Saturday 14 July 2012

Saturday 14th July: MELISSA POP-UP STORE opening with Julie Verhoeven

The Olympic fever is heightening with all eyes on London and the international invasion that will ensue with both competitors and ticket holders visiting the capital in two weeks time.  Brazilian brand Melissa has kicked off its sporty celebration of the games by opening a pop-up shop for the period to display its latest footwear and accessory collaborations.  The premises is directly opposite the new LDN Opening Ceremony which will be opening later in the week, making King Street in Covent Garden a pilgrimage to fight thru the crowds!  Melissa have stepped up (pun intended) the shop-fit side of a launch by asking fine artist Julie Verhoeven to take over the space alongside graphic designer/artist Kleber Matheus. Above are detail photos of the shop wall used as a canvas in her "Barefoot on Hometurf," collage of shoes mixed with Olympic theme paraphernalia and her trademark mark-making in paints and pastels  (see her Melissa display at Galeria Melissa in São Paulo).  To set off Julie's illustration installation, Matheus has lit the store with neon strip tubes in  graphic patterns that reflect some of the shoes on show such as Gareth Pugh's dazzle optical prints.  Julie's own Melissa Rainbow shoe can be seen over on the Plastic Dreams site with documentation of her work "On The Trot" for Melissa in Brazil documented on her Tumblr.  Whilst you are trawling the net, also look up her print collection ‘Outlaw’ for SOMETHING ELSE Spring 2012 here. Adding to her prolific approach of taking on multi faceted projects - last night she put down the paintbrush to dj at the opening party .......she was hosting .....for the artwork she implemented..............  all hail Julie Verhoeven!
MELISSA POP-UP STORE: 15 King Street, London WC2E 8HN 
(diamante shoes by J.Maskrey and Heart shoes by Vivienne Westwood) 

Friday 13 July 2012

Friday 13th July: CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE PHOTOBOOKS at The Photographer's Gallery curated by Jason Evans

"Since 2001, I have been a regular visitor to Japan, working as an editorial photographer.  I began to buy all kinds of printed matter, initially looking for classic, older material.  I realised that something exciting was happening in the present and on the page as opposed to the largely wall-based phenomenon of Western 'Art Photography".  the diversity of material was a fascinating counterpoint to what was happening at home.  I did not know what I was bringing back, often unable to read titles, identify authors or grasp context.

For me, 'understanding' was not an issue.  I was compelled to buy some books over others.  It could be the sequencing, the production values or the layouts.  It might be experimental camera work or the unexpected subject matter.  Often, its a combination of these things.  Some books seemed like terrific fails, others breathtaking immersions, others wonderfully kitsch or deeply depressing.It was usually an emotive rather than intellectual response.  Japanese photography made me feel the medium again.  My choice of material is not limited to what we might call monographs, commissioned and illustrative photography caught my attention too , for it's sophisticated visual traditions.

I do not claim to be an authority on Japanese photography, and it is in a spirit of enthusiasm I wanted to share a range of bewildering, inspiring material. "
Jason Evans

Here are snaps I took at last evening's opening of  CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE PHOTOBOOKS at The Photographer's Gallery which has been curated by Jason Evans alongside Tokyo-based publisher Ivan Vartanian.  Above is Jason's statement on his angle of the concept which Ive lifted from the press release because it explains it better than me translating an interpretation or review.  I have been lucky enough to have a little insight into Jason's library and recognise a few of these annuals so can only assume that this is actually his own collection.  Funnily enough the book that inspired my S/S12 collection is on display which I was able to be reunited with, now wearing the silk print I made in response to the colours of the slugs in the photography!  Here you can see that scrunchy on my wrist and the white gloves which you slip on when you enter the library to guarantee respecting and keeping Jason's books in good condition.  You can also imagine perhaps that you are a Tokyo train guard and do some hand signals whilst your'e at it.

Head down to the gallery on Sunday for a curator's talk with Jason  - see info here.

Thursday 12 July 2012

Thurs 12th July: Brighton University Graduates: Fashion - GBEMi

Here's someone who shares my spectrum sensibility and interest in architecture and taste in music - if the title of her collection is anything to go by "Happy House".  GBEMi (pronounced with a silent G) is Alice Oluyitan's Autumn/ winter ’13 graduate collection, created to express her personal vision on the future of homes, which she believes will look kind of like.......... 

"“A Techno- coloured pleasure dome, a vibrant recreation centre, a domestic amusement arcade, somewhere that will free the spirit, delight the senses and unleash the personality"

"The collection takes inspiration from colour psychology, art , sportswear, tents, 1950s outerwear and product design.  Garments are made to embody a techno-coloured, recreational pleasure Dome, an oversized home full of happiness and fun.  Each garment is made with beauty and simplicity. The designs combine extreme shapes with juxtapositions of vivid and muted colour ways making the collection experimental, unconventional but still very wearable and contemporary"

Al of the above = Hello GBEMi !! 

(Imagery of prep, collection, graduate fashion show and look book form her Tumblr)

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Weds 11th July: CSM Fashion Management and Marketing Graduate Magazines

Jack's Mag

Here are a selection of the fantastic magazines that I found at the St. Martins graduate show.  If you like rainbows, unicorns, glitter and all things iridescent and cosmic = click on the 1st one - :  )  :  )  :  )

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Tues 10th July: Brighton University Graduates - Textiles

Here is the final collection display by Mary Thrift who turned her textiles into millinery with additional printed silk vests to be worn with the hoods.  The prints and headpieces were inspired by the strange costumes of science fiction and comic book characters such as Judge Dredd .  Mary also looked at the shape of robot's helmets in an exhibition at her local Hove Museum (pictured).  Well done Mary for mastering headwear as an extra-curricular activity in addition to the actual degree specialism of screen-printing and pattern!!   

Tues 10th July: Brighton University Graduates - Graphic Design & Illustration

Images from the "Now What 2012" Brighton University show at Netil House in London over the weekend - explore the whole course on their Tumblr.

(Top to bottom:  Poster, Jacqueline ChoiGeorge Hayford-Taylor, Hugo Evans, Ojay Rupert KeenZoe Landry)