Saturday 17 November 2007

Saturday 17th November

This chap was so irresistibly hilarious I just couldn't hold back in papping him. It was either that or flinging my arms around him for a bear hug. I took the safer option! You can tell the sheer size of the beast by looking at the reflection of me as a gage for proportion.

Friday 16th November Stephen Jones @ the V&A

Stephen Jones is currently helping curate a hat anthology exhibition
for the museum. He has just returned from L.A researching the CecilBeaton hats from the archives of "My Fair Lady". This evening he gave a fascinating lecture on the history of his career and his numerous collaborations. Stephen endearingly littered explanations with insightful humorous anecdotes. Equally endearing was the audience of fans each with there tribute head wear!

Friday 16 November 2007

Thursday 15th November Dazed Exhibition

Kim Howells invited me to the private view of an exhibition of the latest cover story shoot for Dazed & Confused Magazine. I think that the gallery space was formerly Primary colour which made me a bit sad. Another printworks that has closed in London due to the digital age. However, it was exciting on a personal note as one of the prints features a necklace that I made on commission for the shoot...............see cross necklace teamed with Burberry look below

Thursday 15 November 2007

Annalisa Dunn shot by Amy Gwatkin

I saw my lovely friend Amy Gwatkin last night which reminded me to show her fantastic photography. This is her latest collaboration with knitwear designer Annalisa Dunn. Yummy!

Wednesday 14th Nov Bishi @ The Magpies Nest

Bishi invited me to see her perform at a folk night in Angel which was a pleasure to attend . We sat on a cushioned floor In a cosy room with bunting hanging and fairy lights glowing beneath her sitar. She also played a mini harp on her lap which ive never seen before. Without a musical bone in my body, im astounded to see someone master an instrument.................. let alone switch between an array of bizarre unrecognisable objects. Not to mention the spine tingling voice..................

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Tues 13th November Flees and Bees

My best friend Vicky is experimenting with etching techniques at the moment and I love her print from yesterday intilted "Flees and Bees".............more please............

Tues 13th November ThreeAsFOUR in my hair

Here is my newest cosmic present from ThreeAsFOUR...............a neon live-edge plastic cut out ..............which ive strapped into my hair to partner my usual neon comb............bliss for a pink day

Monday 12 November 2007

Moday 12th November

Holly camoflaged in to my noah's ark poster wearing Maki's Tiger head which we rightly predicted would turn up today when she came to visit..............

Sunday 11th November "Cat"

I was woken up by my 2.5 yr old nephew brandishing the Cat I have to fix every time I see him. I got this toy for him when he was born and the two are inseperable. Despite the unquestionable devotion, he can't help but pick away a hole in "Cat's" is the before shot but I don't have an after shot as he got whisked away after regular impatient "is he finished yet?"

Sat 10th November Paperwork