Thursday 1 March 2012

Thurs March 1st: Paris Fashion Week - Zandra Rhodes - Retrospective Collections - The Aftermath

With the show attended by Suzy Menkes, Patti Wilson, Catherine Baba and Diane Pernet, there was a rush backstage to congratulate Zandra after her walk and wave. The models were all smiles and high energy after the exhiliaration of the joyous standing ovation which whipped round the audience in the moment of mass mutual emotional appreciation. Congratulations to the whole team on pulling off a remarkable and most memorable event!

Thurs March 1st: Paris Fashion Week - Zandra Rhodes - Retrospective Collections - The Show

.......... and the final show with Zandra's girls twirling their silk gowns and scattering rose petals for the finale........

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Weds 29th Feb: Paris Fashion Week - Zandra Rhodes - Retrospective Collections - Backstage prep

Zandra backstage before the show, dashing from girl to girl tying the final turbans, fastening the last safety pins in place and decorating with Andrew Logan mirror accessories for extra sparkle .......

Weds 29th Feb: Paris Fashion Week - Zandra Rhodes - Retrospective Collections - Lyndell Mansfield Hair

Alongside Andrew's makeup, fellow CLM artist Lyndell Mansfield waved her magic brush over the hair to create 70's soft flicks, 80's jagged feathers and signature Rhodes square bobs. Many outfits were styled with headwear and Lyndell morphed the millinery into the shape of her set weaves. Lyndell's personal favourite piece was an orange swirl sculpted into a bow with the flow of Zandra's handwriting and signature. I think its genius that these two pink-haired power player ladies have been brought together and it made for great photo opportunites throughout the day!

Weds 29th Feb: Paris Fashion Week - Zandra Rhodes - Retrospective Collections - Andrew Gallimore Makeup

This project has been an ambitious task in contrast to regular shows where a makeup test is developed to arrive at one cosmetic combination to tie together a collection. In keeping with the retrospective, Andrew made a unique design for each look to compliment and mimic the style of Zandra's original concoctions. Andrew carefully recreated the avantgarde faces invented initially by Richard Sharah, Yvonne gold and Phyllis Cohen. Here are his pigment palettes, plans, bindis, brushes and models undergoing thier own personal transformation.......... what fun!!!!!!

Weds 29th Feb: Paris Fashion Week - Zandra Rhodes - Retrospective Collections

I have come to Paris to witness Kim Howells style a retrospective runway show of Zandra Rhodes CBE having edited the complete archive down to 24 looks with the designer. One of my earliest memories of visiting the V&A as a child was enjoying the exquisitely beautiful yellow felt circular coat which has been pulled to open today's show as the first look from 1969. Kim has experienced a rare dream opportunity of joining forces with Zandra to realise a concise projection of all her past memories and triumphs. Its been a joy for me to see the process and peek round the computer screen at skype conversations between the pair and now finally be present for the final presentation. Here are whole crew who came on board to add the finishing touches with hair stylist Lyndell Mansfield and Makeup Artist Andrew Gallimore. The beauty team have recreated the idiosyncratic faces of Zandra's historic themes from the dawn of bohemia thru to the punk era, via Princess Diana to the latest cubist collection............ which I will break down in a series of posts to share ..........

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Tues 28th Jan: Rainbow pancakes

A fellow rainbow obsessed friend Kate Moross cooked a spectrum of Scotch pancakes for my be-lated Shrove Tuesday ............. ch-ch-ch-check it out! Cosmic and delicious! See more photos from her fun-filled life on her Tumblr including her recent entry in the Fabergé egg hunt.........

Tues 28th Jan: London Fashion Week AW12 - Top Shop Party

I finally found myself at the newly arrived French club in London "Le Baron" and having missed out on the opening parties made up for time, with a different party each night over the duration of fashion week using the venue. After the 10th anniversary soiree for the Business Of Fashion on Monday night, Top Shop took over the space on Wednesday to celebrate 10 years of supporting the BFC New Gen scheme. Teo Connor was invited down having taken part in a Sunday Times Style article on the designer t-shirt range that 10 ex-recipients of the award had artworked. Teo wore the Roksanda Illincic option whist representing her WProject initiative in the feature also highlighting new creatives by shooting real talent instead of models. A few of the contributing artists to Teo's Womens Day exhibition happend to be at the party to watch Azelia Banks performance too, including Naomi Shimada and Margot Bowman (seen here). Find out what other fantastic female artists are involved in the show over on their site............ which lands on March 8th at KKOutlet on Hoxton Square............. and follow thier Twitter for updates and photos like these........

Tues 28th Jan: London Fashion Week AW12 - Menswear Day - Ashish

I loved the cosy, baggy layered silhouette at Ashish with a myriad of different prints, sequin patterns, tie-dye swirls and muslin drapes. There was a peace-sign, smiley-face and rainbow theme throughout which was of particular interest to me with spectrums set into black and white continued all the way down to the stacked soles of modified moulded boots. Keko Hainswheeler made special Hindu inspired jewellery for each look, connecting nose to ear with chains of trinkets, bells and beads . Here are some close shots of those pieces from his studio to show the more intricate detail. If you head over to Anna Trevelyan's Tumblr you can see how she wore the accessory off the runway, straight after styling the show at the Top Shop party ..........