Saturday 18 February 2012

Sat 8th Feb: London Fashion Week AW12 - SISTER by SIBLING

Designer trio Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery's Sister by Sibling salon show was all about pink'n'orange, pompoms'n'sequins and pop-pop music provided by dj Jerry Bouthier. The "Diamond Lil" collection of trademark leopard print knit in twin sets had been accessorized with lace knitted merino wool, hand sequinned at sibling studio by the in house team. On top of these face coverings sat ridiculously cute Mickey Mouse style ears in clusters of large pink/purple palettes and knitted ping-pong ball size flowers. The stand-out quirky statement piece was a "Dalston Fox Stole" ........... a local nocturnal animal perfectly celebrated by a label established from Shoreditch nightlife notoriety. With the season styled by Katie Grand and re-sized for a Barbie collaboration, Sibling are stood in good stead as the idiosyncratic fun British knitwear separates specialists.

Sat 8th Feb: London Fashion Week AW12 - Dr.NOKI vs. Kingston 1st yr BA

Saturday was all about masks down at Somerset House from the streetstyle to the SIBLING styling and Dr.NOKI's sustainable project with Kingston University. The designer known for having an unknown face has worked with 1st year students to take a spin on the idea of a ‘Masked Fashion Monster’ and devise a look that "creates an arresting silhouette, stimulating discussion, debate and conversation". The class were paired up in duos to collaborate on the task and given instructions to recycle two existing garments into a totally new design in just four days. From this collection, Dr.NOKI selected a few to be exhibited in the Estethica exhibition at fashion week which you can see here from the launch event. My personal favourite was this rainbow panelled and multi-seamed creation with interactive sleeves by Henry Stanford & Minnie Walker. I think its absolutely brilliant that fashion students are learning the fundamentals of the rag trade (ie. this bubble outfit is inspired by toxic emissions given off by decomposing textile in landfill) meanwhile having the opportunity to showcase a piece of work on schedule! Props to NOKI for his constant crusade and causing a shift in the conciseness of the industry from the grass roots and future generation .......

Sat 8th Feb: London Fashion Week AW12 - Basso & Brooke

Graphic print poster invitation to the Basso & Brooke AW12 show and the geometric patchwork dog-tooth print worked into kimono style tailoring of the collection.

Friday 17 February 2012

Fri 17th Feb: Opening of Hedonism at London Fashion Week day 1, report by Emily Beard and Keely Hunter

The first day of London Fashion Week saw the opening of Hedonism, sponsored by Royal Ascot and curated by Stephen Jones. The event celebrates the best of emerging British Milliners: Piers Atkinson, Charlie Le Mindu, J Smith Esquire, Noel Stewart & William Chambers.
The display will be showcased throughout the duration of London Fashion Week at Somerset House.

Images and text by Keely Hunter and Emily Beard.

Fri 17th Feb: Walter Hugo "A Moment In An Instant World"

The latest exhibition to land from prolific artist Walter Hugo is a mini retrospective of past projects at Shizaru Gallery. Walter has installed his pinhole camera instrumentation at the show so you can see exactly how his glass plate process is set up. If you happened to have missed any of his works before, this is the perfect place to catch up on how the whole idea began and see the different ways it has progressed ........... and if you take a walk round the corner to the gallery at SHOWstudio you can witness the most recent 3D portraits where Walter has exposed straight onto busts of his subjects .......... mind bending and brilliant.......... as always!
(Gemma Cairney and Suzy Pettigrew standing by their portraits)


16 February - 24 March 2012

Reflecting the Bright Lights... from London Sessions Productions on Vimeo.

Fri 17th Feb: b STORE LOVES Liberty London

B-Store of Saville Row have shimmied up the road for the duration of fashion week with a pop-up shop in store at Liberty to showcase their new collaboration collection. This latest selection includes womenswear for the first time with these perspex heel boots in the Liberty floral print. Here is stylist Ben Canares at the launch last evening sporting one of the new shirts ....... and a beautiful new mix pastel hue hair colour ...............

Read an interview with Matt & Kirk from BStore over on the G-Shock site as ambassadors & collaborators with the brand who sponsored this event for the boutique.

Thursday 16 February 2012

Fri 17th Feb: Robert Storey for Nicholas Kirkwood SS12

Yesterday Robert Storey Studio sent me a message that I might like his new LFW window display at the Nicholas Kirkwood store .......... I didn't have a chance to open up the image in the rush of my manic day............. but by coincidence I ended up on Mount Street myself last night and got to see exactly why he thought it would be up my spectrum street! Here are photos of the final install and snaps of the work in progress from his studio in Dalston. I think I will be back on Mount Street for the strike to scoop up any of the left over pastel wooden diamonds and neon liquid podiums.......... mmmmmmmmmm

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Thurs 23rd Feb: Masha Orlov's Valentine Greeting

KISSING from Silja Magg on Vimeo.

Valentine's Day is a pretty sad affair for singleton's (raising my little mitt in the air). So thank goodness for some light relief in the form of colour and fun in alternative messages such as this furry fantastic film from Masha Orlov. Masha's Valentine greeting is a collaboration with hair artist Hrafnildur Anrnardottir aka Shoplifter on the animated set design installation and morphing makeup to match by Andrea Helgadottir. Watch from the beginning to the end of the clip shot by Silja Magg to see the magic unfold featuring Masha herself as the leading smooching lady......... and Martin Bonventre from The French Kings as her partner (and provider of the soundtrack)......
Masha says "Cheers to Kissing!" .............. CHEERS!
(Thanks to Silja for the stills)