Friday 19 February 2010

Sat 20th Feb: Sophie Hulme AW 10

The girl done the beautiful Elms Lesters Painting Rooms.........
(Ive only photographed the key accessories as that is my bag...........but there was a 24 piece collection of covetable wool coats with perspex polka dots, brass armoured blazers and bow front satin dresses..........)

Sat 20th Feb: Think Tank

New Tank Mag Milinery Madness
Clockwise:  Fred Butler (me?!), J Smith Esquire, Charlie Le Mindu, Piers Atkinson
Photography: Errol Rainey Styling:  Pandora Lennard

Sat 20th Feb: Le Mindu, Hair Stylist to the stars..........and Universe alike

This time last year I fell in love with the sheer magic, mystery and marvellous creations of Le Mindu.  I found myself an hour later in Franks, forcing the press release on a Russian Vogue assistant insisting she call in these works of art.............
...............only one 36o degree spin of the earth in 365 days, and the globe has woken up to his genius.  I wouldn't have missed today's unveiling for the world and pleasantly surprised at the sparkling crystals scattered from the hats, down the hair and across the mask makeup to invent one entire covering ..........all styled to perfection by Anna Trevelyan.  
Here is that cheeky chappy Charlie with his Angels, Sue Denim and Dee Robot a.k.a Robots In Disguise

Fri 19th Fe: Home From Home

This is where I will also be contributing content this ch ch check it out.......also have a look at the new BFC Blog Portal...........

Thursday 18 February 2010

Thurs 18th Feb: MJW at LFW

Here is Miss Jacqueline White  at her London Fields studio when I stopped by earlier in the week to see her amazing space.  She has transformed a glass box into a really fun habitat as the HQ for her styling and designing enterprise.  From the outside it looks like a futuristic shop front and for fashion week she is going to be taking up residence in another shop window ...........stitching live whilst selling her line as part of an alternative event in Soho alongside other designers such as Alexandra Groover, Maaike Mekking, WeAreAllInOne and The Broken Hearts...........
After the shows at Somerset House, head down to Beak Street to catch up with the different activities, exhibits, events and performances curated by WeKnowWhatYouDidLastNight...........

Thurs 18th Feb: The Love Thing

The LOVE Thing from LOVE on Vimeo.

Here is the beautiful Bishi shot against a very "Bishi" backdrop of the wallpaper at The Electric cinema on Portabello Road.  We took seats in the comfy cinema to preview the new Love Magazine trailer on the big screen with an introduction by the creative director Katie Grand and star Pixie Geldof.    This 1min motion advertisement, directed by James Lima focuses on Prada pre-fall looks..........and it is through Miuccia Prada that Grand first met James when he shot a previous Prada short "Trembled Blossoms".  James is known for his experimentation in computer graphics and you can see that he has literally gone to town in this project filmed in NYC:  

"I love telling visual stories using technology.  Still life comes alive with movement and emotion - it is very intimate and powerful.  I call it 'Motiontorial', and it has the potential in the fashion industry to be very similar to what happened in Hollywood with the introduction of sound to silent films." 

Its brilliant that a fashion film now has the weight to be shown in this setting and I can't wait for the day when this kind of event becomes the it is already heading that way....

For anyone wondering, the soundtrack is by Steve Mackey  - "A/B Machines" by Sleigh Bells

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Weds 17th Feb: O to the M to the G-A-G-A The Lady's in my hat!

Thanks to Elisha and Rowdy for waking me up in the middle of the night with this exciting image.  Being 2 of my closest collaborators they recognised the nimble fingers behind this hilarious hat that I made on commission for Gaga to wear in her new Telephone video with Beyonce.
Thanks Nicola Formichetti for supporting new British Designers..........I think the whole of London are at her beck and call.............."call" being the operative word with this crazy telephone hat..............(sorry for the bad joke...........i won't be giving up the day job!...........and what a magic job when I'm asked to design and make things like this!)
For anyone intrigued as to the exact style of receivers that i sourced to implement.................... it is a couple of "Trim" phones that I dissected from a fantastic company Abdy Retro Telephones.

Another image found by Holly on Gagadaily

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Tues 16th Feb: Fashion 156 Preview

Thanks to Fashion 156 for the sneak preview shots of my new pieces made with Rosy Nicholas...............

Monday 15 February 2010

Tues 16th Feb: More Rainbow Cake

Lily Vanilli has uploaded the recipe that she devised for my rainbow cake so that everyone can give it a is Jess Meek's loaf tin version.........just look at those vivid colours!
Today is Shrove Tuesday..........I have seen a rainbow batter, pancake tower photo bounding around various internet portals, so if anyone gives it a whirl, please let me know the outcome!

Mon 16th Feb: Valentine Fayre

Lots of LOVEly artists gathered together at Jaguar Shoes on Sunday for a love-in and general touting of their wares......Valerie Phillips, Daisy De Villeneuve, Andrew James Jones.........and here we have snaps of 

Verity Keefe:  "I LOVE CMYK" canvas bags and "Pets of the Day" screen print

Hannah Waldron:  "Today I Am A Polar Bear" pin badges/finger puppets

Rosy Nicholas:  Rude Wrapping Paperand Valentine Gift Cards

Mon 16th Feb: Meghan

This present is a print that Tara Darby kindly gave me last month which I have been so overwhelmed by that its taken this long to know howto say thank you.  As you can see below its still not up on the wall and still in its packaging.  Its called "Meghan"  2008 and from her most recent exhibition (see 2nd image)  at Aubin & Wills.
As it is a picture of a sleeping girl I have propped it up on my bed for the time being, before it finds a proper position and rightful place.   Whilst papping this pic, I also documented another generous gift to me............the best breakfast in bed Ive had from my flatmate which I woke up to on Valentine's day.  Thanks don't have to wait for another special occasion to repeat the performance, any day will do...................haha!

Mon 16th Feb: Josh Weller

I have been following musician Josh Weller on twitter and he is the funniest thing I have found.  He recently uploaded a new track to his myspace which is a corker "Cruella".  So Ive been wanting to see him live to check out the real thing..............
Thanks to Dee Robot, we caught up with him at a low key acoustic Valentine's performance and it was great, the fella beats a bass drum with his Brogue whilst coordinately plays his guitar and sings at the same time..........
Here he is on stage with guest "Beans On Toast" who joined him for a romantic rendition.  You can see the two performing a great cover of Warren G on youtube...............and whilst you are there see all of Josh's other hilarious clips............which I highly recommend for a good distraction from whatever you are currently doing..........the boy with the highest hair is going to reach the highest heights ............kitted out in dapper designs and playing dancehall (as in the original jazz genre!) inspired ditties.