Saturday 5 December 2009

Sat 5th Dec: House Of Organza opens its doors

"HOUSE OF ORGANZA" launched on Thurs evening with Lyall Hasaraia's "Vogue Fabric" venue  having been transformed into a white exhibition space.  The shop front window was flickering with the film projected onto a screen of organza to intice visitors off the street and down the organza drenched and decorated stairs.  The walls of the basement were hung with Mari Sarai's stunning prints from the shoot styled by Kim Howells.  The very top image here is my piece which was a wearable holographic botanical garden.  The theme was architecture and the constraint was using white organza.  So I turned Lyall's french seamed fabric into love heart lotus flowers and made a solid hard edge structure to contrast the other designer's soft garments.  I used the idea of "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How does your garden grow?" and filled each pod with flowers and bells so that it makes a jingle when you move it.  So now the House Of Organza has a garden..........what did else was created?  Craig Lawrence ingeniously shredded up white bin-liners to crochet in with his tight coils of organza for a signature voluminous top that comes alive when the model jumps into the air.  Atalanta Weller made high heels that didn't actually have a heel with fabric extended all the way up the leg encased with crackled resin which then disappeared off into gigantic sails of soft fabric.  Judy Blame made a neckpiece with feathers, buttons and even a 4 holed plastic can sealer.  Dr NOKI constructed a whole dress with skull cut-outs that swung off the yoke, Gloved-up made a pair of gloves with an rigid exoskeleton amongst vast veils of fabric, Piers Attkinson made a kinky afro which envelopes the whole head like a perfect pom pom and Lyall himself made an exquisite body stocking with swirls starting small at the fingers and rippling all the way up the arm in a white horse tidal wave of fabric, frothing around the neckline.
To find the whole of Mari's beautiful story and see the film by Bogstandard, head over to Dazed Digital for the exclusive article.

(images top to bottom, Mari Sarai, film screengrab, Lyall serving up rum cocktails courtesy of Dalston Superstore, Mari and me wearing a Vogue print dress specially for the occasion!, Dr NOKI, Judy Blame's piece, cute pinbadges designed for event by Sophie Stephens)

Friday 4 December 2009

Fri 4th Dec: National Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day Part II

Here is a gaggle of gorgeous girls in their band t's.............and all music industry related, each in their own way.......just click their links for a plethora of magical music work.........big up all the laydeez paving the way in flying the flag for female creativity!

Tara Darby ......who has patiently polaroided herself in Dizzee
Chrissie Abbott.....sporting "Green Mind" by her favourite band Dinosaur Jnr. a classic Sonic Youth number, natch 
Kate Moross.............opting hardcore punk in Circle Jerks
Lyndell Mansfield..................looking not too dissimilar to Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons herself

Fri 4th Dec: National Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day

We all know I love Steve Lamacq.
So in honour to my fave radio disc jockey who got me through the tough times of teenage hood, Ive dedicated a day to his "National Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day".
Ive got a steady stream of snaps winging their way into my inbox, but here are the first six of my contributors looking fresh in their not-so-fresh t's.

Holly Mercedes Macdonald looking devine wearing her future husband Prince on her chest (NPG era Im its a fit the brief!)
Fumi Nagasaka live and direct from Japan, wearing Bowie here but also has Slayer, Nirvana and Ozfest in her suitcase
LIZ in No Bra........(No Bra a.k.a Suzanne who was coincidentally shot by Nick Knight yesterday for 100 portraits)
Wayne Adams in "a rather large, old and tired GnR tshirt from their worst album"
Danny Sangra in New Order
Will Broome looking gorgeous as always in AC/DC (not sure why I had to spell that out there, its bleedin obvious)

(Will Broome heard me on Steve's show a year ago, so I know he's an avid BBC6 listener like myself............its always a standard joke when people ring in that they are a graphic designer......not wishing to break the stereotype, I guess Will tunes into Lamo to soundtrack his illustration sketches..........*which have been put together in a NEW website* with a wicked flash animated panda on the homepage...........check it!)

Fri 4th Dec: Jason Evans in Colour Part II

Here we have the final installment from Jason Evans live broadcast shoot that happened exactly one week ago.  As explained in the previous entries, the coverage that I am using are contributions from Jason's assistants to give a broad spectrum of interpretation.  
First up is this brilliant shot from John Burbidge of the models with firework looking makeup by Mel Arter.  Second is an atmospheric shot by Andrew Ferguson of the masked drummer who played percussion to the shoot.  And to round up and sign off, last but not least is a picture from the man himself, Jason Evans............entitled quite succinctly "NiceNikes".
Thanks to everyone for rallying together to send me images for this feature............Peter Haynes black and white images have been selected by AnOther Magazine to go through to the postings on their new website AnOther Reader so alls good in the Evans hood..........mission accomplished for passing the baton on to give a break!

Thursday 3 December 2009

Thurs 3rd Dec: House Of Organza Teaser Part:2


Thurs 3rd Dec: Jason Evans in Black and White

Here is the day as seen by Peter Haynes who shot on his new point and shoot and developed this selection which you can see over at his website  Thanks Peter!

Thurs 3rd Dec: Jason Evans in Colour

Bim Hjortronsteen
Jasper Wyatt

Just before Nick Knight descended on the live studio at Somerset House, Jason Evans held fort last Friday.  Jason spent the day shooting models selected from the SHOWstudio exhibition casting booth.  The boys were styled by Max Pearman with makeup by Mel Arter for a story that will be appearing in POP magazine.  
I got in touch with Jason for some insider info to contribute to my blog.  In true dailynice fashion, Jason was ridiculously nice in answering my proposition, but even nicer than that he handed it over to his assistants.  (That is really the point of assisting .........besides learning your trade and being inspired......its picking up breaks from your mentor which is the expected exchange for offering your undivided attention 24/ its good to see that this interchange is still rolling ............if you get a goodie like Jason!)
So here are two snaps from behind the scenes on the day by Jasper Wyatt and Bim Hjortronsteen.  See more from Bim's photodiary at Sweden's photo mag

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Tues 2nd Dec: WAHnails new pup

Popped into WAH!nails today and had to gently push the door open as this cutie was propping up against it...........
...........apologies for another puppy on the blog.........
...........allow me to introduce SASCHA belonging to Sharmadean Reid............literally as soft as she looks............

Tues 2nd Dec: SHOWstudio Christmas Tree

Here it is folks.  The final fir.
If you pop down to the SHOP to have an inspection you will be SHOWn round by the gorgeous Imogen, who will also SHOW you the dress hot off the Pugh press from last week and accompanying portrait prints by Solve Sundsbo.

Tues 2nd Dec: Supermarket Sarah Seasonal Style

Sarah's map and flemenco dress with "Average" rossettes.  
Scott Ramsay Kyle

The first event on the Christmas circuit was Supermarket Sarah 's installation at Poke HQ in the biscuit building.  Fantastically decked out and sparkled up were Lucy Aebischer and Holly Giselle Hilden (future ladies to watch, mark my words!) on front of house duty.  Once inside and greeted by Sarah herself in a multicolour graphic print dress I homed in on Sara and the WorkIt wall.  There was a selection of their 90's wardrobe for sale including these green floral Versace jeans and also their new fanzine to flip through.  My other fave flavour from the shop floor was Scott Ramsay Kyle who had some of his embroidered garments/works or art up for sale..........investment piece-tastic!

Monday 30 November 2009

Mon 30th Nov: 1 night till OPEN THAT ADVENT CALENDER!

Yes, Its the first day of December get fingering that first door on your advent calender.............(where does one get one now, since the demise of Wooly's?!)
To celebrate the first day of festive frivolities I'll be cranking up the Wham classic on SHOWstudio's soundsystem whilst the crew are down at Somerset House to soundtrack my Christmas Tree installation.  I packed up my sleigh of treats today which the gnomes have been rustling up (sic.  'tis they who have arranged the components in this OCDC colour ordering....not me!).  Unfortunately the tree arrived some 3ft short of the Bruton Place stable ceiling today, and has been sent back to be replaced by a more stellar version tomorrow.
(I have based some of the decorations/accessories on this original bow from my graduation collection "Spectrum Collection" 2003) 

Images top to bottom:  Anna Leader, my snap from meeting at SHOWstudio, my snap from work-in progress, snap from SHOWstudio's blog)

Mon 30th Nov: 3 Reasons I Love Norman Parkinson

3 fab shots of headwear.........
..........also pretty much the same reason I love Amy.......innate humour and and giggles all in one bountiful package..........
(and a fourth reason here would be a photo of Carmen Miranda balancing a giant turtle on her head .......but that made me laugh so much I actually forgot to take a picture of it............go and see for yourself......)

Mon 30th Nov: 2 Reasons I love Amy Gwatkin

The shots speak for themselves

all in a day's work for Amy..........