Wednesday 28 June 2017

Wednesday 28th June: Paintbox Hair Dyes at Fudge

Here is my latest rainbow wave hair thanks to Tracy Hayes at Fudge using their Paintbox hair dyes.  We are creating a hidden spectrum under my blonde so I have a blank canvas to start afresh each time.  The colour is revealed when I wear it up as you can see in the still from my "Bun Drop" movie clip above.  Head over to my Running Rainbow blog for how it looked braided from my weekend at Be:FIT Festival here.

Tuesday 27 June 2017

Tuesday 27th June: Royal College Of Art MA Shows

Congratulations to this year's graduates from the Royal College of Art who just presented their final static show, including the textile students who I recently visited for tutorials.  My favourite was Lok Ka Kong who weaves recycled waste material to make these cosmic plant pot solutions called "Turn Trash into Treasure"(top photo).  
Other works here include Pratik Ghosh's plant air purifiers, Emma McCusker's mixed media textile sculptures,  Kyungmin Han's Colour Toolkit for VR, Pasquale Totaro's pyramid synth, Nathan Webb's solar panel pattern blinds, Monika Haeussler-Goeschl's knitted installation and Jacob Patterson's knitted socks!