days of the Summer is the opening of Bold Tendencies sculpture park in Peckham.    To feel that I have experienced a full Summer I like to have danced till dawn in a festival field (preferably Glastonbury), danced all day at Notting Hill Carnival and also watched the sun set over London at the end of the day from Hannah Barry's open air gallery.  It's an annual pilgrimage for waves of the city's artists who arrive and flood up the floors of the disused multi-story car park to celebrate another season of the showcase.  Its a community led initiative with free entry and a full programme of events that include film screenings and concerts.  There is also the added highlight of Franks Cafe and Campari Bar for refreshments between checking out the seven artists work and incredible picturesque panoramic view of the new Shard injected sky.  Its the sixth year of the enterprise, so if you havn't yet been its an absolute must, open from 12 noon until 10pm Thursday to Sunday until 30th September.  See here for full details.   
(artists work top to bottom:  Mary Edmond, Sarah Cain, Carter Mull, more Sarah Cain, Laura Buckley, Peles Empire)