Saturday 4 September 2010

Saturday 4th August: Björk wears Craig Lawrence - the story behind a dress

I came to know Craig Lawrence through Patrick Wolf as he was wearing Craig's miraculous designs whilst on stage with my set design. From this moment I knew that another energetic musician would look incredible and enjoy the experience of performing in these gravity defying pieces. I set about getting the wheels of harmonious momentum in motion of pairing Craig with Björk by contacting a mutual friend - ADi of threeASFOUR. ADi very kindly passed on images of outfits that I put together to intice and inspire this dream happening. ............. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fast forward a couple of years and he recieved a request from Björk's assistant James to borrow some looks .............. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fast forward and this week Björk wore an archive catsuit from Craig's degree show to attend the Polar Prize ceremony in Sweden to receive a prize from His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf.
Here are photos from Craig's CSM show of the collection that was inspired by tinsel and foil concertina Christmas decorations. The specific purple all-in-one was Craig's interpretation of Christmas joy turned fierce and sexy! Who better to wear this invention to full effect than Björk! High Fives all round!

Top 3 photos: Karin Törnblom
Bottom 2 photos: Kenzie Burchill from my original post here

Friday 3 September 2010

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Limited Edition Screen Printed Pieces 1/1000
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Friday 3rd Sept: Moments & Mementos - Andrew Ibi

"This comb reminds me of a time when it was useful. It was designed for a completely different reason, I had 3 made. However, it is now a significant memento and has somehow adopted a new and unintended significance. Bizarre."

Andrew Ibi, The Convenience Store

Friday 3rd Sept: Moments & Mementos - YiYing Wang, Noodoll

"Here's the most important keepsake/ornament/accessory/my good friend/ my lucky star-

He has been in my life for 10 years now,
my work evolves around him, I'm thinking about him all the time,
even my company name is named after him!

He sits in the same chair with me in my studio,
we are a good team!"

YiYing Wang, Noodoll

Thursday 2 September 2010


"THE EXQUISITE CORPSE" is Alex Noble's last show as resident curator at The Dalston Superstore which opens this evening. He asked me to submit a piece alongside 13 other artists: Emma Gibson, Louise Riley, Anna Bruder, Celia Arias, Jay Barry Matthews, Moses Powers, Adam Vergette, Clare Whittingham, Martin Wollerstam, Justine Josephs, Cordelia Weston, Alex Noble.
I snapped Alex yesterday putting finishing touches to his own 'cadaver’ when I went to install my own piece..........which you can see a glimpse of here and a photo of previous work in progress from my studio. My lady is called "Dahlia Fantastia Thelonica's Dream" which is a nod to a past S/S collection and hint at my new S/S season ..............
.......... check back tomorrow for complete coverage with special photography to capture the event by Amy Gwatkin.

02 September 2010, 18.00 - 22.00
Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High St, E8 2PB

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Thurs 2nd Sept: Its Nice That" Issue 4"

Where does time go? Its back to school already?! This year has gone so quick I'm convinced that God is imagining that he's working on the big waltzer in the sky and spinning the world as if its a cart that's not going round fast enough. No need! We are having fun without the added nauseous twirling, thank you!!!!

To that testiment, before you've put down the last copy, its already time to place your order for the 4th Issue of the bi-annual publication from "Its Nice That". With each new release the roster of contributors gets increasingly exciting and it seems the latest news of an interview with Nick Knight is no exception! The magazine isn't back from print until October 1st, so I asked the incredibly nice team at Its Nice That HQ to wing over a snap of them putting the running order together.............

.......which includes the lineup of interviews with Nick Knight, Neville Brody, Miranda July, Trokia, RBG6, Noma Bar and Bompas & Parr, features by Sara De Bondt, Adam Buxton, Adrian Shaughnessy, Jez Burrows, Mike Lemanski, Peter Nencini and Micah Lidberg as well as tons of work from the likes of Michael Landy, Rui Teneiro, Peter Grundy and more.

If you want to make sure that you get your mitts on the first run to receive a free special commissioned screenprint by James Jarvis, put in your order before midnight on September 30th. The print will be two colour, with a spot UV gloss, making it that little bit extra special! Hello! To find out more, click here. Whilst your'e at it, you can also collect previous issues including my article on AsFOUR I wrote for No.2!

Here are some selected pages that caught my eye, to see the whole contents...........go here.

Weds 1 Sept: Review on Fashion Collective

Thanks to Disney Roller Girl for writing a concise and complimentary analysis of my blog for her artile on Fashion's Colletive. She sites 4 other titles in her "Best Top Fashion Blogs" including: 00o00, cocosteaparty, thatsnotmyage, and my fave from the list sophyrobson. So there's a few links to check out if you don't already know..........including Fashion's Collective itself.............brrrrrrrrrrilliant!

Fred Butler Style

More and more fashion professionals are launching blogs as their own personal day-to-day PR news feed. These bloggers talk about the projects they’re working on and the things that inspire them. It’s a clever way to engage with the public and also secure more business. The unstoppable accessory and prop designer, Fred Butler is a prolific blogger who has reported on her own projects and those of her London fashion and art friends for the past three years. She has perfectly utilized the power of social media to propel her brand. From her blog you get a clear sense of what she’s about as a designer and a nose into her rainbow-hued life as a young creative.

Weds 1 Sept: I found a rainbow bird at Notting Hill Carnival

Weds 1 Sept: Notting Hill Carnival Moments by Verity Keefe

Verity Keefe

Tuesday 31 August 2010

Tues 31st Aug: Moments & Mementos - La JohnJoseph

"Here are my hit is a portrait of me and some of the pieces, the other is a close up of the trinkets.
They are in brief, a necklace full of charms, trinkets and amulets that I have been collecting since I was nine, which a lot of friends have contributed to over the years. I wore it the first day I met my bff Anna and she has one too. That's my teddy bear Aloysius. He's modeling a rosary necklace which my little sister gave to me on the day of her First Holy Communion; subsequently a lot of the beads have fallen off but I wear it everyday regardless. Aloysius goes everywhere with me, he's been stuffed in more suitcases than I care to recall. Finally there's a miniature icon painting of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor that I got from a monastery at the top of a hill on the island of Hydra. She comes with me everywhere too, I'm a definite devotee of the Virgin Mary, she, I and Aloysius are a very happy family. All of these little things are laid out on a rather nice movie poster that my pal Ben wrapped my birthday present up in"

La JohnJoseph