Thursday 24 September 2015

Thurs 24th Sept: PATTERNITY at Somerset House / London Design Festival

PATTERNITY are busy (stripes) bees, also creating an interactive environment at Somerset House for LDF.  In a wing of 10 new designers, PATTERNITY's installation is a whole room of pattern sculptures and walls plotted as an immersive space for visitors to climb inside.  

Thursday 24th Sept: Patternity Festival Of Pattern

Patternity held a five-day festival celebrating the inspirational power of pattern to coincide with London Design Festival and to launch their very own book on the subject.  The exhibition included curated pairings of photographic prints, interiors using their archive of products and collaborations and films.  The opening night also had a live performance of a sound artist demonstrating the patterns in sound waves by pouring salt on a platform above the vibrations of the speaker.  Totally cosmic.  Totally Paternity!  Check out their site to see more about the events from the festival, upcoming projects and buy the book.   

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Wednesday Sept 23: LFW in other news & notes

Top to bottom:  Anna Trevelyan wearing one-off Craig Green pink trousers, Mr. Hat & Pharaoh at Hedonism, Yang Du's new backpacks on Peter Xu,  Anna's pink nail art,  "This Isn't The Uniform" Reeboks & Anklet, a limited edition Louis Vuitton diary by Rosy Nicholas & Hillman Studio, Kitty Joseph SS16 pocket books, Sadie Williams upholstered bunk bed, me wearing Rahpa at the KTZ show after returning from a day cycle to Reading (photo by Stephen Mahoney)

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Tuesday 22nd September: LFW SS16 - Ashish, backstage

Splatters of sequin spectrums like a confetti canon explosion - Ashish SS16 was my favourite season so far with a loose approach to the bead work like abstract brush strokes on the fabric.  The street-cast skater girls opened the show by speeding down the runway and Larry sashayed down the length sprinkling the front row with fists full of glitter.   Ruffled pop socks and bucket hats were also embellished with shiny flecks to accessorize the sheer baby doll dresses and denim bow, bell bottoms.  Shout-out to Anna Trevelyan on another stellar styled show full of colour, fun and uplifting energy (seen here with her pink hair).

Tuesday 22nd September: LFW SS16 - Mary Benson




The crystal jewel droplet sunglasses begin the floods of tears from head  down to toe in Mary Benson's broken-heartfelt  collection "letters from the darkest corners of my heart".  Blurry mascara from blowsy eyelashes turns into glinting foil makeup down cheeks, running into the applique print of Mary's signature style......................... signed off with the hand written scrawls of a love forelorn and scorned.  A baby doll dress with a Pierrot print on the front has "Your'e A Bastard" in bold on the back.  We've all been there, and now we can wear that heart on our sleeve and our head. Her words carried thru across cupid bow and tulle millinery by Stephen Jones, Perspex glasses by Tatty Devine and scented rubber shoes by Melissa.   As serendipity would have it, the London sky broke into a monumental downpour of rain so guests blotting black kohl eyes were comforted by the sight of this new season trend!  Bless up heartbreak, every cloud has a silver lining and her presentation of models in this paper cloud dream world are going to bring us a rainbow at the end of the storm. 

Tuesday 22nd September: LFW SS16, Fashion East: Richard Malone

With Soho as the new home for London Fashion Week, the three designers that make up the Fashion East showcase used Greek Street as a joint destination for their presentations.  Each label took over a venue to stamp their own mark and conjure up an immersive experience.  Richard Malone's presentation was up the winding staircases of L'Escargot which has walls covered in a tetris tessellation of paintings and prints.  The sunlit loft with a glass ceiling looks like it would have been a dream artist's studio once upon a time and a magic setting for this collection accessorised with coral pink painted shoes.  All modelled by a cast of characters selected to rejoice in the idiosyncrasies of beauty to illustrate the wearability and real appeal of Richard's feminine muse.

Monday 21 September 2015

Tuesday 22nd September: London Design Festival - Darkroom 5th Anniversary

My favourite London boutique Darkroom are celebrating their 5th anniversary and #LDF with a range of 5 products based on their 5 favourite shapes.  To launch the line they have installed a new window display with the shapes magically mid air on the outside of the pane of glass.  Here are photos from the newly arranged interior and snaps from the launch last night that had cocktails served in these cosmic graphic cups.  Congratulations Darkroom on consistently being brilliant - big up yourselves!
(portrait of me by Kitty Joseph)