Saturday 22 August 2009

Sat 22nd Aug: Chrissie Abbotts for Little Boots

Always on the eye out for a goody bag at a party.............and this one was a real winner! A limited edition print by Little Boots graphic designer Chrissie Abbotts. Last time I wrote about Chrissie's exhibition I linked it to the upcoming talk that she will be giving as part of the scheme set up ItsNiceThat. My intention was to lurk in the back row and heckle her with suggestive obscene faces in a truly professional and mature manner. What else is a friend to do? As it turns out, she has secured that this won't happen by switching it and inviting me to be one of her guest speakers. Crumbs! Cripees! So now everyone else is under strict instruction to not go! Please no!
But I can't stop you wanting to see Chrissie or Danny Sangra so come if you want...........just leave before mine which is the last talk........I would much prefer to uncontrollably gesticulate to an empty room if preferable........

Sat 22nd Aug: Sarah Magnay for Little Boots

Here is designer Sarah Magnay who I have previously featured for her extensive costume collaboration work with Alison Goldfrapp. Her latest muse is Little Boots for whom she has been the bespoke magician behind her stage, video and press image outfits. If you have seen Bootsie wearing anything unique it will be from the nimble hands of Miss.Magnay. Here are a couple of snaps from her studio whilst making ruffles for her dancers. If you watch the behind-the-scenes video clip here you can get a great insight...................thanks to Harry Lambert for sending me this link and also for inviting us down to the acoustic gig this week at The Bathouse to launch Bootsie's new single out this week "Remedy".

video removed

Friday 21 August 2009

Friday 21st Aug: Vote Fred

Maki's latest devine self-drawn tattoo is a cute-tastic hint to VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE
Go click on that Rosette on the can do it again and again every week left till deadline.............
gwarn gwarn gwarn gwarn gwarn gwarn gwarn gwarn gwarn gwarn gwarn

Friday 21st Aug: Mr.P

I'm very lucky to live in the NW neighbourhood which is a bevvy of the best street art. When the shop shutters come down at night, the highstreet becomes a gallery for the colourful faces of the infamous Mr.P. ....................part of the ATG collective whose tags you can spot all round town if you look close enough.........
The newest face on the block is this square cheeky chappy across the road which I love .....but to top that, Mr.P has also redecorated the entire house of Flaxon Ptootch for his current show down in the gallery. I keep passing at the wrong time so here are just snaps from the outside............its on till mid Sept..........or you can just buy a T-Shirt at his new website........

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Weds19th Aug: Guess Who?

I thought Id give you all a little game of London Fashion Trivia.
Here are accessories from the New Gen seminar today. Have a little guess who each might be?!
Answers Below.

Annalisa Dunn of Cooperative Designs (wearing own line by Corrie Williamson)
Dominc Jones (wearing own line & Christopher Kane T)
Mary Katrantzou (not wearing her own line, she would like to state!)
Barbara Grispini (wearing Maria Francesca Pepe)
Louise Gray (wearing a heart declaring "Really Fuckin Cute"........noone in disagreement there)
Craig Lawrence (strictly not an accessory but I just love this T-Shirt!)

Weds19th Aug: Specturm

Elisha's snaps from when she wasn't behind the camera on our film shoot yesterday.
A beautiful boy, a genius photographer and a sprinkle of cosmic wonderlust from Fred Butler Style.
More details of full crew to follow.............High Five to everyone who contributed to creating the vision a few doors down from Visions....

Callum Turner @ Models 1.

Monday 17 August 2009

Tue 18th August: Cocosuma

Kim is blasting out the garage tunes on our shoot today, everything is as sweet as chocolate. My contribution to the soundtrack for our spectrum sunlit roof extravaganza is this blinding track by Parisian Cocosuma. I recommend both cranking it up loud to have a little trip-out to the trip-hop tune and then playing it again just to watch the endearing stop-frame animation video. The film for their new release was made by Camille Hirigoyen and Julien Choquart featuring a sequin encrusted aubergine and spinning duckling.............
Cocosuma are Michelle and Chab with Moocha on vocals who I have found thru Facebook since the Vote Fred campaign and a re-post from Steve Clear of Hear Today Records. I have had this track on repeat whilst working magic on my own sequins and it has truly been a Miracle! Check out their MySpace for details of "Miracle Man" and their other spellbinding whistling melodies............

Mon 17th Aug: WAH! Nails

I took my raffle ticket for the WAH! Nail bar at the Diesel event last week but didn't get to sit for a session as it was so over-subscribed with excitable customers..........ladies and the gents! So I took time out at lunch today to head down to the WAH! HQ to get a proper look at what's going on with the new venture and as it turns out, I'm pleased it worked out that way. I got a one-on-one manicure from the charming Sharma herself and learnt that the current nail trend is surprisingly one flat plain colour. C'mon London - BORING! Although I didn't have much time I went for some sparkle and shine to inspire my sequining for the day. I also learnt about Sophy Robson who is London's nail impresario. Where have I been? I thought it was Marian Newman and that's it, so its great to have made this discovery (albeit 5 years too late!).........check out her site and blog..........the main page is a rainbow manicure!
For me WAH! stands for "Where Actually Have you been?" but for those in the know it originally stands for "We Aint Ho's". The brainchild of beautiful Sharmadean Reid who has also worked as Sportswear Editor at Arena Homme + and consults for Nike, Adidas and Levis. Sharma started out as one of Nicola Formichetti's first assistants and after branching off to shoot her own stories and set up WAH! magazine, the nail bar is the current project consuming her creative output. You can visit the fun filled shop in Dalston to get your nails updated or purchase additions for your wardrobe as they stock T-shirts and accessories. There's also a rack of original 90's magazines to paw through whilst you wait to get your nails nailed!

Mon 17th Aug: Please Vote for The Blog

I haven't actually dedicated a post to this yet and left it to the swish rosette banner over there on the right to do some subliminal work. But Ive just found out that you can vote everyday so its time to write an official entry to this cause. I didn't realise its a multiple vote scenario. Thank you everyone that has voted so far. The response has been really, really lovely. So despite whatever the outcome may be, this has been a really nice lesson in support.
If I were Veruca Salt I would get a factory floor filled with people hooked up to the net to click on that box continuously everyday. As I'm not Veruca Salt, I'll just say this here and hope that some people can re-vote? Maybe make it part of your daily routine? ..........
Dodge the traffic on your dodgy 2nd hand bike, get to work, make a cup of tea/coffee, check your emails, burn some toast, water the suffering plants, write your facebook status, VOTE FRED, make another cup of tea/coffee, discuss your previous night with your co-worker, contemplate twittering that anecdote, check your blog roll, realise its 10 past start time, put on your glasses, start work.................boil the kettle again in the vain hope someone else will get the hint and make the next round...........thank them when they put down the novelty mug on your paperwork and tell them to VOTE FRED


Its dead easy and quick, click on the rosette and follow the link

Sunday 16 August 2009

Sun 16th Aug: Thats ODD?!

I was thinking about Laura Mackness yesterday morning and then saw these windows in the afternoon.............the blinking eye and colour palette is very Mackness but the display is actually part of graphic design studio ODD. The title is Woundering Eyes
by Ekin Svensson & Johanna Lundberg. Ironic that my wandering eye caught these vinyl stickers whilst I was en route somewhere completely different.............

12-14 Berry Street