Thursday 12 May 2016

Thursday 12th May: Pusszine by Stephanie Sian Smith at Exposure Gallery

The owner of my favourite cat Ron, is photographer Stephanie Sian Smith who has spent the last couple of years photographing her favourite girls with their own pet moggys.  Here you can see a selection of the shots printed and exhibited at Exposure Gallery.  The show coincides with the launch of her self-published magazine that has brought the series together into "Pusszine".  The furry fanzine features characters such Gizzy Erskine, Naomi Shimada and Lucy Bridge.  Purrrrrruse & pick up a copy over on her online shop here.

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Wednesday 11th May: Lazy Swim Club

To coincide with the celebrations of Carnaby Street last week, Lazy Oaf launched their Swimwear line at the flagship store on Ganton Street.  It's their first dip into beach-wear but hotly anticipated since the body-suits from the Garfield collaboration last year.  Trademark Lazy Oaf details are across the styles with illustrated hands and faces as motifs and trimmings.  Tops and bottoms are sold separately so you can buy a watermelon crop top to match your existing archive water-melon skirts.  There's even a watermelon print bucket-hat to keep shady for your bucket and spade, sand-castle beach excavations.   My favourite piece from the collection is the cloud sky pattern towel which is going to be my Summer staple to take-over as the seasonal exchange from the previous cloud puffa jacket of the Winter blues........

See the full collection here and here
2 Ganton St, London W1F 7QL

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Tuesday 10th May: Lakwena on Carnaby Street

News in my regular Lakwena updates .......... the latest wall from my favourite graphic artist has cropped up on Carnaby Street, right behind Liberty.  Here it is fresh the day after she had made the finishing touches before the district's GQ style night with GQ.