Friday 23 July 2010

Sat 24th July: Child of The Jago SALE - Report by Emilly Beard

The new venture of previous Agent Provocateur owner Joe Corre (son of Vivienne Westwood and Malcom Mclaren) has him teamed up with Simon ‘Barnzley’ Armitage to create what he describes as a shop 'about celebrating individualism in an interesting and sexy way.' Child of the Jago is a reaction to high street, taking antique clothes from the Napoleonic wars to the Victorian era and mixing them with other high quality, disposed-of materials.

The brand has had 2 fashion week shows, but doesn't intend of showing any further collections. This is because they want to have multiple outlets, from which they can feed regularly to customers.

The aspirations of the shop extend beyond retail, rather to define the era and communicate an idea in a similar way to that of Corre's Parents' shops.

As for the merchandise, You will find off-the-peg suits, designed by Corres and co-collaborator and man-about-town, Barnzley as well as vintage Victorian pea coats, German fighter pilot jackets from the Second World War, a 1950s postman-regulation uniform and other vintage delights, each one a piece of history. Westwood’s influence is unmistakable in the Teddy Boy suits and silk-panelled t-shirts depicting Hogarth.

The shop has just started an exclusive summer SALE until saturday 31st July including one offs,samples ,limited supplies of the s/s 2010 collection.........

A Child of the Jago, 10 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3NT

Friday 23rd July: Anna Hovarth. Report by Emily Beard

Anna Hovarth is a London College of Fashion 2010 graduate. Having grown up in Budapest in an auction house, she was surrounded by a creative environment from an early age (specifically by artists and art dealers). She began her creative career young, when at 16 she became a pupil of the well known
avant-garde artist Janos Fajo.
Her graduation collection was centered on Moholy’s levitating shapes
and his life-long experimentations on transparency: specifically using overlapping
see-through fabrics, and how this created the opportunity to ”mix“ colours. The collection was also inspired by Art Deco fashion designers such as Marti and Anon

Anna and many other students' work were presented unusually in The London College of Fashion Graduate show. The visuals were arranged to allow maximum interaction between the viewer and the information. The curved wall was situated within a darkened room, the portfolios of the graduating students illuminated on giant touch screens.
Viewers could browse the wide variation of courses from a drop down menu, which were then categorized by student.
In an innovative twist to the usual means of presentation, viewers could flag particular work, and even email it to themselves to view at a later date.

Anna Hovarth's Portfolio

Image credits:
design/styling annCHI by Anna Horvath
model Clea Martin @ Storm
photographer Ben Roberts
make-up Elkie Phillips

Friday 23rd July: I LOVE Steven Shein

If anyone has seen me over the last year, you will have noticed some rad bangles round my wrists that look like something I plucked from a visit to Willy Wonker's Chocolate Factory. Although they look very similar to my aesthetic, they are by L.A based jewellery designer Steven Shein a.k.a Neivz (pronounced knives) which I tell someone on a day to day basis as they get so much intrigue. Now I have a new piece courtesy of the generosity of his UK stockist Lazy Oaf. I picked up the new cosmic ring from Rosy Nicholas yesterday and it mystically and miraculously matched my outfit perfectly! I highly recommend checking out the whole of his shop / world to trawl more sparkly perspex gems..........

Friday 23rd July: I LOVE Grace Jones

Tweeting pics of my records last Saturday in reply to Charlie Porter and in the excitement and anticipation of seeing Grace Jones...........

Follow me on Twitter if your'e not already............. still not quite sure how to maintain the right tone on twitter ..........even after a year doing it..........its a tricky thing..........but I try to keep my pictures pleasing.........

Friday 23rd July: Backstage at LOVEBOX with Bishi

The beautiful Bishi.........wearing an all in one by Pam Hogg..........

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Weds July 21st: Backstage at LOVEBOX with NOKI

On Sunday I went backstage at LOVEBOX to help Kim Howells and JJ Hudson with their latest fashion show for NOKI's label NHS. I'm not sure how many times this has happened before but it felt fittingly radical for the notorious NOKI to be shaking up a music festival with a catwalk! It was great fun getting the girls ready behind the scenes........amongst all the bands being ferried in and out on golf buggies inbetween their sets.
The makeup and hair team set up shop in the canteen marquee and a backdrop was erected in the open air for Morgan White to shoot each model as they were dressed. It was a mad rush at the final hurdle as allocated slots for each act were being cut short to fit everyone in before the encore of Grace Jones. We had to pull socks over stilettos as the girls were gathered and put into line to walk. Fortunately the crew comprised of the extended NOKI network who happily mucked in to make the show a seamless success............. if you looked down the list of dressers it was actually a collection of NOKI's collaborators and East London's emerging fashion family.........It was such a fantastic day to unfold with the sun shining hard over the proceedings like a natural lighting rig throwing bursts of colour over the collection.
It didn't matter that I was engaged backstage and missed the rest of the festival as all the action was happening before my eyes at close quarters............its not everyday that Peaches asks you to join her to dance on stage.......... (which I declined as I think my shy nature was misleadingly disguised by my awesome rainbow catsuit from Weareallinone!)

NOKI's diffusion line opened yesterday as a dedicated part of new sustainable concept store "123". 123 Bethnal Green Rd is a pioneering platform to experience a fresh approach to ethically minded fashion with 3 floors of designs........... its amazing location on Brick Lane is gong to make it a portal for accessible and covetable ethical fashion! YES its HERE!

Weds July 21st: Backstage at LOVEBOX with Jonny Woo cont.

No idea who this outfit is by but its a winner! I only captured 3 of the many looks that emerged over the duration of the day.......... so look out for other coverage of the event to see more and whilst you're at it listen to Jonny's new single "Faggot".

JONNY WOO - FAGGOT (language may offend) from PRICKIMAGE on Vimeo.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Tues 20th July: NOKI's preperation for his fashion show at LOVEBOX

Last week I stopped by Kim Howell's studio to see how they were doing in the final run-up to NOKI's fashion show at LOVEBOX. The event took place on the mainstage to preview his new collection before Grace Jones performance........using the stage as a runway.
Here are details of the graffiti print design, jersey slashing around print detail, NHS (Noki's House of Sustainability) logo studding, a Piers Atkinson cap for the collection, embroidered leather laptop case and Noki's very own portable sewing machine!

Tues 20th July: Atalanta Weller

Most recent visitor to the studio Atalanta Weller. So nice to have lush peeps passing thru.
Another contemporary knitwear designer has moved in to the block this week so it looks like the fashion commune idea is potentially taking off.......... more deats to follow ....

Monday 19 July 2010

Mon 19th July: Backstage at Lovebox with Jonny Woo

Whilst backstage helping out NOKI with his fashion show, we were in the trailer opposite Jonny Woo's dressing room so luckily I got to see a few of the outfit changes. Here are just 2 - first bondage & African fabric winged creation by Alex Noble, second pearly queen outfit by Lee Benjamin ........... complete with stilts which made him a few feet taller than his natural statuesque self!

Mon 19th July: Backstage at Lovebox

Peaches wheeled in by Alun Davies who had pimped her ride by customising the wheelchair with pink paint and hair..........
Feral getting dressed for her performance wearing a tribal mask she designed herself.......
Paloma Faith arriving to perform in the VIP tent backstage wearing a beautiful feather cape by Mrs Jones and matching colourful headdress and dotty makeup.......